If We Treated Things Like We Treat People During Sex

If We Treated Things Like We Treat People During Sex
If We Treated Things Like We Treat People During Sex
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Published on 10/19/2017
If We Treated Things Like We Treat People During Sex


Why don't I get this?
This Is Hilarious! They Are Basically Saying Most Guys Rush Things And Are Horrible At Pleasing The Woman's Body Even When They Try To Help Them Out They Think They Know What They Are Doing! Lol If You Didn't Get The Charger Thing Then I Just Feel Sorry For You! "Ask Dont Just Shove It In"
Buzz feed is running out of ideas
The dude already had like 85%! What does he need to charge his phone for?
The last one I assume is buttsex
In his defense, 78 degrees is WAY too fucking high.
Here's what I got out of it : tv~ reference to breast size. Candle~ Her "smell" down there. "Im done now" ~ very little foreplay on her receiving end . Hallways clean ~ trimming up pubic hair. Trouble opening the food ~fumbling with the condom. Taking a shower/taking so long/are you almost done ~ taking forever while she gives him a blowjob , Iphone charger ~ anal
Maybe I'm slow, but I didn't really get this one. Swing and a miss...?
Am I the only one that has no fucking clue how this has to do with sex...
I'm not sure if this is a joke about misogyny and is trying to make light of the fact that some women don't give consent to sexual contact, or is it trying to bring that problem to light and help people realize that they do in fact need to get consent because they can't just invade your space...?
The fuck I just see?
Ok for those who doesn't get this...lel...while simply put! First guys goes in to her private place called home(undress), touches her sofa's(skin), then looks at her TV and reassure her that it's big enough(boobs), then goes to another room(lower part of body) says it's clean(shaved) then opens the biscuit package(underwear), adjusts the air conditioner buttons(clit) then drinks the breath refresher(love juice) then took a golden shower(she came) then she asked are u done yet(with the foreplay) then he goes in his bedroom and almost charged his phone(put it at the tip of her anus), she said don't simply charge it with another phone as it doesn't work like that(not the same as vag-penetration), must be cautious and slow...and most importantly ask her first. That's it.
I'm pretty baked but I don't get it
Am I to assume that if we don't entirely understand and find this funny... We are actually fortunate to have a healthy sexlife?.... Because that's what I'm picking up....
I thi n k we can all agree this was not as effective as it could be. Weird one buzzfeed.
That was stupid. And I've never been treated like that during sex.
I don't understand how so many DONT understand! Lol
It's not about violating! It's poking fun at how men are clueless and selfish and don't think about foreplay!!
No not all men. Don't get uptight. It's a generalization yes, but it's pretty funny.
How do you not get the "clean hallway" the fumbling with the packaging, the not just shoving it in when she's not fully "charged".
Metaphors people ;)
It's not that I don't get it... It's just trying WAY too hard. 👎
At least half the innuendos were vague, and more awkward than funny. PLUS him rushing in her door without permission and touching all her things while she clearly doesn't enjoy it seems like a borderline rape analogy
Glad I'm not the only one who found this video completely stupid. Half of it makes no sense. Usually buzzfeed makes me laugh but whoever was in charge of this video failed miserably.
Wow, lame. I was wondering when y'all would run out ideas. Apparently it's happened.
Nice. Some of us out here get it :) All 6 of us.
Wow. Myself and 2 other people get the idea behind the video. As in, sometimes, men are just going for it, and not thinking what they should be doing. She finally stands up for herself and demands respect(i.e. waking him from his highly-excited-self to kind of sit back and realize he could be accused of RAPE if he continues). Sometimes men just need to be told to back off..sorry guys, you know it's true..and remember women are to be asked and not taken.
I have figured it out, people that don't get it must have healthy loving sex lives....
this is kinda awkwardly funny...those that dont get it im sorry your mind is too innocent :(
I don't understand... What. 😳
I don't get this at all
Life lesson: Don't take advice from buzzfeed.
I mean... I get it. But... I don't. Cuz it's not funny at all.
If this is how you treat people in bed you aren't very good at it.
I get the references, but they're not as witty as Buzzfeeds usual. Running out of ideas??
That was so weird and uncomfortable to watch lol
I hate that I automatically like buzzfeed's videos before I actually watch them. This was terrible.
This is the lamest shit I've ever seen in my entire life
That..was..dumb...i totally didn't get half that crap! Come on BuzzFeed Video you can do better
I don't understand what I've just watched.
It took a couple of watches and reading the title again but now I get it. Wasn't that funny though.
Maybe if I was drunk this would make more sense
Some things were getting a gentle, delicate touch. The tv was an example of people being insecure about size. The opening of the cookies was an example of taking a bra off of a woman. Look at the way he is pushing the buttons on the thermostat. "Hey are you almost done?" That explains itself. The iPhone charger shows delicacy and making sure the other person is okay with what's going on.
Am i the only who didnt really follow this?
That made no sense...
wtf did I just watch
Can I get that time back please.
It's trying to say to ask before having sex with a woman or touching certain parts of her body. I'm 14 and I know this.
I..I don't get it
....And this is what a good concept that gets rushed to a deadline looks like.
Don't really get it....
Maybe I'm not doing things right bc I only got like 3 seconds of this whole video.
I love watching Buzzfeed videos, but this one sucked -_-
Am I the only one that thinks this is stupid?

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