If We Treated Teachers Like Football Stars

If We Treated Teachers Like Football Stars
If We Treated Teachers Like Football Stars
Published on 11/23/2017
If We Treated Teachers Like Football Stars


I think teachers should be one of the highest paid workers.. I mean everything we learn is from them :) Scott
This is awesome. Educators SHOULD be treated this way.
Nice thought, but I'd hazard a guess that many teachers would be grateful just to have adequate resources to do their job, so they didn't have to spend their own money buying pencils, paper, books, etc for their classrooms.
this is how it should be instead of football stars
Why aren't there 33 kids in the class? :-)
For everyone who comments in earnest that "teachers know what they're getting into and therefore shouldn't complain about the pay" or that "they should be doing it for the love of the job, not the money," my response is that just because an individual is rendering a service with tremendous implications of altruism and devotion does that grant the excuse to compensate them less? Get your head out of the sand! That's an employee we want rested, paid, and happy.
Yep, you're right. Teachers should be treated like this all the time. No offense to the sports stars, but teachers do so much more and what they do is so much more important!
If only teachers were glorified as a sports stars... Too bad they only educate you...
If teachers were treated like NFL stars:
1.) Evaluating them wouldn't be referred to as "bashing,"
2.) Great ones could be paid more than average ones, and
3.) Bad ones could be fired, without years of paperwork, hearings, and appeals, dressed up as "due process"!
If only the teachers were as motiving maybe we would treat them as football stars.
I really like this. We don't give teachers enough credit. They spend the majority of time with our children teaching them and hopefully making them a better person. They're the ones, primarily, in control with what goes into our head.... I just wish that instead of them teaching us what to think they'd teach us how to
Teacher here. Pay shmay, the last part of that video is the best. But what I would say to the "Teachers aren't paid enough" vs. "Yeah, but they knew what they were getting into" debate is this: It isn't so much the amount that we're paid that gets people frustrated. It is that we aren't paid for many of the hours we work. It is less frustrating for me because, yeah, I knew what I was getting into. But for the other folks in my life, they have a hard time accepting that I get no overtime or even flat compensation for 30-40% of the hours I put in.
For those who wonder why teachers are paid like shit is because republicans are continually cutting funding for school as well as teacher's pay. Not saying the democrats are innocent either because our education system still is getting worse and worse. So if you want to actually help our future kids out, vote this election! Vote for the people that actually care about the education system in this country, and trust me there are people out there.
I taught HS for 33 years...loved it....I had a student write a similar paper if teachers were paid NFL salaries, etc. The lot would be full of Mercedes, Audi, BMW and beyond. We would have tons of assistants to order supplies, grade papers, call parents, etc. If we endorsed products they would be BIC, Slimline Staplers (red) and various tech products. We could retire after a grueling 10-15 years of work still with millions. We could be in TV commercials, kids would wear shirts with our names on the back cuz we're celebrities......hard to imagine, but fun
As all teachers know students are only half the battle. It's dealing with parents who are ignorant. That is the real challenge. Everyday I try my best in spite of parents who make me out to be the enemy and their sense of entitlement children who mirror their parent's attitude. Fortunately I now WORK in a school where the parents are fantastic.
I would make the front page by coming back from retirement!!!
I'm totally showing my students this.
That quadratic equation formula tho
how about we treat teachers like they treat students?
If it weren't for teachers and teacher assistants, there would BE no football stars!! or anything else for that matter!! Because if you can't read, write, think critically and do math, what job can you do???? NONE !
Not gonna lie...I have a class of students that applaud me all the time for random stuff. It's their little joke to do standing ovations for me for various teachery tasks. I find it hilarious, but the teacher next door is not amused. Lol I have a high tolerance for comical noise...she does not lol.
Thank you, Ken!! People have no idea what we do all year long and how bad it is with all the nonsense being demanded by people who couldn't do the job for one day!!!!! Yet some of us dedicated 30-40 years of our lives to the children. Priorities?????
If only teachers could be rewarded for great performance! AKA Free Market! Its just that simple. Why don't the best teachers get paid millions? Because there's millions of them, but good performance isn't allowed to be rewarded! Teachers are fantastic! Why can't we give them the freedom to succeed too!?
One of them entertains you, the other one educates you... it's clear and sad to see what what our culture values more.
I'll take the $15 million contract...:-)
True we should pay our teachers more that have the most important field in this county that is to secure our future
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While we all WISH this were the case, logically it cannot be. Elite sportsmen are akin to high precision craftsmen or surgeons (in terms of the RARITY OF THEIR SKILL not the importance of the work they do) unless u wanna claim that as many people can be as good at quarterbacking as peyton manning as can teach children. It's simply a demand and supply thing...fans demand and the supply of these precision craftsmen who play to the highest level required is limited, therefore they are paid highly. For teachers to logically be paid a lot, the skilled teachers would have to be in very short supply and the demand for education( in dollar terms) would have to be high. which is why certain professors are given tonnes of grants and paid a lot to be at certain universities where people pay thousands of dollars( high demand) to go, precisely to be around such professors. finito
Teachers should be treated like football stars -- the cream of the crop should be heavily rewarded and those that don't perform should be cut. Remember only a few percent of high school football players can make it to college ball and less than 1% of those playing college football make it to the pro's.
Can we do this with Mr. Greenman one day and just see what he does. Daniella Giordano Dennis Shteyn Brett Boon Rachael Shklyarov Danielle Cipriano Cassidy Young Ashley Gartside
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Teachers should be paid more!
Jamie Bolster Beecham - Jennifer Landini Schutz - LaMont N Kathy Johnson Chelsea Schwartz Tamara Hancock Suzi Belanger Steve Wallgren Melynda McBride - to the superstars in my world! :D
Courtney Beirne Ann Beirne Katie Pichler White Jennifer Koll Johnson Jessica Fox Carol Halter-Waider Katie Harrington this made me think of you, I wish it was this way!
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I love this! I believe teachers should be paid more.
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Hahaha!! So good!! :)
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Jimmy Theresa
Teaching is the profession that creates all others.
If we treated teachers like football players, we'd have to change our name to Finland.
Didn't realize they had been taping during my lessons all these years.
I honestly don't know why anyone would want to be a teacher...between being overworked, underpaid, underappreciated by administrators, and disrespected by the students not to mention the parents who think it the teachers responsibility alone to teach and raise their kids; got to be a special person to take on all of that!!!
Our world is so backwards!!! Entertainers get paid and given more respect than our educators.
I've been a teacher...note the past tense. I was making more at a part time job and didn't have to put up with all the crap from the kids. My part time job became a full time job. How about taking the free handout money given to the worthless politicians and paying teachers what they're worth. Think of all the money being wasted right now on back stabbing political adds...surely that money could be put to better use.
How about treating football players like teachers?

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