If Yogurt Were Advertised As Beer

If Yogurt Were Advertised As Beer
If Yogurt Were Advertised As Beer
yogurt lol beer party guy
Published on 12/11/2017
If Yogurt Were Advertised As Beer


Everything should be advertised that way.
"Consume dairy responsibly" lol
Where was the yogurt pong? Haha
I don't like yogurt, but this just makes me want to give it another try. Hilarious.
That's gonna be one shitty party.
I would totally buy that yogurt and I'm not a big yogurt person
I wantttt lol this would be a great yogurt commercial
This is amazing! They should advertise fruit and vegetables this way! I think people would eat them more.
It's funny because this really would be an awesome yogurt commercial.
Tala Esber the best party
Do if Beer were advertised as a Sport's Drink
If that yogurt made a party jump off like beer does I would eat way more yogurt.
Halal bier Selen Sinan H Ibrahim Bagiran Anna Mkrtchyan Rhoda Osei Gökçen Yüzer Iris Moerman
Marymar Mariana Zayetsy Carolina tal vez eso nos falto jaja
Straight from the cow's Teet lmao! :)
pq sim dscp Fabiane Coelho Vitória Santos Raila Spindola Amanda Kali Andrade
Can you make a video of "If science was taught like religion" I would like to see if it will flip the the beliefs of everyone. Thanks more power guys
Aleksys Apps Julie Costo
Erica Blackler Jasmine Aguirre Alexandra Carrasco Felicia G Valdez
Rahimeen Nadeem
I don't know why, but I felt like tagging you guys. Paolo Javier Abel Landeros D-rek K-rth
Haha. Fresh from a cows "teat". Lol
Natalie Berges Frank Gilbert
Próxima gathering no QG vai ser assim, Fernando, Rafael, Andre e Guilherme
Guys jogurt Jennifer James Nada Bayoumi Divya Israni
I really want some yogurt now. But I have none 😩😭😭😭😭
Jessica Paquette Gracie Jo Shotts
hahahahahahaha Kltty Levy Katie ChildeChanel De Bono I am done
Madison Whitmore Ashley Mariah Beck Angelica Campos Hannah Renee McCallister
Marianna You Haeri Jung Hyemin Hwang Min-hee Jo Dambi Park 내스타일광고닼ㄱㄱㄱㄱ
Laura, Victoria, Amy Jo, Andrea. I want the yoghurt hat for Xmas
That is an awesome commercial!!
Stephanie Ortiz lol
I oddly want a yogurt
woo hoo first comment!
I'd eat the shit out of that yogurt
Mandis Schnars
Sarah Ron
Josh Josh Johnson
Jonathan Diaz baby watch this. lol
Damo Ohana
Jonathon Simmonds
Natalie Pita
i would eat it
Very cool isn't it...Rhondell Adams- Snipe?
Tristan Gaskey
Didn't know yogurt was cool... Laurel Simpson
Cheri McCoy
Ryan Blunt
Nicole Najarian

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