If Disney Princesses Had Snapchat

If Disney Princesses Had Snapchat
If Disney Princesses Had Snapchat
Published on 11/24/2017
If Disney Princesses Had Snapchat


I need a prince in the streets and a beast in the sheets. OMG lmao!
No one really snapchats like this.
"Praying for all the basics " 😂😂
Except Elsa is a queen. *flies away*
Come on Buzzfeed...
Damn, see some of you need a sense of humor. Jeez. Was cute and funny.
that last one though hahaha
"🎵The whole new #selfie🎵" 😂
This is kinda lame
"Bye Felicia" lol
I feel like Buzzfeed is running out of ideas.
They really out of ideas! Smh
This is cringe worthy
"#ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin" yessss😂
This is a dumb video.
Waste of a minute and 15 seconds..
A beast in the sheets.............lmao killed me
wtf is snapchat? O_o
i have a snapchat already though 💁🏼
Lmao "bye felicia" 😂😂
"The ocean can't quench my thirst"
Hhahah good one buzzfeed
Not the best content buzzFeed has put out there
What's with the Disney Princess Obsession? That's like the least feminist thing you could be obsessed with. I don't understand you BuzzFeed! You're all over the place.
Why is buzzfeed so lame now?
e_e Really, Buzzfeed? Are you TRYING to turn them into the Real Housewives of Disney?
Lol I have snapchat and I'm a princess lol 😘😜😊
I don't get it since idk what snapchat is. Lol
Give us Ashly Parez's snapchat, and everything will be fine.
Where are all the ugly butt chin selfies ?
Elsa Is A Queen Not A Princess😕 I Had To.
BuzzFeed, what a disaster.
That bye Felicia was everything!! Bwahahaha!! #TeamCindy
It's like too obvious no thought was put into this you just pasted like phrases teens may occasionally say but probabaly not really onto pictures of Disney princesses
Cinderella saying "Bye Felicia" hahaha
Omg buzzfeed used the 'f' word :O
😐 Who Snaps like this?
That's hilarious!! The last one...AWESOME!!! :-) :-) LMAO
Hahaha that last one! Nice ;)
Corny 🌽
Jessica Dul I probably shouldn't show you this because you are dumb enough as it is, but I'm a nice friend so hey!
jfc i lost it at drunk cinderella omg
The Tiana one was racist
Cinderella. Bye Felecia!
Allie Rodriguez AHAHHA WAIT THIS IS ACTUALLY SO FUNNY "The ocean can't quench my thirst" OMG
"There goes the last fuck I give" lmao I
Why no Rapunzel
Despite what everyone else seems to think, I thought this was hilarious! "I need a prince in the streets and a beast in the sheets" LOL
What's snapchat?
I don't understand the point of snapchat. Do people not text each other photos anymore ?! Lol

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