If Women In Horror Films Were Played By Men

If Women In Horror Films Were Played By Men
If Women In Horror Films Were Played By Men
Published on 11/17/2017
If Women In Horror Films Were Played By Men


This is so perfect, in so many ways. 😂😭
This is stupid. I'm a huge horror fan. I've seen all three of these movies and many more, and although it's absolutely true that women in horror films are overly sexualised, they are far from being the only victims. Eli Roth even said once that he chose to make all his victims in "Hostel" be male because he felt that people feel badly when it's female victims, not male.
because a man would have punched that psycho killer who liked to dress up as his mother JS!
They are the same. This is stupid.
It turns the scene funny because it makes the men out to be complete, helpless, wussy boys. Guess that's how they depict women in hollywood. Well in scary movies anyways.
I really think it works with both men and women...it happens to BOTH in real life its just women because society thinks of them as more "vulnerable" it is easier to use them in horror than men.
Why bring the issue of sexism every flippin where? Not exactly sure what the message was here, but knowing Buzzfeed, yeah, they were totally going for the anti-sexism sensibility.
Of course it feels different with men and women because you can't get the same expressions out of them. Fucking duh.
The "sexualization" example was a terrible pick and the stalking one seemed actually creepily plausible, so you've really gotta know what you're going for here. Don't just show men/women differences in media for the sake of showing men/women differences in media... Because THANKS A LOT Buzzy, but you've been going on about that for ages now and we're not even sure it's called for most of the time.
Pretty sure this gender reversal fad is gonna die out pretty soon anyhow, but at least until then GOOD GOD if you're gonna do it, do it with a fucking purpose.
This video just screams "oh hey, we swapped women for men in these few scenes, and if that feels different to you then that proves just how TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE the movie industry is towards women."
Oh yeah, really? You've never seen a man be sexualized, stalked or helpless in a movie?
Give me a fucking break Buzzfeed.
I didn't understand the point of this I thought something different was going to happen...nope
What is truly scary is how majority of the people missed the point of this video, the way horror films are degrading to women by making them look weak and just sexual objects
Woman in society are seen more helpless and vulnerable than men.. But let's be honest. If someone was trying to kill me I wouldn't just sit there screaming I'd be kicking some ass. 😤💪
I just came to read the comments of FemNazis and people trolling them. Instead I see everyone acting civil. Damn Internet letting me down !!!
Yes, please start making horror movies with men sexualized. Please. Seriously.
Should've included 'Carrie' and 'The Ring' in there!
I'm not sure what the intent is here. All of those scenes were just as menacing with men, and of course they felt different, the subject has changed in each. Personally the Nightmare On Elm St. clip is a LOT scarier for those of us who have testicles, I assure you!
Is the suggestion that men don't die in horror films?? What's the point?
I failed the "feels different" test.
too be honest the difference isnt that big
I think we expect a man to fight... and we expect a woman to be terrified and submit... that expectation being reversed gives it that "awkward" feel. Psycho was the strongest for me. I kept thinking.. hit him! What are you doing just standing there... Where as you do not feel that watching the female version. It is I think we expect a man to also be a weapon in himself.
This is the stupidest fucking video I have ever seen.
I didn't find it different at all.
Sooooooooooooo what was the point again?
So a horrifying scenario is just as horrifying regardless of gender. Way to try and suck the fun out of horror films with your non issue tumblrism bullshit, buzzfeed. I'm just gonna appreciate the irony of how your own logic fell in on itself in attempting to make a point about sexism or whatever and the medium being what it is not letting you by simple default.
Women may be portrayed as helpless pussies, but they are like 90% of the survivors in horror films, many times helped by knight in shiny armors, and others because are smart, but truth is, in real life the majority of women would die in a horror situation, also goes for many guys, but us men would survive more in real life than we do in movies
Ok Social Justice Warriors, on the next movies we must cut off all sexualism and insert on the movie a man, women, dwarf, Indian, mexican, aliens, latinos, muslims, chinese, black, bald, belly, paraplegic, quadriplegic, aboriginal, mutants, etc…
Each one having an important role and beating a murderous white man.
We should take out the female of the porn movies also.
Buzzfeed is so preachy about everything lol...I see the point they're trying to make, but it's just stupid.... Btw Buzzfeed, that comparison from the first Nightmare flick was alot less gay than what we saw in Nightmare part 2 (not that there's anything wrong with that, just saying).
Now do the black widow scene in Ironman where one guy beats the tar out of 30 women while one fat woman struggles to take out one.
Don't skip the parts where a woman is kicked in the crotch, pepper sprayed, and my favorite..
Hanging by her neck.
For starters Nancy is a boss she makes Freddy piss with traps and bravely stands up to him have u even seen the movie get the fuck out of here with your double standard saying that films sexualized wemon in horror who do u think the main demographic for horror movies fucken men it's simply business dudes like hot chicks is that a fucking crime to find a woman attractive it's not sexualization it fucken science and biology dudes like chick so that what we wanna see
dont get it. all they did was change the gender and reacted the exact same way...
These are pretty damn funny. The timing was near perfect. LOL
I love BuzzFeed Video. You guys rock!
I'm not sure if this was supposed to be funny or if it was supposed to make some kind of statement. Either way it was a complete failure.
It was just too funny to take it serious. Having women playing these scenes adds more dramatization in the shot than say a man would. I think people would associate it with comedy than actual horror. But then again those scenes were some of what women play. I've scene men shots in horror scenes where they die or get away and it's just as intense as for a woman in my opinion, he may be the lead actor you want him to live to rescue the only leading female damsel in distress lol
Cuz we're ugly
They're funnier with men that's for sure!
All the 'lulz dis is so gay?!?!' comments are pretty annoying. This video wasn't about whether or not someone is gay. It was just showing that some scenes could play out the same way regardless of the characters' gender.
Sidenote but I'd really like to see more 'final guys' in the horror genre. Yes we have some but not as many. Male characters can be just as vulnerable as female characters and female characters can be just as strong and kickass as male characters. The same also applies to real life. Seems to be another thing this video was getting at
Not only that, but it was pretty cool even without reading into it. *shrug*
Ngl this is really stupid. Although he did an incredible job of recreating those scenes! I just don't understand making everything political and thought provoking and all that. Horror movies are just for fun they aren't being sexist... If you were a horror fan you'd know there's tons of bad ass women who save everyone from the antagonist. I just don't see the point in this 😂
"Do these scenes feel different with men?" Um, not really. "Why?" Um...because BuzzFeed is fucking stupid?
They make women's parts dumb and dramatic... Probly to make it sexy while they're getting slaughtered... or most men just think women are stupid so they show that in these movies...
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I legitimately thought it was scarier with men.
This was dumb... If this was supposed to be funny it failed... And no it didn't make a difference... Just seems like the guy is gay that's all.
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They see me rolling, they hating....
OK this is ridiculous. Horror is a female-centric genre. And this is a POSITIVE thing!!! It is one of the only movie genres that feature women and girls in leading roles, central roles, presented as characters given the most depth, dimensions, dynamics and iconography. Remember, when women die in movies their death scenes are normally much more memorable than their male counterparts who also die just as much in film (if not more). And why is this silly video obsessed with "female as victim"??? There is A LOT more going on in horror. Remember, horror is the most diverse and complex of film genres. Horror movies are not ONLY slasher films people, can we PLEASE get passed that notion? And in saying that, slasher films are remarkably feminist. They are ABOUT girls. 80% of these slasher films (the golden age from very ate 70s through to about 1984) feature girls talking to each other! So i always find it hilarious when teenage boys flock to these films and are in a way being "tricked into watching a (and I detest this term) chick flick". But getting back to my point, horror movies, by their very nature, are female stories. And that is a fantastic thing.
It seems different because society has learned to victimize and sexualize woman.
Sympathy factor. For some reason, viewers feel more sympathy towards women in dire situations than men. Same reason why, whenever there's some sort if catastrophic event involving both genders the reporter will say something like, "including women and children". Same with only women; they'll say, "group of women". Where as if there's only men, the victims are usually referred to as their demographic title.
if horror films were played by men it would be comical as hell lmao Mariah Kathryn Taylor
Hah Tegan you should watch this in your english class, it fits in with your unit hah
Okay honestly the one with the guy in the bath had me like completely biting my nails. I was like "Oh god, oh GOD." and the shower one but the scream one was just poorly done and more spoofy than anything. if you do it RIGHT with men then it's fine but at the same time I like it BETTER with the women because I think it impacts more. Not saying woman are weak just I have to admit we tend to be more air headed and get ourselfs into situations like that >.< Plus honestly guys being stalked is like the most terrifying thing when done right. Women are freaking CRAZY when they stalk people. They'll kill your dogs and shit... that's horrofying.
This is stupid, freddy was a male. And I don't know one male who would choose to attack another man by grabbing and stabbing his wanker. Maybe Gay Freddy version?
Lol!! I can't tell you the difference :)
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