If Men Were Honest When Hitting On Women

If Men Were Honest When Hitting On Women
If Men Were Honest When Hitting On Women
Published on 10/22/2017
If Men Were Honest When Hitting On Women


that guy in the end tho is my fav hands down
black dude is way too honest. hahaha
"Im bad at introductions. Want some alcohol?" Hahaha
They forgot one (guys brings a drink over) Hey,i dont have the confidence to deal with you sober so im gonna buy you drinks until you get really drunk and hope maybe you might get horny and want to go home with me
How about one for girls?
"I have no intention of ever going on a second date with you, but I'll let you buy me drinks and pay for our meal".
"I'm only talking with you to make my boyfriend jealous".
Love Dude with the glasses lol!! "You're pretty and idk what to do about it"
"I'm bad at introductions, you want some alcohol?" Would TOTALLY work for me!! Lol!
"I'm going straight home, just straaaaaight home" lmao
"You're very pretty, and I don't know what to do about it."
Story of my life
This is practically me trying to get a girlfriend and it actually worked ( the NERD with glasses is me)
Jennifer Cornelius you are really pretty and I don't know what to do about it
Why does the one guy say, who has a vagina to share also??? So he has one too?
Amber Hemming Evelyn SanchezDayaun Dayaun that fucken black guy X""DDDD "ima bout to start lying to you right now" "I'm just lying,im lying all the time,I be lyin"
haha. That guy in the end:
"I would wait for you to come and talk to me but that's not how things go and work"
If guys were honest? I work in a bar, and that's about the level of the pick up lines that come out of guys (and girls) mouths all the time. It's better than cable
"I lie all the time " priceless
Jeff Sanford Jr. 😂😂 " I just be lying all the time"
The last guy reminds me of Melman the giraffe from Madagascar.
The ending was absolutely on point
I think the black dude is so funny...I be lying lol nice breasts lmao
and women are so truthful - pushup bras, makup that hides imperfections, suck me in panty hose or spanks - please
"I'm bad at introductions, you want some alcohol?"
Kate Jung The asian guy and the guy with glasses xD too funny.
guys always do the "hang out" thing by saying "do you want to hang out" blurring the lines of whether ITS A DATE OR NOT. and that's what I hate! why do men have to be pussies in the first place about it, why can't they RISK the rejection and go on a REAL date!
Haha. Cha ching Shanice 😅😅
Arielle Cushman LOL if only
Brittne' Russo I died at the end 😂😂😂
Johnny McLain , Ramiro Valdes, Richard McLain , lol this is hella funny
Omfg 😂
Jacob Giovanni Alex
Sammy Mo Paul hahaha
If Women Were Honest When Hitting On men: "I'm only looking for sex because you don't meet my requirements for husband material".
Buzzfeed has turned into a sexist shitshoot. These vids would be fine if there were some that pointed out men's struggles too
hahaha Shayan Said "i'm bout to start lying to you right now"
Hi, you're very pretty..and idk what to do about it 😳 Jorday Salguedo
Anthony Moss Joel H. Spencer Aladdin Smith Precious Nnadi Lauren Wren Dexter Mccain Tevin Brewer
Riley Fettig lol
Kasey Hutch Angela Garrison Jessie Clarke Ashley Comegna
McKenna Connolly Aubreigh Lynn Himes
Kyle Hamner Megan Cote Samantha Koniowsky Taylor Dugan Karynn Maskarinec Alexis Nicole Millerleile
Dave Rowe the guy in the blue shirt is me trying to wingman for you 100%
They dont want the truth Lol Josh Lopez
Remi Hampton Keisha Wilson
Celicia Rivera I'm just lyin', I be lyin all the time! Haha so funny!
Jules Brown Kim Browning
Billi Grinham Wynne Paul Zotefoams Duffin i found billi!
Johanan Arputham Ezam Adha Tarviend Black
I be lyin all the time , I just be lyin lmao
The black dude doe lol and the creepy guy at the end looks like Robert ^_^ Isabel Martin Sarah Smith Vannesa Aguirre
Diem-Vy Le-Pham Amanda L. Aranda Liza Parent HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
The last one reminded me of Ted from How I Met Your Mother.

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