If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say

If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say
If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say
Published on 11/24/2017
If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say


I'm Hispanic and I'm white. Those two things are NOT mutually exclusive, and it pisses me off to no end when people say things like "Oh, you're Hispanic? I totally thought you were white!" or "You look white, though!" I wish every time someone said some ignorant shit like that, a disembodied fist would just appear in front of them, and punch them in face. Hispanic is not a race! And people in this country need to get that into their fucking heads! Ugh!
This is stereotyping white people. Racism goes both ways. Not all white people say this closed minded crap.
This is soooo true. White people do this shit ALL THE TIME.
Yep we do say some stupid things at times lol
This is retarded. Let a white person put shit like this up making fun of other races and they'd be labeled a racist real quick.
I'm not white, and like most "white" people I'm actually cream colored including American Indian and God knows what other mutt mixes. In today's society it's absurd, egotistical and narrow sighted to not be bi-lingual - be it French, Spanish, Iranian etc... expand your mind and expand your horizons.
How can this be racist? Only the stupid , evil white man can be racist right? Such a double standard ..white people say benign things all the time and get labeled racist, when other races do it everyone should just lighten up...but when that evil prick white man does it it's hurtful..gtfoh. I didn't find this video that bad, laughed at some parts but that's bc I'm not a sensitive little whistle blower. If the tables where turned though and the title was ...if brown people said the same things Europeans did, of course people would be calling this racist. I'm so sick of hearing about racism , it's completely over killed these days, much bigger problems in the world...poverty, disease war etc. etc. etc.
Man this video totally captured how all white people treat and speak to Latinos. That's amazing how they accurately represented how clueless every single white person is in regard to different cultures and races.
lol its okay for white people to go around making comments toward other non white individuals but the moment it's turned around on them it's rasict. lmaoo, i'm white and i find this video amusing. you uptight people need to learn how to take a joke.
This video is so funny. I am Caucasian and found this video to be enlightening. And people really do need to develop a sense of humor if they do not already have one. I tend to hang around other people from other cultures, because I truly feel some Caucasians do not have a sense of humor as they are SO serious like the ones here in this video. We do this to people all the time. We have no right to get so offended when it is dished back to us. My favorite line was "so, are you here legally, sorry documented?" Hilarious!!!
As a white hispanic, I would have preferred this video had been titled, "If Latinos Said The Stuff Non-Latinos Say." Mostly because I've heard blacks and asians say some pretty ignorant things too.
There is only one race: ONE RACE: HUMAN! <3
Jen, I LOVE white ppl! They're like ---> | | <--- (a wall) loool!
The title should have been - If Latinos said the stuff SOME white people (white meaning non Latino because a lot of Latinos have white skin) say. Some of my white brothers and sisters are getting really offended by this because it's not applicable to them.
This is a generalized title. I knew that immediately. I don't know why some people can't see that. It's ridiculous to think ALL white people are this way. No one is that dumb. If you're white and you've never said anything like this then it isn't about you. Chill out and don't even waste your time responding to this.
this is the most second hand embarrassment I have gotten out of a BuzzFeed video
I honestly found this video funny. I'm a true white girl... Preppy and in dire need to wake up and run to Starbucks for a frappé. It's all in good fun and people of all races get booty hurt over some playful mockery. I'm guilty of doing all of those things and I don't find it racist at all. :)
Whatis racist about it is that you think Latino and White are forcefully different. I am Mexican and I am white, am I not Latino? Check my pic if you want... you are so used and stereotypically used to "brown" latinos, you use the word Latino as a race, instead of a geographical reference,
It's literally saying "if latinos said things that white people say to them". So how is this so disrespectful to white people? I get that it's not okay to ask these questions but I feel as though this video proves a point. As a Hispanic woman, I have encountered myself in these situations. People ask me stuff like this all the time. But yet, because Buzzfeed made a video of it being the other way around...its "stupid" & "racist", etc. Just remember as you get offended by this that Latinos deal with this all the time, so don't be a hypocrite. Now most people will know how it feels when people ask us those same stupid questions.
It's a comedy, even if it weren't true like many of you say then it's made up. So just chill and laugh, if it's not to your humor then move on. I'm Hispanic and I hear this all the time, if you haven't heard it said then you live in a very small town or have very few and like minded friends. In bigger cities with more mixed cultures the ignorance is inescapable...
It's conflicting for everyone because yes I think it's rude to blanket all white people into this category.. But it's funny because it is true to an extent not of all white people but we've all gotten crazy questions or are hair touches by our white friends lol it's not a racist thing white folks are just very curious..
Ahahaha. I think this is funny and I'm "white". I'll admit that I've said some of those things. Probably why I find it funny. Doesn't make me racist or ignorant, just misinformed. And sometimes I like people to say their name with their accent. We're all different and we're all raised different with different backgrounds. You can't get upset with someone for not knowing something about your background and history as if they were there. Ahahaha.
Do you realize how racist this is? Not all white people say this shit, not all white people act as pathetic as you make them out to be.
You wanna point out racism. Look in the mirror.
Oh by the way come to El Paso the Mexicans here are more racist then whites. They hate everyone and even hate other Mexicans just cause they are from different parts of Mexico. They even hate Latinos from farther south because of geography alone. Also they hate because of the class system from Mexico.
an asian chipping in here
Lol! Yep, it's true. Heard some of these statements several times throughout my life.... "You're mexican?! Omg you could totally pass for..." "You mean from Mexico, Mexican? But you're not very dark?" "Oh you should go and see those Spanish dancers in that restaurant. You and your husband would REALLY love it because well, ya know, you're mexican. " LOL! It goes on and on. I usually am not offended but just surprised. "I made enchiladas because I knew you were coming for dinner. Hope the salsa is up to your standards." I think its pretty hilarious. I know it's harmless, and yes, ignorant too.
Yep, because absolutely every white person does those things. All of them, even the ones raised in Latino communities.
Piss off.
I am Cuban, my skin is very white, I burn when I tan, my great great grandmother was black, my father is mulato. I speak Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English. I am Hispanic because I was born in a country where a Romance language is the first language. Therefore I am Latina because my country belongs to Latin America, a subregion of the Americas which comprises those countries in which Romance languages are spoken. For United States even the Non Romance Speaking countries located south of USA are considered Latinos, including Belize, Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana and many more where the first language is English. I don't believe the color of your skin defines who you are but how uncomfortable do you feel in your own skin. Be proud to be Latin, White, Black just behave like a human for God sake!!!
funny how when Buzzfeed generalizes white people theyre "racist" but its okay to generalize muslims, black people, hispanics etc on the news daily 🐸☕️
why can't white people just sit down and realize this video was made as satire, pointing out the large majority of white people that ay these things to POC and people of different ethnic backgrounds
LOVE this.
unfortunately this points out the truth about the stupid things people say...
Bigoted, racist, hate. It's all the same to me. The fact that as a gay, white, liberal I feel this white bashing only causes people to segregate. It's not funny and I'm a comedian. This just makes a person defensive. If I made a video about stupid shit black people or latinos say you would lose your shit. I don't even give a thought that I'm white but I'm reminded it of it daily as if it's just so bad to be white. We're just all racist bigots even when we "try" to act like we're not. America is 72% white, get over it. There's more white people in America and there's more more mexicans in mexico. How about the fact that the majority of blacks and latino's (and whites) are bigoted against gays?!! 50% of liberal blacks that vote democrat are against gay marriage but media only shows white southerners gay bashing. You would think they would understand being a minority but they don't. Poking fun that all white people are just ignorant bigots is wrong. Sorry if people who are try to seem interested in your culture.
I'm Native and get asked stupid questions and people saying stupid, ignorant things all the time. Think Buzzfeed needs to make one about if Natives said the things ANY OTHER RACE would say to them.
Interesting that white people are the only ones that are racist ignorant bigots. no question, all to people who are white=racist. Only non white can say racist things. So kookie that America is 72% white, 17% black and then latino and others. I'm guessing these people have never been to out of America. please. stfu. not funny.
That was fucking stupid. Never hated a buzzfeed video before...if a white person made a video like that they'd have every fucking race coming back at them....such bullshit. Should I throw the "that's racist" card? Like everyone else does...😑 oh wait but white people cant because we are "white privileged"...privileged my ass, us Native Americans aren't event privileged....damn this video pissed me off enough to vent 😂😂..nah but for reals fuck this video.
I'm half Puerto Rican and half white. But.. I can't really relate to this. I feel like buzz feed is actually creating racist drama with these videos. Who cares buzzfeed? Who. Cares.
We are all the same, just speak different. But in Jesus we are all Brother's & Sister's in Christ. Besides we all Bleed Red Blood. God Bless you all.
The name one I completely feel lol
If latinos said the things strawmen say.
Shadiq Williams have you seen this yet? Gold. Like if black people said the stuff whites people say.
Cuz u white 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂arriba latinos
I want one of "If Whites said the stuff Black people say".
Like nigga…or is that too much B-)
Lmao the fact that white people actually say shit like this cracks me up.. If ur white and think your being stereotyped think about it maybe u don't say it but other people do lol because i hear this shit all the time but is funny. And im sure other hispanics hear it too .
Who in the hell made this video. This organization or individual is a retard and misinform or never been to school. White people are you kidding me. So all of the sudden the so call Latinos or Hispanics are not White!!!! This is the bullshit propaganda of ignorant retards. So the only White people In the USA are Anglo Saxons. How arrogant and ignorant. So, you think people from South, Central and North America, what you so call Hispanics are not of the White Race. I know people in Mexico moron that are whiter than you. But this is the funny thing... The so call Latinos and Hispanics in USA believe and eat this kind of divisiveness. They are so stupid that when they filled any application either for employment or anything else they still put Hispanic or Latino as a race. Only in the USA. I never heard the word Hispanic until I came to the USA. If your White regardless of your Nationality you are White or Black. America Wake up.
I think there is a lot of confusion here with the terms Latino and Hispanic, which are not interchangeable. Hispanic just refers to the Spanish language, and Latino means from a country in Latin America. By the way, if you say you are "Spanish," rather than just saying that you SPEAK Spanish, that means you are from Spain (and you're white).
Whats buzzfeed got against white people?
People who are saying this is racist are simply pointing out the double standard. It's never racist towards white people but if it's about another race it's ALWAYS racist. This is clearly humorous, but when you all call us racist when we think Hispanic people say stupid things too or black people stupid things and it's all a joke, you all say we're racist.
Not offended and I'm half white also half Latina but some of these were like umm no.. Lol my white side is crazier then my Latina side. But hey a videos a video tbh they were more annoying then the white people they talked to.. 😅
You know I've actually said the curse words to my Filipino friend in tagala..not knowing that was racists ..oops.but thank god I haven't said any of the other stuff...but I got it about my name..also argued with my white medical student peers about affirmative action..been told by a white patient they didn't want a n' word doctor...you're so different from all the other black people I know..you speak so well..told by white guys and Latino guys they love the chocolate and proceeded to touch or grope me in a unsolicited fashion. And my all time favorite from almost every nonblack Latino..oh you're Latino as if there aren't any black Latinos..hello Celia Cruz..come on people's .the list can go on

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