If We Cared About The Environment Like We Care About Sports

If We Cared About The Environment Like We Care About Sports
If We Cared About The Environment Like We Care About Sports
Published on 11/19/2017
If We Cared About The Environment Like We Care About Sports


We converted our entire roof to white, we have approxmately 400 trees of various sizes in our yard, we expect to get off the electrical grid within two years with solar cells and already do hydoponics and composting in the middle of a city of 15 million. No need to wait for the EPA. If we all did what we could we'd already be where we need to go. Change the person in the mirror to change the world.
This is how society should be; our environment would be a lot better than it is
Literally. .. I loved sports too, but if people really showed emotion to things that really mattered we might have some positive moments in our lives
If we worshiped God like we worship football.......
Really clever!
Every time I see the sports section of the local newspapers, or the local news channels, which start and end with sports, lots of sports, I wonder what would happen if we had as many analysts and reporters examining and analyzing and reporting on local and national and especially international political news, environmental news, social and cultural news, as we do those who focus on sports "news" and entertainment "news".
WOW! We might even have an informed citizenry.
Peace, Jackie
or if USA people were willing to send our Army to "save" the Amazon and our supply of oxygen instead of oil?? or, arrested polluters instead of marijuana users?
Too bad it isn't really this way..
Im really starting to get sick of your ridiculous liberal nonsense, thank God the anti fracking bill didnt pass and Al Gore deserves no less than execution for the unfounded claims he and the Obama administration have wasted tax payer funds on, not to mention the thousands of jobs that were lost because of this disgusting war on coal. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for liking this video. Go educate yourselves on the facts before blindly jumping on the liberal agenda.
how do people comment so fast ._.
"But you were Al Gore last time!" such a hilarious and awesome and kinda sad video!
I care about the environment like this! I follow bills and attend signings, if possible! I love environmental & animal politics! That's why I'm vegan. :)
Watch Cowspiracy! It shows the biggest environmental threat comes from animal agriculture.
Dream World!
What if people cared as much about doing grassroot work to get everyone to vote instead of joining verbal circle jerks on social media?
I care WAY more about the evironment than any sport!!!
I like how there wasn't one animal product in this video, I would of been pissed if there was haha, you can't be a meat eating environmentalist!
i wish. i certainly twouldn't mind spending more time talking about the environment.
Say all the hippies who pay ridiculous amount of money to go to festivals all year. Maybe if you cared as much about the environment as much as you cared about hearing what the Phish line up will be. Its everyone's fault this subject gets overlooked. So dont get mad at me for caring about other things in this world
Imagine if anti-gay or aunt tonight any brace or sexuality or ethnic city, spent as much time on climate change as they did on the environment
but i dont care about sports
thanks buzzfeed for this... but vegans don't only eat salad, we eat food that is just as tasty as the food dumbass meat-eaters eat... Only it doesn't come from the unnecessary suffering of innocent animals, doesn't raise our chances of getting cancer or diabetes and protects the environment that has witnessed 91% of the amazon rainforest's deforestation deriving from animal agriculture. So next time, make sustainable food look good.
Mr. Kardon! 😂
Matais Nemanius Stefani Zivkovic Stephanie Liz Ortiz Kevin Mendoza Ashley Fieber Subhan Islam Shan Islam Sander Peterman Adrian Korzeniewski
Allison Haney Matt Rall Rebecca Joan Colligan Sara Smith
How about caring this much about our government. Just a thought.
Sydni Baker
If we cared about economics like we did about football....
Hahaha Stephanie Stack Rebecca Freese Morgan Warnock Nick Stratford
Matthew Hess Cidarthur FlowrugantiTarika Mahal
Hahaha David Alexander Sarah Woolley
'Fuck Aldo Leopold- FUCK YOU!' cracks me up every time!
Hahahahahhahah Atheena , Kaite , Emily , Missy , & Erin
Kelsey Hatley
Joe Pelmene Tanjot Oye Kakke Bhatia
Darcy Bedgio Amela Alomerovic
Jessica Salmon Madeleine Grace Munro
Una O'Connell Clara Monk Miss Harm
Or make them xD
Cassie Zhou Francine Fong I can dream :(
Lauren Gerlowski and Corey Leighton
Sohinee Oswal this is so you
Maddy Brochu I think this is the best thing I've ever seen
Kyle Delaney, Darian Jeffrey Fine..hahah XD
this is my life.... Kellen Dohrman Maddie Nilges
Theresa Birmingham
Pooja Khanna us in reality. And Travis and will
People can talk about caring about the environment as much as they want. It does not mean anything unless you do something about it.
Though I agree we should care more for the environment, this does seem a little condescending.
Make one about "If we cared about college affordability as much as we cared about college sports".
Thai Luong
I never cared for sports but Now I feel guilty for not doing anything towards the environment either.

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