If Everyone Was Honest At Job Interviews

If Everyone Was Honest At Job Interviews
If Everyone Was Honest At Job Interviews
Published on 12/10/2017
If Everyone Was Honest At Job Interviews


"Oh, I'm gonna talk as white as I can during this interview." LMAO!
I play the boss in this. It was a lot of fun to shoot.
Lmao. "Mostly drinking in bars and hopefully complaining about you in the future"
"I will literally never think of you again". Hilarious!! Lol😂
Hahahaha "What makes you so damn special?" You know what, I can't think of a damn thing. Hahahaha GOLD I TELL YOU.
Aww poor glasses guy hahaha
I will try and mold myself into what the hell you want me to be.... Hahaha that's me in interviews.
'Hahahahaha, i'm not listening'
Why do you want this job? Well I've always had a passion for frozen yogurt
Suzie Martinez...... "I'm just going to hire the boss's nephew anyway" lol
"Im more concerned with the background check."LMAO
I was very honest for a job interview and I didn't get hired. Lol
I'm like the 3rd guy in this always nervous during the interview then cries afterwards
"am gonna talk as white as i can" o.O
Ain't that the chick from the "he got money" vine when they were at the movies.
wouldn't it be great if everyone just spoke the truth like that? I am so transparent and tend to blurt out stuff like that anyway
"hahaha I'm not listening" xD
I'mgoing to talk as white as I can during this interview
'How many people here are ****bags like you?' :D
Black girl is so funny xD
Kamri Boutin "Mostly drinking at bars and hopefully complaining about you in the future." hahaha
Ha ha.i have been on a few Job interviews where I was very Interestedin the job and the company.
I've been jobless for months now,which truly sucks.
Being homeless won't be anymore fun.
I don't understand,people work everywhere!
What am I doing wrong where I can't find a job?
I fucking love buzzfeed, this is so accurate
Judith Tavarez lmao Oh I'm going to talk as white as i can!!!!!!! SOOOOO GUILTY LMAOO
Or the why should I hire you question... "Because I'm broke."
Jose Real my job interview hahahaha
My mouth is hanging open, I am glad that I am retired and do not have to interact with either side of the desk. Even what is being presented/creating is disturbing to view and hear. Do unions still exist? The reality of this is scary! UE767 will last forever in my mind!
It"s all about perception that decides on whether a person will be employed or not. That IS first and foremost - the judgement of others blended with ignorance!
I will literally never think of you again lol
Walmart ask the most irrelevant questions and 20 minute survey just to be a cart pusher for minimum wage 😂😂😂😂😂😂......gimme the damn job already.....
The boss and the girl nailed it
LeMarie Gonzalez Justine Grace Casanova Jonathan Abeyta Cammy Mathouchan Nancy Phan
Alex Mancera, Ateeyeh Atee,Priti B. Patel, Selene Tituana, Nathan Solomon,
Sighhhh, this reminds me of those bs mock interviews we had to go thru 😑🔫
Hahaha thanks Chris so true about hiring the "bosses nephew" always seems to happen! Lol
Ana De La Torre LMFAO why are interviews not straight forward like this xD
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! 👏👏👏
Jason Matthew Bosch Javier Corazón Valiente Gonzalez this gave me ALL OF MY LIFE this morning!!!
How many people here are douche bags, like you? HILARIOUS!!!
Crystal Kourtney Amy Cody
Eddie Urizar Alexis Urizar Chris Morales Xavier Hernandez Pedram Habibi Chris Vergil Danny Flight Lopez
Hilary Elle holy shit facts
I will literally not ever think of any of you again .... damn. lol
OMG Tracy DiPietro Lohanne Chantelle Cook Jamie Marie Migliore Ally Webb
Noor talk as white as you can
Khadija Abbassi this is what I get to when Im job hunting lmaooo
Lucie Jaun😂😂😂😂
Zirley Lopez Miguel Zavala Evelyn Guerrero 😭😭
Completely accurate!! I'm almost 100% sure they never actually listen they just pretend n look for buzz words ;) Jay Ko you'd get a kick out of this! Lol
Ivan Bray-bray Abreu "I'm going to talk as white as I can " ha! Johnathan Epperson Felicia M Tiumalu

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