If Dudes Catcalled Dudes

If Dudes Catcalled Dudes
If Dudes Catcalled Dudes
Published on 10/22/2017
If Dudes Catcalled Dudes


You got a best friend?
Let see how many people get offended by this...
I love it =)
I wanna apply for a job at buzzfeed lol
*girl approaching.... act natural*
This video is for all of the people arguing that the girl walking in NY wasn't being harassed. Regardless of what you call it, no one is obligated to acknowledge or respond to you, and if you keep pursuing someone who's made it clear they aren't interested, then yes it is harassment.
I do not owe it to any man to acknowledge or respond to him simply because HE decided to open HIS mouth.
Sure, saying "hi" or any variation may be a guy "just being nice." BUT, as this video shows, you sure as hell don't see those same guys trying to strike up "nice" conversations with other men or complimenting them... There are other motives behind the "How're you today?" and the compliments. THAT'S the harassment. THAT'S what we are ignoring and avoiding.
"hey daddy, hey daddy." LOOL
Guys are more hostile about their sexuality. It would end up in a fist fight most the time
"wooooo you got a best friend"
I like how they used exact quotes from the real NYC one! Good job! 👌
Ummmm, they do, FuzzBeed! Go to a gay community. I lived in San Diego and now in Miami Beach and I've gotten whistled at, called Papi, and stared at like I was dinner. I know how uncomfortable women feel, as do other men.
Trevor "you wanna come play call of duty with me? i got advanced warfare."
This will make more sense to men who believe "smile" isn't offensive. It is the way that anything is said that makes it offense.
I loved this video so much. Shame on all of your girls who said the the girl in the NYC video was being rude because the men were "just being friendly/nice." This just goes to show that, yeah, maybe they were bing nice, but they typically have a motive. If someone pursues you AFTER you ignore their first "catcalls," then it's harassment. Why is that so hard for people to grasp? Men are assholes.
Why didnt any of them yell the "SAY THANK YOU!!" one???
Ironically, I would love it if I was catcalled like this
They should do one if woman cat called women just to be fair
Men's 1 comadment: tha shall not catcalling another man. For who will upon he , will get strike by strong thundering skrike in he's face..
There are a few dudes that actually say stuff to other dudes like that. Its very offensive & improper no matter what sex you are. Ill tell you a few stories sometime It is a funny video though. Dudes dont like it if they get a taste of their own medicine!
Trashvis Nguyen, what if this actually happened in real life
If this were the extend of the catcalling I got, I'd actually be okay with that. I'm down for free craft beers.
I still can't believe people are arguing over whether or not cat calling is okay and flattering though. like I can not even comprehend. It's NOT okay.
I love how the guy just stared straight ahead when the girl walked by lol
The girl just walks by at the end. His face though.
Wooooooow, looks so weird! Gives us an idea of what it's ACTUALLY like Tina Zhang
Jeni why didn't we apply to this company lmfao
'You'd be good looking if you smiled' MY LIFE
Haha " you wanna go play call of duty"
Leah Andrade
Sherina Ducchess-Zain lol x
Jean-Pierre Tetreault :p
Tony T Tran Jimmy Nguyen Jim Cao Steven Nou
Ahmed Abdulhady hahahah this is tooo Much :D :D
Julia Miller
Puros faggots par de putos Debby Contreras T
Haha Dustin Poole
Ashley Elias
Aaron Ramirez thought of u when I saw this lol
Trevor-Emily Patrosh
Alyssa Tellier
Justine Strilchuk Keirra Alty
Anna Tussey
Emily Welter Kendra Sayles Emilie Vincent
Andy Westmeyer is this how dudes used to hit on you??
Beatriz Figueroa
Chuy Ramos Wilfredo Figueroa
This is fucking gay! Why would any guy that loves the pussy do this?
Chris Rebecca Chelsea Sarah
Brittany Schier
Natalie Cox this. For so many reasons

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