If Harry Potter Was Written From Hermione’s Perspective

If Harry Potter Was Written From Hermione’s Perspective
If Harry Potter Was Written From Hermione’s Perspective
Published on 11/17/2017
If Harry Potter Was Written From Hermione’s Perspective


"just the tip really" xD xD
lol! 'so much privlage, that boy' lol
This is why Hermione is the most BadAss witch throughout the Harry Potter series... #BossAssWitch
The best use of buzzfeed there has ever been.
Is the narrator the same narrator in The stanley parable?
"do it again, and I'll cut you" wut
Modern day feminism makes my head hurt. Managing to squeeze every one of their sound bites into this video was rather impressive, though.
Omg this had me Lmao at work!
"The girl who gave Zero fucks." #Awesome
This is my new favorite thing ever
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Emma totally approved this. I swear it sounds just like what she wants
Fails to mention that in the Goblet of Fire, both Harry and Ron consider her so much a friend that they actually forget that she's a girl. She totally got friend-zoned.
Wasn't this a tumblr text post originally?
is that.... the Stanley parable narrator
Knowing buzzfeed this video isn't a joke. At least wasn't intended to be.
This is poorly titled. It's not told from Hermione's perspective at all. It's just a weird "fight the patriarchy" twist on the story making the boys look stupid and glorifying a female character (who, by the way, isn't even the most badass female in the Harry Potter universe (Ginny was was bomb as fuck and played quidditch professionally for the Holyhead Harpies)). Even the details FROM THE MOVIES are entirely wrong! You can praise Hermione for being a strong character without shitting on Harry and Ron! You're giving Hermione credit for more than what she did to promote feminism! Get your shit together please.
Please read the books.
It was not Hermione who set up the fire !
Stanley Parable narator
Aimee Day I'm sorry I'm spreading my procrastination to you. But this is amazing. Although I don't know why Ron is from Yorkshire haha
lol Anthony Kingma! Patriartchy and harry potter! So good :3
This is so feminist. It's over the top. Wish I didn't watch it. Harry saved Hermione first anyways. From the troll in the girls bathroom so fuck her...
OK, so it again appears I must clarify the difference between the sexist women and a feminist: angry sexist females hate members of the human species that possess the Y chromosome simply for the fact they possess it, they are male, and they have a penis. Feminism is a political stance dedicated to speaking up for causes and groups who do not have enough of a voice to stand up well enough on their own, and is named as such because the first notable accomplishment of this group was legislation of women's suffrage. I am a feminist, and not a sexist. I am thoroughly irritated by these sexist bigots in disguise using "feminism" as an excuse to yell at men. You can't imagine how hard it is to make it as a true feminist who advocates for equality and basic human rights for all when people are using feminism as a synonym for "sexist women looking for the legal marginalization of men"
I am a proud Harry Potter fan and a believer in empowering ALL women. This is brilliant and funny as #$@%!
fucking brilliant!
It was funny, and love the Stanley Parable narrator, but the feminism shit is lame, Hermione was said in the books the strongest witch/wizard. (Besides Dumbledore and the dark wizard) The series was written by a female. Half of the shit she didn't do like set shit on fire. Harry saved her first from a cave troll, making a blood debt. She's still my favorite character, but the patriarchy? Yeah that makes sense... I think people have ruined feminism completely. No direction anymore, just hobble gobble. Still funny.
Renee Valencia... I know you're not into fantasy movies that much (I honestly have never watched a single Harry Potter movie lol) but this is pretty good! #bosswitch #brujajefe
Elisa "it's funny you should say that because i'm hermione granger, the girl who gave literally zero fucks!" Morto.
Haley Yeager Molly Bauer Shannon Skahan "that's harry potte,r the boy who lived." "that's funny because i'm hermione granger, the girl who gave literally zero fucks."
Ashita this could've been your fav fandom
It's when she learned a valuable skill, throwing shade.
This is the story of a man named Stanley... *sounds of ruffling papers* what's that? Oh, my mistake. This is actually the story of a woman named Hermione Granger...
"Don't misinterpret your feelings of inadequacy for the cultural, social, economic, and political oppression of an entire gender". God that's deep Shanai Venz
Ylaizza Vera Puro ka Harry Potter be, si Hermione Granger naman HAHAHAHAHA
Okay but can we just acknowledge the fact that this is the voice of the narrator in The Stanley Parable
Omg, is this the same voice guy as the one for The Stanley Parable????
When you grow up in a culture that allows wizards to speak to witches that way, how are you supposed to know that it's wrong? But do it again . . . And I'll cut you.
I always thought the title of the series should be "The Adventures of Hermione Granger and Her Two Guy Friends Who Get by on Gender Advantage." The degree to which the story elevates Hermione while ascribing the boys' successes to luck is kind of astounding when you pay attention.
Hayley Mitchell Linda Mitchell Emma Noller my current favourite thing, actually had to stifle a few giggles at my desk. Em Watson this made me think of you and then I saw you had liked it and that's why it was on my newsfeed!
Failed to mention anything from the sixth book. Hermione was trying to protect a fellow witch Lavender Brown from patriarchal dominance.😂
Ron realizes who's the boss after he's pecked by bird, gets poisoned and affected by love potion all in a day. Poor thing.😂
Courtney this needs to be a thing for us to watch with the rest of them :P could have written the last 300 paper on feminism in HP lol
When voldemort was like surprise bitches, i was actually expecting him to say that in samuel l. Jackson's voice and be like "surprise motherfkers!"
Still love it! "Funny you should say that because I'm Hermoine Granger, the girl who gave literally no fucks." LOL.
Aanchal or basically what it would've look like if you were there in Harry Potter instead of Hermione. 🌚👮😂😂
The fuck is this shi-- oh, cuckfeed. Nevermind, thought this might be a bed of intellectual pursuits or unapologetic nerdery. My mistake!
Surprise, bitches!!! Lol
Robin Paayal (thought you two would enjoy this - also, can you please make sure Mariela see this. Xo!)
Is so loving all little darlings that can't understand the concept of satire, and are taking this seriously. Get a life FFS!
It s funny because most of it is true and Hermione spend way more action in proving this point than words. She is the most badass of the three. :3
"It was at that moment Hermione learned a valuable rule: throwing shade" Tega Akati-Udi Daisy 'she gives zero fucks" 'dead as shit'
Amber Soffe I'm not even into Harry Potter but I found this funny :') :') :')

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