If Yogurt Were Advertised As Beer

If Yogurt Were Advertised As Beer
If Yogurt Were Advertised As Beer
yogurt lol beer party guy
Published on 08/20/2017
If Yogurt Were Advertised As Beer


Everything should be advertised that way.
"Consume dairy responsibly" lol
Where was the yogurt pong? Haha
I don't like yogurt, but this just makes me want to give it another try. Hilarious.
That's gonna be one shitty party.
I would totally buy that yogurt and I'm not a big yogurt person
I wantttt lol this would be a great yogurt commercial
This is amazing! They should advertise fruit and vegetables this way! I think people would eat them more.
It's funny because this really would be an awesome yogurt commercial.
Tala Esber the best party
Do if Beer were advertised as a Sport's Drink
If that yogurt made a party jump off like beer does I would eat way more yogurt.
Halal bier Selen Sinan H Ibrahim Bagiran Anna Mkrtchyan Rhoda Osei Gökçen Yüzer Iris Moerman
Marymar Mariana Zayetsy Carolina tal vez eso nos falto jaja
Straight from the cow's Teet lmao! :)
pq sim dscp Fabiane Coelho Vitória Santos Raila Spindola Amanda Kali Andrade
Can you make a video of "If science was taught like religion" I would like to see if it will flip the the beliefs of everyone. Thanks more power guys
Aleksys Apps Julie Costo
Erica Blackler Jasmine Aguirre Alexandra Carrasco Felicia G Valdez
Rahimeen Nadeem
I don't know why, but I felt like tagging you guys. Paolo Javier Abel Landeros D-rek K-rth
Haha. Fresh from a cows "teat". Lol
Natalie Berges Frank Gilbert
Próxima gathering no QG vai ser assim, Fernando, Rafael, Andre e Guilherme
Guys jogurt Jennifer James Nada Bayoumi Divya Israni
I really want some yogurt now. But I have none 😩😭😭😭😭
Jessica Paquette Gracie Jo Shotts
hahahahahahaha Kltty Levy Katie ChildeChanel De Bono I am done
Madison Whitmore Ashley Mariah Beck Angelica Campos Hannah Renee McCallister
Marianna You Haeri Jung Hyemin Hwang Min-hee Jo Dambi Park 내스타일광고닼ㄱㄱㄱㄱ
Laura, Victoria, Amy Jo, Andrea. I want the yoghurt hat for Xmas
That is an awesome commercial!!
Stephanie Ortiz lol
I oddly want a yogurt
woo hoo first comment!
I'd eat the shit out of that yogurt
Sarah Ron
Josh Josh Johnson
Jonathan Diaz baby watch this. lol
Damo Ohana
Jonathon Simmonds
Natalie Pita
i would eat it
Very cool isn't it...Rhondell Adams- Snipe?
Tristan Gaskey
Didn't know yogurt was cool... Laurel Simpson
Cheri McCoy
Ryan Blunt
Nicole Najarian
Amanda Mancía

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