If Celebs Were Your Uber Drivers

If Celebs Were Your Uber Drivers
If Celebs Were Your Uber Drivers
Published on 11/17/2017
If Celebs Were Your Uber Drivers


They nailed Emma Stone's voice lmfaooo
The Matthew McConaughey impression was dead on!
Quinta B as Prince ... hilarious!
They nailed all their voices holy shit
I wanna work for buzzfeed
samuel jackson be like motherfuckers wear your motherfucking seatbelt
No one's going to talk about how awesome that Gene Wilder impression was????
MR.BEAN is <3
Gene Wilder 💜💜💜
Lmao Prince!
Lmfao he nailed Denzel!
Matthew looks more like Ryan Gosling though! Joehoa Kim
Emma Stones voice was SPOT ON!!!
I'd go with gene weilder seems like more of a crazy ride
Is no one going to talk about Seth Rogen's voice "wanna go to taco bell? HEHEHEHEHEH"
That laugh was spot on 😂
"theres no earthly way of knowing.. which direction we are going."
Gene Wilder was PERFECT!
Emma stone ,Mr.bean and jay-z impression was the best of them all
Emma Stone and Prince on POINT hahah
that Matthew McConaughey guy is dead on. That Prince...priceless.
Her Emma Stone voice was dead on!! 😱
Kaainaat Ali Hijab Hania Gulwani Kiran Salehani Amyna Nanjee
Jonny the emma stone one was pretty spot on haha
Robin Aberson get in the car bitch
Danielle Smith Tagging you because there's a Snape/Alan Rickman impression bahahaha. :D
Morgan du Plessix1:05 they nailed emma's voice!!
Jimmy Vargo
Nora Huerta lmao
Arianne Alan Rickman 😂😂
Tom Hopkins Christina H. Shay
James Betancourt the last one lol
Mary Ma
John Coppa lmfaoo
Kristal Hoàng cant stop laughing
José Manuel Sanchez
Emma Stone was spot on! LOL and loved Prince!
Alexandra Danielle Giordano
Kevin B Coates check out the Matthew impression
Jennifur Lynn hah second time hearing about uber drivers today! 😁
Jessy Abby Masterson
Renee AnnaLee
Celine Deeves
Wow, that got weird real quick Libby WATCH THIS!!!
The Emma Stone one omg Elias Campos
The Matthew McCounahey one (spelled it wrong) was right on! 😂😂
Stephanie Dush
Duck Jordan
Sybil Rose
Just the first one Tabassum Mehnaz
Sarah Elisabeth

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