If People Who Dislike Children Said What’s On Their Mind

If People Who Dislike Children Said What’s On Their Mind
If People Who Dislike Children Said What’s On Their Mind
Published on 10/20/2017
If People Who Dislike Children Said What’s On Their Mind


I agree with her in the movie theater scene. Who takes a baby to the movie theater?
Note: Overprotective parents who don't have a sense of humor and find this video "offensive"...Do Not Watch This Video and Go Away.
I'm gonna press snooze on that little clock 😂
This is me 150% it will always and forever be me and my dog
You meant to get pregnant?...why? Hahahaha I ask the same question everytime!
When I tell people that I am child free by choice, they get angry. The reason for their anger is, "How dare you be happier than me!" or "How dare you be in control of your own life!"
Every. Single. Thought. I've had! I dislike children. It's cool you like them but I think they're annoying, sticky and smell like goats. Be gone! >.> Not every woman wants to be a parent and that whole "You are going to want one eventually!" or the general pressuring women get to have kids is such bullshit.
to people who dont want/like kids: dont ever say these things out loud, they are rude and make the parents feel like shit.
to people who do want/like kids: dont try to shove your baby into people's faces or tell people they will "eventually change their mind".
everyone has a personal choice, just dont be a dick about it and we can all get along.
Why is it when a woman speaks her mind the comments say she's a bitch? (Curious.)
Pretty much how I react every time someone asks me to hold their baby. Unless you're family, keep your human larvae away from me.
Where do I find a wife like this?
You guys talking about her are obviously idiots. She is an actor. They make skits. She just might very well love children, but she plays the part. Apparently, she played it well enough for you guys to get pissy. 😂
Why are people trying so hard to make hating kids look cool and fashionable? If you dislike kids, then that's your issue. It's not cool or cute. It doesn't make you interesting or unique. It's pretentious at best. If you can't stand kids, then move to a part of a city where people are more career-driven, and then you can enjoy the dry company of boring egocentric adults all day. Otherwise, don't whine about how people in your surroundings enjoy life and children too much. It's more your problem, not theirs.
I know the video is just supposed to be a hypothetical joke, but it's pretty obvious that it is inciting a communal celebration of disliking children. The comments are evidence: "Ya kids suck! LOL babies look like naked mole rats! OMG have you ever seen the movie Alien??? That's just like pregnancy!"
Seriously? It's just your problem.
Why force the idea of having kids on those who don't want them? Nothing wrong of wanting or not wanting kids.
Lmfao!! "Well you're gonna change your mind when your biological clock is ticking" "yeah I'm gonna press snooze on that clock" 😂😂😂😂
LOL Ya'll need to get the sticks out of your asses. I love kids and I found this hilarious.
can you please not ruin burritos for me, thanks. 😂😂😂
Morgan hahahaha I'm gonna press snooze on that little clock
I don't trust anyone who hates children. Don't have them if you don't like them but it must be exhausting being such a horrible bitch about everything.
I have a child and I still don't get the fascination over babies. I know "so wrong" "what a bitch" yada yada yada. I never imposed my kid on other people like I've seen people do. Not all babies are cute, get over it. Being puked, drooled and pooped on is not cute or funny. Midnight feedings, sleep deprivation, fatigue, headaches, constant noise and just about everything that has to do with taking care of a baby is a monumental pain in the ass! It's only fun once they are old enough to play Heads Up or Monopoly ... around 7 or 8. Now, there are people that do love kids in every sense of the word. I don't get it but I've seen it. Power to them. Not me though. I love mine and that's about it.
Lol no, I'm not a huge fan of kids but this is just being a stuck up bitch about it.
Lol at all the people freaking out about this video 😂😂😂 it's all a joke, you silly people! ☺️
It's true though. I love my niece and nephews but once they start having a temper tantrum I am 100% DONE being an aunt for the day. "I didn't like kids when I was a kid" nailed it.
And for the record... a person has a right to leave a kids party thats lacking in booze after 1 hour.
OMG I hate it when people tell me that I'm gonna change my mind when my "biological clock" starts ticking.. I don't want one cause I'm not ready. I can't stand being around kids, I don't like noise, and I already don't like cleaning up after my siblings... leave me alone. I'll tell you anything you want to hear about your kid but please stop sending me photos of it.
I'm a parent and I hate other people's kids. I also REALLY hate baby talk. This is me in regards to other people's kids...
So many people are whining about this.... get a grip! Some people just don't like kids. Get over it! LMAO! You're judging people that are judging people. lol. Where does it end?
Never want children. finding a significant other who doesn't want them either. too much work.
You misspelled "If people who are assholes said what's on their mind"
Yeah, now that I'm older, kids are kinda annoying. I don't gush over them. Do it more for a puppy. Sorry!
Haha The entire video I wanted to punch her in the throat. If you dont like kids that's okay but no need to be a prick. Lol
Yea I don't like or want Kids, but this is kinda umm really rude.. I have never acted like this... My family has kids and friends of the family the only thing I don't do is hold the kid, as I would be afraid to hurt them hold them wrong or something. Kids are yes gross to me but this is just down right wrong opinion on people like me.
There really are some of us who do not like babies or children. It is rude of people to try and force their kids on us. I don't appreciate it at all.
Not liking kids is one thing, saying you hate them is another. Is it just me who sees the difference? If you go around saying you hate something that means you wish it didn't exist or it would die. Hate Is a very very strong word. Why hate children? Usually if a child is an asshole it's because of the parenting anyway, be pissed at the parent for doing a shit job. It's ok to not like children and still not be an Asshole about it. If someone is forcing their kids on you be pissed at the parent, it's not the kids fault the parent doesn't understand personal boundaries.
I wouldn't have a friend like that. There's a point when kids aren't for you. Than being an asshole about it
Lol, she kept calling the kid "it"
This was not funny. That girl can pull off "Bitchy"
Lmao this is hilarious. I maybe want kids one day, yet I empathize with all of these sentiments. I'll just press snooze on that little clock!!!!! HA! Relax folks, most people without kids are thinking these things and just not saying them.
Bahahahahahahahaha oh man. Your baby looks the same today as it did yesterday. Alexandra
Very few countries other than the US have this culture of parents allowing their babies/children to completely subsume their lives. It's not healthy, it's not cute. No one in their right minds wants to be around you. People have every right to make fun of you as you slowly lose every aspect of a unique personality to a screaming meatloaf that you pushed out of your vagina, like billions of others that came before you.
People that dislike children this much don't have friends with children lol and if anyone acted this way towards my kid I would knock the snooty look right off their face... Oops
Wow, the comments on here are incredibly sad. So because someone doesn't like children or more specifically your child their a bitch? Wow, I guess people can't have opinions anymore because all of a sudden it makes them a bitch.
Why have a kid when you can have a cat ? They cover their poop, are not as noisy, can be nice, and are more goodlooking than those potato babies. None of my friend get me, but I like the girl in the vid. 100%
Ha she's just like me, and god i HATE it when people say i'll want kids someday. Like I'm pretty sure i know what I want more than you do.
Hahaha! New parents are always Sharing pics of their kids! It is so ridiculous. No one cares except maybe other new parents who also want to share pics of their kid.
Yes this is funny but it is also just an immature state of mind that most people grow out of. (No, it's not immature to not WANT kids, that's a choice, but to be freaking out that they are peeing while you're holding them. That sort of thing.)
Also if she was a good friend she would be nice about it regardless. She is being a shitty friend either way.
What a horrible bitch this woman is... sad thing is, there really are people out there like that.
Everyone saying how the girl in this video was acting like such a bitch and could have just said nothing ... But that's the whole point of the video, the video title is " if people who don't like children said what's on their mind " meaning they usually never do say whats on their mind and are polite about it, keeping their thoughts to themselves... Making this video was to show those thoughts out loud ( humorously ). She was supposed to be blunt and honest lol.
Sorry but this is hilarious. I'll talk to a baby and play with them but when they start to consume a persons life and dominate every single conversation, I want to stick pencils into my ears.
And eyes.

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