If Men Were Women For A Day

If Men Were Women For A Day
If Men Were Women For A Day
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Published on 01/18/2017
If Men Were Women For A Day


That would be funny if they're first day as a woman was on their period. Haha suckers!
I wouldn't want to be a woman. As awesome as they are, women have it hard! Shoutout to all you lovely ladies! Thanks for putting up with the crap men provide.
I love how they all assume they'll be hot women. What if they were unattractive women for a week. What if they went out to buy dresses and nothing looked good, or they went to a bar and nobody even paid them any attention? I wonder if they'd take any lessons from that.
I'm proud that these men recognize that it's not always safe or pleasant being a woman.
Most men say that if they were women they would be whores and would throw the kitty around and in reality they shame the girls that do those things... Oh the irony! Or is it hypocrisy? lol
All I really wanna do is be on buzzfeed
"I would ride this out and watch Netflix"
This is video proof that men are idiots. "I'd lock myself inside all day because it's dangerous everywhere for women." Uh. Ok.
Males wouldn't last being a female lol
The guy in the black shirt talking about locking himself inside all day is the only one who seems to have a clue. The rest are assuming they'll get to be an attractive woman for that day.
"Ride it out and watch Netflix", mate I've been doing that one for years!
Sooo glad that one of them acknowledged how dangerous it can really be for some of us...thank you!
Oh please I'd rob a bank and the cops wil spend there whole life looking for me never finding me cz next day I become a woman again 😂😂
The only thing this proves is men are afraid to be us
Is LA a fucking jungle? I understand that the world is dangerous but they make it seem like I can't walk outside without having rocks thrown at me. I'd like to see what community they live in.
I like how they all assume they'll be hot girls with big boobs
This is boring compared to " If woman would be a man for a day "
Further proof that boobs are more of a burden than a novelty.
The first guy is already a female
I'd touch my boobs lol :3
They're all assuming they are going to be hot. Plot twist: They aren't.
If i was a female for a day, id take nude pics of myself all day, and the next day as a male id jerkoff to myself
Okay, first of all: GIRLS DON'T STAY INSIDE ALL DAY!!!! Girls are badasses too you know.
It's interesting how in this video, where men think about being women, the women are viewed as having to deal with a lot of dangerous shit on a daily basis and need to protect themselves, and in the other video, where women think about being men, they talk about how they would feel threatening and "manly" and mess with people. Hmmmm...
Dominique Gutierrez lmao the girl video they were like "I'd jack
Off all day" these guys mentioned nothing Like that besides the tit thing. They talked about dealing with the harsh reality of what girls go through everyday whether it be being cat called or getting free things lmao but that's a plus
"Feel my boobs"👌😂 how can you not though💁
The guy in the black is super aware.
AMAZING. We need more.
Man.... they got us all wrong.
Why do all these men commenting on women seem feminante?
Hahahah they assume they would be hot women! If they only knew what a hard work ....shave legs, fix eyebrows , blow dry hair , paint nails , don't eat too much, walk in heels , and so on .
the last part though 😂😂
Uh thinking that women need to learn to "just be okay" with how things are is ridiculous ! If you think the world is so frightening for women why are you accepting it as that? Us women AND MEN need to fight for change in the world not within ourselves by "hiding out and becoming less distracting" like wtf ? It's not the women's fault the world is more dangerous for them ??? NEWSFLASH. No women gets to choose what size of breast they (naturally) have either.
"i want the biggest fucking dick !"
You see like the women didn't call the men hoes.. but yet the first thing the first guy say is "be a hoe" like.... O_O What?
I'm just going to ride this out inside and watch Netflix. Haha
I love how they all assume they'll be hot women. What if they were unattractive women for a week. What if they went out to buy dresses and nothing looked good, or they went to a bar and nobody even paid them any attention? I wonder if they'd take any lessons from that.. or if their first day was on their period. ahaha
I wanna see how guys would feel about having periods and getting preganent........ Just once....they'd probably cry
Go shopping, curl my hair, get my nails and shit done, shopping, hang out with people, engorge myself.
I really like how understanding these guys are. Nice video
I really appreciate the awareness that women are more at risk then men in society. But definitely hating on the double standard about sex. Women get to have as much, or as little, sex as they decide to have- just like men.
my thing is how would they automatically know that they'd be attractive women lol because all women dont get that sort of treatment and for some women i would imagine the world to be pretty safe unless your just like kick in the face chop up into itty bitty pieces ugly lol
Praise the dude with the short, dark, wavy hair
Lol wow we seem to have it pretty rough lmfao we're at the bar on a daily basis getting screamed at on the street. Damn lol
Both these videos are bias and misandric
Can we talk about the second guy in the video? The cute blond one? Hellloooooooooo there.....hahah
I am ashamed they call themselves men.
I'd say yes to any guy asking me out, let him pay the expensive check at the luxurious restaurant, go shopping and use his money, blackmail him by asking if he could buy me a new car, new house and lots of jewelry to show me he really loves me, make him propose and few months later ask him for divorce 😂😂d
They need to think if they were an average looking woman, what would they do? They all seem to think they would be hot and take advantage of that! :P

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