If Men Were Disney Princesses

If Men Were Disney Princesses
If Men Were Disney Princesses
Published on 11/23/2017
If Men Were Disney Princesses


"Cinderella, I wanna be you.. I just don't want to be you the part of your life you were a slave" lmao
Lol we need the girls doing diseny prince next
I just didn't get the psycadellic trip with bears part
The men of buzzfeed are a rare and special species. Keep it up. Keep dreamin'... Marry that homeless Arabian man... but keep it up.
Was I the only one bothered by the fact that Keith Habersberger, when desiring to be Mulan, sang that he 'wished he could be a Disney princess so that he could fight the Mongolian army.' Ummm....hate to break it to you, but they were Hungarian. The song "I'll make a man out of you" literally starts by saying, 'Let's get down to business to defeat the HUNS.' Other than that? This video was killer!
i laughed at the thumbnail before even watching the video
... and my childhood is ruined!
Dude Eugene looks 100% done with this song.
Giant drag queen squids! Lol!
I want too see the bloopers too this.
Eugene's reaction killed me. XD
Andrew Esquivel I want a sassy dragon
I 100% want to hang out with giant sassy drag queen squid.
Lol can't believe I watched the whole thing. They really sucked me in! So catchy! Haha
I've wasted 3:46 min of my life 😒
Well, that was something...xD The one with the curly hair looks like a young Seinfeld!
....so I could marry a homeless Arabian mannnnnnnnn!
I want to see the blooper reel from this hahaha. All of those awkward near-kissing scenes would've been so difficult to film without laughing!
Oh tumblr is gonna be pissed. Lmao
haha guys, love it ... however as a gay man I must tell you that you really DON'T have to be a disney princess to be with another guy :D just sayin lol :*
What movie are there psychedelic teddy bears from?
this whole video got a collective wtf from me
"I want to be a disney princess so I can marry a homeless Arabian man." LOL it shouldn't be to hard to find some refugees dude.
Which disney princess had the Bears....?
William Brown, you're my Disney princess. 💋💋💋
"Two princesses dancing" hahaha Jasmine 😂
Beverly Penfield do u wanna be a Disney princess?
Emilee Randall Rebecca Traylor Maggie Oswald Kristina Michelle Dumas Sarah Louise Gilbert Caren Katrina Pitts Melissa Rachelle Harris Lauren Young Emma Harr
....Merry Christmas
Sally Dangar Nikki Green Lauren Burke Dom Viney Bryony Williams Jessey Fullwood Aidan Tuaimau-Gadsdon Josh Russell Glen Raymond Gaspi Laura Field Thalia Smith
I just want to work at Buzzfeed and do Disney musicals all day.
"Alex do you want to play with me? No. OKAY! :D"
Lisa Machado, Bibiana Rossi, Isadora Ulanosk, Gabriela Grassi, Luisa Nogueira Vieira, Helen Bermudes, que bom que já somos princesas <3
Marissa Rasmussen Kyla Salliss Jessica Lagoda Olivia Macdonald Rhys Adams
Evan Liz Taylor Anna Adrianna Skylar Rachel Julianne
Niamh Fox Naoise Cadogan Robert Murphy Jon Stratu Ayo Mide John Fitzsimons Harry Brooks
Joy Her, this is us, with anime
I'm not quite sure what I just watched but you should watch it too...
Chloé-Amber Dooley Sam Williams
I'm a bad person but I don't quite get two references - the Tears reviving the dead and the triping and making tapestries with bears.... Which princesses did these things? :)
Vanessa Keith is seriously my favorite buzzfeed guy 😂
Natalie Nanase Do YAOI 4 LYFE
I saw this in a black butler on crack video X3
Robert Watson Ella Bea Mallory Brown Maddi Keynes Aleishia-Maree Pietrini Chelsea Thomas Jayden Paul Fletcher Mycle Chomper Stevenson
Robin Rietman Tess Vosman Lies van Wijk Kirsten Peeters Febe de Vos
Callum Mackie Josh Lawlor Matt Frew Luke Peter Jacobson
Hannah Ibe Lydia Aimee Allison Selena Bridgette Akilah
Nina Bamford Tiandra Robinson Rhiannon O'Reilly Chloe Barnard Holly Brown Megan Somerville Sophie Paige
Ahahaha Arneka De Vries Kimberley Sletcher Sarah Hyde Courtney Rose 😂😂😂😂
Hahaha Bénédicte Ravel Jasmine Luce Megane Lemieux ana Ana Dragovic Caroline Carlsen Sacha Maguire-Crete

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