If Women Were Men For A Day

If Women Were Men For A Day
If Women Were Men For A Day
Published on 10/18/2017
If Women Were Men For A Day


Two words.
Helicopter Dick.
If I were a man for a day, I would put my penis in everything.
Everything. EDIT:("I, along with a lot of women, just want to experience the different feelings of sexual contact and arousal. It in no way has anything to do with demeaning men or believing that they are driven only by sex. I don't understand why we are being treated shitty for a innocent feeling of curiousity.")
Everyone is wrong. You whip it out with ninja sound effects like "waaah!" Or "hi-YAH!"
being threatening has nothing to do with the gender. A women on PMS is a lot more threatening than any guy.
My god all they think is sex.. Yet they want guys to not base everything on sex.. Who gets women honestly..
Sounds easier than being a woman lol
I would like to know how it feels to shower, dress, and be ready to leave in less than 10 minutes.
So many butt hurt men lol
*If Women Were Hot, Powerful Men, With Big Penises For A Day
I mean, I wanna try! I would do all those things too!! :)
If I were a boy
Even just for a day
I’d roll outta bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted and go
Drink beer with the guys
And chase after girls
I’d kick it with who I wanted
And I’d never get confronted for it.
'Cause they’d stick up for me.
Beyonce 😂
Wow......nope no stereo types here.
Brace yourselves...feminists are coming.
Girls pretend like Dick is gross but it's all they think about....this video is proof
I'd like to see a woman's reaction to having her first morning wood.
If I was a man i would feel safe for one day knowing that I have lower chances than a women of getting sexually assaulted.
I think Facebook is trying to tell me something. In the middle of watching this, right around when they say "id have sex a lot", the video cuts out to another video on my time line. Which happened to be a gospel service at a local church. Apparently my Facebook thinks I'm a heathen. .... Oh well.
If I was a woman for a day, I'd spend the entire time trying to understand myself!
probably still the same. i would eat more though.. since i don't have to worry about my waist being bigger.
If I were a man for one day, I could book a ticket and go travel somewhere or even just go somewhere overnight ALONE!
If I was a man for a day I would wake up, and pee standing up, jack off so I'm not an irritable whiny ass, put GOOD LOOKING clothes on, make a female feel good about herself, be able to take my shirt off and not have the fear of being raped or groped, go into a job interview and have a better opportunity (because obviously if you're a man you already have a good chance nonetheless if you're a more attractive man) because you know if an attractive woman gets a job many people think it's because she's hot. Be able to speak up confidently, and overall walk around with confidence because apparently having a dick does that. Oh and then go home take a shower and smile because it only takes max 10minutes, go to bed wearing BOXERS. And be able to sleep better because having a dick empowers me. Not to mention probably have sex just to know what it feels like.
Stupid fucking dicks.
I'm pretty sure they said they wanna fuck somebody because obviously we don't have dicks, and want to know what the sexual experience is like when you have a penis. I think guys would want to do the same things for the female experience so I don't understand the guys complaining on this video.
Also peeing standing with no accidents sounds awesome.
If I was a guy for the day I'd make a bunch if guy friends and tell them how awesome girl me is...
Calm down people. They said FOR 1 DAY. Of course they're going to want to do stereotypical things. Jesus.
I think its funny how they all talk about having lots of sex and jacking off and women get after men for being sex crazy.
js. you're reinforcing the stereotype.
First thing I would do is grab my dick.
Windmill!!!!!!! Or shake it in someone's face/cockslap someone XD don't judge me
Quinta for queen!! <3 :D She read my mind.
All you females talk about having sex with everything and everyone but yet its happening now, while you're a female, and you call those men unfaithful, pigs, bastards, pieces of shit. Don't be fucking hipocrates. For real.
Would def pee standing up. Prob go to the gym in one of those muscle tanks(assuming I'm a man with an awesome body) get a nice pump and watch the ladies flock to me. I'd also try and make some panties melt. After all, being a woman I know what they like. 😂
If I were a man for a day I would make my mom or girlfriend do everything for me so who knows how much I would do since I wouldn't actually need to do anything.
The irony of the nutcracker playing in the background. Too great.
If I were a man for a day the first thing i would do is definitely run like crazy, I wanna know how does it feel run with a penis between my legs
try get kicked in the balls :)
I think these women underestimate how hard it is for a guy to get a girl to have sex with them haha
If I were a man for the day I would clean out my garage, I can't lift half the shit in there....
Sounds about right 😂
If I were a man for a day I'd want to have sex so I can see how it feels.
Id get my dick sucked all day.. lol then I'd find who was in my body.. and id fuck me
Hey if I'm gonna go back to being a woman after this I would hang out with the guys and take as many notes as I possibly could so that I could finally understand men! Maybe go talk to the man of my dreams and somehow convince him that I am the greatest woman to ever walk the planet and maybe increase my chances. ;)
I'm surprised no one said "I'd thank god for not having my period! !"
I have always wanted to do a windmill with my own personal dick and cock slap people and t-bag someone......
Women would be jerks as men.
LMFAO. #jackoff
Yep... Stereotypes all over the place. And they call us sexist.
If I were a guy for a day, I would <confidently> walk into a gym and use other machine beside the treadmill, even the ones I'm not sure how to use.
Warning: don't google eggplant friday selfie
worst buzzfeed yet, not even close to accurate and good to know men are only penises. Shows why men are the way they are. Because we're nothing but club dragging penises, who open jars, beat people up for no reason and get stuff off the top shelf, no wonder the marriage rates are dropping.
Yeah try peeing when u have morning wood , not very fun!! Lmao
Imagine the outrage this would get if the video was changed to 'If men were women for a day'
Hahaha! Okay BuzzFeed, time to make one for the guys. Lots of butthurt over this video lol

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