If People Were Honest When Making Plans

If People Were Honest When Making Plans
If People Were Honest When Making Plans
Published on 11/19/2017
If People Were Honest When Making Plans


I don't want to go because I would enjoy myself much better by staying home and watching Netflix, alone... by myself.
Learn to say No without explaining yourself!
"The reason I'm not going to Justin's party is because I'm not going to Justin's party" if only the world was that simple DX
Me: "the reason I don't want to do my homework is because I don't want to do my homework"
No seriously if I said anything like that my life would be over via ....mom
I am just like Quinta when it comes to being invited out with my friends. What's so hard to understand that I just don't want to go? Lol
Quinta is life.
"It's basic math" 😝
They really drug this video on, like seriously.
It is not an issue about my saying no to things, it is an issue about some people not being able to accept a no without having an excuse, or wanting to know the details so they can try to rearrange your schedule for you. Im not friends with ppl like that for very long. lol Love the vid!
The dad at the end cracked me up!
Funny, but the skit went too long.
Socially she sounds dumb, but logically she totally makes sense.. I mean why would someone lie just to spare someone else's feelings and why would the other person feel offended just because they've been told the truth??
"Hi I'm Quinta! I'm short and straightforward!"
Awww, poor Justin.
ugh! i wish i could say that when people invite me to their jewelry parties
If only i could be this forward. taking 📋 notes from Quinta.
"You're my friend.."
"And I invited you.."
"Thank you"
It's because when you're saying no you don't have to be a bitch about it . When I don't want to go , I say I'm sorry I just don't feel up for it and I'll tell them that I'll go with them next time. Why do people wanna be bitches to their friends?
i can be very extroverted at times, so i used to throw random parties. but i have a lot of introverted friends.. if they say they dont want to go, i dont need to ask why. and i tell them to be honest with me, dont make sudden excuses.
Lol a straight forward answer and it gets everyone rattled
the SURPRISE is I'm not going to be there
I live in the valley, and have no plans that night. I'll take Quinta's invitation, no worries.
Simple math..... 😏
I find it's easier when you simply find a different way of saying "no". I think the word "no" irks people. So I tend to say things like "Nah, I think Imma just stay home." and people tend to be fine with that. :) It's honest and polite.
Quinta you're my favourite, so funny :)
It's so funny that it's the norm to make an excuse if you don't want to go, but when you straight up say "I don't want to go", then there's a problem. I just really don't want to go! Lol
Pretty much my life. All. The. Time. Adulting is hard.
I am Quinta
This gives me déjà vu when ever my manager asks me if I can stay more and I say no, he'd ask me why, and always I say "I don't want to"
She still didn't give a valid reason. Why doesn't she want to go? Because she wants to stay in? Because she doesn't feel like going to a party that night? I'd just be like. "I had a long week and feel like staying in, that's why I don't want to go."
"No, I don't wanna go to your party" Such brutality hahaha
Omg this video was hysterical. Lmao when he runs out of the room. Then his dad shows up Lmao!!
This is so fantastically spot on.
I need to get like Quinta! 😩
I wish I was this honest.
I am always busy DOING things, it's nice just not to do anything sometimes.
I feel ya Quinta.
I would have said no and moved on. If he asked why than I would have because I don't want to go.
I am that person, those people are me. I am the one.
The subtleties are cracking me up, like how she's just innocently looking at him at 1:13 after telling him, "I just don't want to attend the party."
this reminds me of the whole "sorry I'm late, I didn't wanna come"
Ashley lol Her honesty and how she's not afraid to just say "I don't want to" is funny to me! But I do think that would hurt some people's feelings though!
being dishonest is typical american!! I lived in the States for a year and I have experienced that first hand! When americans say "we should get together and have lunch" it really means "I am not interested in seeing you again!"
Ha, I feel you. Sometimes, I just don't want to go. lol
Quinta is me tbh. This is also why people don't understand me.
I have a friend who invited me on a birthday and i really told her I just do not want to go because I just want to rest on a sunday night and she was like "if you did not show up, friendship is over" hahaha i still did not show up because no particular reason. I am just tired or my introversion is just kicking in. Hahaha
If you genuinely don't want to hang out with that person so you're saying no then maybe you shouldn't be friends with them in the first place .
Dominique I was about to tag you in this until I saw the reason it was on my timeline is because you were the one that liked it. Ahahaha!
"I'm not going because I don't wanna go!" *runs out*
Aweeeee poor guy lol
Lol Quinta is hilarious

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