If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say...

If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say...
If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say...
Published on 06/26/2017
If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say...


that was hilarious every Black person has had a white person say at least 3 of those things to the at some point in their lives lol
I've never seen a video describe anything so perfectly.
My favorite is "I don't see you as white." It bothers me when people say I don't see color. YES YOU DO. And you should! What you shouldn't do is treat me different because of it.
This was funny. Then I read the comments and now it's just sad. Not the post mind you! Buzz feed has done a few other "what if <blank> said the stuff <blank> said" and the comments did not whittle away at my faith in humanity. But always when it comes to black and white there are people who would rather sit back and further drive a wedge between themselves and others than embrace the fact that we all bleed red and we are all part of the /Human/ Race. We just come in different flavors lol. Alright that's enough internet for me
This is particularly funny for me because as a white man living in a black country I have also experienced these same types of comments from black people. When I point it out to them, they get it and we both laugh. White people do not have a monopoly on racism and the sooner we come to terms with that the faster we can erradicate it.
I am so going to do this to white people
Why r ppl getting defensive? Lol its just shits and giggles...both black and white ppl say ignorant shit to each other all the time its just part of the natural balance of perspective doesnt mean someone is racist!
The comments for this Spectacular Video are almost as funny as the video itself. People, please, stop rocking in dark corners, uncoil yourselves from the fetal position, you're gonna be just fine. There is no need for outcries of reverse racism or in-depth conversations regarding whites being indentured servants. If you are befuddled, confused, distressed or offended by what's in the video, the solution is simple: DON'T DO/SAY IT TO SOMEONE ELSE. Bam! Easy peasy. It's a Simple Matter of thinking BEFORE you speak, asking yourselves, would this offend me if someone else directed it TO me? If the answer is yes or maybe STOP! Abort, abort! If the answer is no --proceed with conversation as planned. Done.
Of course, this is made much easier by being a non self-absorbed, decent human being who is conscious of the world around them...
Smh people are mad at the truth. You say this offended you but you have no idea how offensive this is to the people who hear/experience it on a daily basis. I'm sure they're not being malicious when they say these things but it's still offensive. Get off your high horse
Now we just need a "If White People Said The Stuff Black People Say..."
I'm sure this vid would be less funny if it wasn't soooo true, usually people inquire about black hair, or life growing up in st louis…how pretty i am for having dark skin, and it goes on and on….it all boils down to ignorance. nevertheless this vid is hilarious!
These are just racial stereotypes. People who believe them are just ignorant not racists. Racism is when you discriminate another or believe them to be inferior based on color. Let me give you an example of the 2. Stereotype, I heard from a lot of ppl that black ppl can't swim, I believe this because I have never witnessed any evidence to prove otherwise so I will believe this rumour and assume black ppl cannot swim. Racism, black people cannot swim because they are an inferior race unable to match the swimming levels of the white race.
Do you see the fucking difference?
BRAVO!!! well done... years ago I got hit with the "you dont act like most black people" I asked what does that mean and you know they started to stutter... LOL
What does slavery have to do with this video? Did you guys actually listen its about the stupid stereotypes and questions white people say to you that is all.
Yess, If another person tells me that "you're pretty for a black girl" NEWS FLASH! that is not a compliment! and please do not touch my hair
Love this vid, some of you commenting are WAY too sensitive! Step back & see that this vid puts everything into perspective, talk to me like a human not my skin colour! P.S. touch my hair like that regardless of your ethnicity & you and I are gonna have issues 😞...😂😂😂
ha everything's only racist if it's towards black people, get out of here, act like blacks are the only ones who go through shit, grow up people, leave the past in the past live in the present
This is dumb and very racist.. You say is white people are but in fact you're so stuck on race you don't even realize that you're being racist against yourself..
That shit is HILARIOUS!!! And, I can say that, cause I'm white AND black!!! lmao
Thankyou for this video!! I think this really gets the message across. My mother once told a lady on a plane she looked like Michelle Obama (she didn't ...at all). I told my mother how that was offensive and she was shocked! She thought she was complementing the lady!
That actrees is so beautiful for a black girl.....
This is nothing new, I pretend to ignore those niggers, how do I say that. Many people have to understand nigger is not black or white. It is ignorance. So white people some of them are niggers.
This...is...AWESOME!!!!! Couldn't be more spot on!
The angry and insensitive comments people post on behalf of this obviously satyrical video just reinforces the message portrayed here. Spot on video, hilarious!
The video is just showing you how ridiculous a person sounds saying those things to another person.
Ha, 'You don't even sound like a dumb hick!'
Irritates the hell out of me when someone claims to be more Black than me because they listen to rap or reggae music. Or when they feel they have to tell me which famous Black person I look like or that I am well-spoken. One guy said to me that all that was missing was the skin colour, but he was almost there; he smoked weed, had a fat girlfriend, did nothing all day and played Snoop Dog's music.
This is a common thread that happens to people who have never been exposed to a different way of living! So it's not just a black/white thing, but from religion/spiritual/agnostic to culture/race, to gay, bisexual, transgender/straight and so on and so forth. We all have to take a moment to think about what we say and to whom we are saying it to. It's about communication and respect for one another! If we all do try an little harder, the world would be a better place!
you should hear some of the stupid shit they say to us native americans...
After HS I worked for Occidental Life down in LA. I was the only white in the large room of mostly students. My friends were almost all black who didn't have much exposure to white kids (nor I to black kids). They asked me about my hair, do white people have different shades of skin like blacks do, and other curious questions. I probably asked a few of my own. The truth is, SO WHAT!? We pretty much found out we are the same with a few cultural differences that are unimportant and neither better nor worse than each other's. Well...not so true, sweet cornbread is now part of my culture.
I've been told a few times "I'm blacker than you girl" 😒 it's not meant to offend white people it's for some to realize how it would feel if the tables were turned so if you are offended then you understand how we feel..
"i got some sun this weekend! look, i'm as dark as you!" ((holds arm close to compare)) LOLOL
I've had: I bet you're a good dancer. Have you got a big one? What do you mean you don't like cricket? Do black men go bald? Have you ever wished you were white? (from an Asian lady). You don't sound black. Have you had lunch with whites before? And earlier this week: What do you mean you're supporting England? You're black! (from an Arab).
This one that GETS ME is: "I don't see color"... Here's a Muppet News Flash white people... THAT IS INSULTING!.... Color is a major part of my identity and culture; a essential element of things that make me who I am. If you tell me that you can't see my color, you are telling me that you can't see me. My question is if you don't see my color then what do you see? This is especially poignant for me who, at 6'4" 250, is often viewed as INVISIBLE by white people. This probably NEVER happens to you. You are standing next in line waiting to be served by a white person and they look past you down the line and yells "Who's next?"
If you dont get it, your White privilege is showing.
Imagine all the outrage if their was a video of if white people said the shit black people say😂
You forgot, some of my best friends are black. You people really know how to Dance. O could go on and on.
Lmaooo.... This shows how dumb some White people sound when talking to Blacks. This stuff happens 90% of the time.
about time yall realize talking proper english can help you seem educated and can help with yALLS future, as a matter of fact , YALL dont get it ,and people dont get mad because of street slang . p.s. ive lived it im from philly gheto, I was just smart enough to get out, if YALL need an education lesson on this subject, read some minutes from BILL COSBY seminars he gives at colleges, and you may lern something, also note raceism is only promoted through the media, in reallity no one even cares what the next person feels nor thinks, so all negetave comments YALL make only shows you bye into racism as the media controlls YOU. now does that make YALL mad
Roxanne Palmer and George Rivas, because you will get why this is funny. Not posting to my whole fb universe because I don't feel like dealing with anybody's white persecution complex this morning 😜
I once got "you have such a mastery of the english language"... Huh?
I am so guilty of doing these things. This video just makes me think of how stupid I must have sounded. Sorry to all my african american friends who I may have offended:P
I am a middle-aged white woman and I thought this was hilarious! I hope I have not said any of these bone-headed things. I don't think I have, but, if I have, I apologize for my insensitivity - and ignorance.
i'm white & i loved it thought it was hilarious-ALL people take too much offense to EVERY thing
White people would laugh if Black people said any of those things.
lol i love how the people who are "offended" by this video are like "if we made a video about this in reverse you'd be mad..." i already had like 10 of these in my feed today stereotyping black people. I laughed at those and I laughed at this. Most if not all of these things have been said to me...how many of the "offended" can say that?
This doesn't really apply to me...........a lot of my friends are black. ;)
From an ole white guy this is very funny. If people would only realize that skin color is only 7 layers of dermis, and after that we are all, physically, the same. Racism is a learned behavior.
Why don't we have a game "if white people said the stuff black people say"? Oh yea, cause that would be racist, right?!?!?!! Wtf?!?!
I've seriously heard every single one of these. And please white people PLEASE DONT TOUCH MY HAIR!!

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