If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say...

If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say...
If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say...
Published on 11/20/2017
If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say...


funny. and sad. To all the asians out there...... I'm sorry we say all that stuff. :S
Please do "If Indians Said The Stuff White People Say" :D
Guys, it's satire. It's suppose to poke fun of racism by showing how it's done if it was reversed. If you're offended you might be someone who does this already since it applies to you. Start by stopping it and learn from this video.
"Hey haha look at my eyes I'm white" lmaoooooo
How about every time an asian goes to grill food with white people somebody says something about dogs.
This is hilarious. Showed it to my coworkers. Why sit through diversity training when you can watch this video. hahaha!
AHAHA Maybe im ansian & i dont see any problem lol
Worse yet, here in the USA people almost faint when they see me speaking in Spanish which is my main language. I was born and raised in Lima-Peru ..... hahaha, jajajaja
Please do "If Black people said the stuff white people say..." hehehhe That would make my day. Like to women with braids,...."So, how long did that take you?" As if we time it... smh a little slow.... :)
well white people are racist. I mean take for an example: asian born in america is not an american but a white person born in america is an american? RACIST i say. ( asian-american )
LMBO! Well deserved for those that speak that way to ANY race
This was golden! Thank you!
I am a 4th generation Californian and am Chinese. I get this comments like..."Wow, your English is so good. I never would have known you were Chinese."...lol
I love my Asian heritage. However, when people ask me, "where are you from?" I say the state I was born from in AMERICA. Even though I fully know they're asking about my heritage. If they can't ask me the proper question I don't want to help with the ignorance of thinking all Asian descendants are strictly foreigners. It's annoying the string of questions that fallow.
Ignorance has no race or creed. Every country and race has it's share of bellends. I'm white and English and found the video hilarious because I've met people who try SO hard to not appear racist that they come across racist and patronising.
This would be funny like maybe 50 years ago. Now it just seems a little racist and not very original.
Jade I shared this two years ago not knowing who they were. Now I know their gf's and wives names lol
Adriana Pham Theresa Nhi Nguyen Erin Lam Michelle Ng Annemarie Jayatilake hahahahahaha
... this must only be funny to Asian people I guess
Anna Dean Frederic Chris Andy Annika
We are all racist in our own way. So get over it already.
Tania , GiGi , YeJeen , James ,Evangeline ha, where are you REALLY from? 😅
Andra Lee you get so offended when I do something like this
Melissa Araya Olivia Gan Victor Sanhueza Kabo Li
Eugenia Marie Saraï Daniela Maria
Hahahah I thought about one of le topics of convo tonite Jensine Junus Anna Sivils Taylor Michael Steven Nunez Alejandro Blancas Ricardo Roldan
Justin Tsang Ollie Crow Jon Chan Laurence Hodgkins
Delia Deomede Jimmy Adam Hoang Leesa Tran Johnny Sang Haylee Brockhurst Yasmin Mahić Sellina Trinh An Truong Bux Nguyen Rick Ziukelis Jimmy
Marissa Cote Paige Yuenkel Tess Meza Koeun Lee
Nikolaj Salbøg Jensen William Reimann Rosa Ejrnæs Ida Rasmussen jeg lever af dårlige asiat-jokes
Gordon Zhang, Sam de Beet, Cynthia Yuen, Chloe Chan,Bella Chu, Nha-Lan Nguyen
Daniel Tipping Max Downham Sam Calder
Tyler Lam Alicia Tran Matthew Nguyen Raychell Panlaqui
Cameron Camshaft Davis Tina Carrera-Murrell Oree Wall
So racist.
This is wack!
The world would be a funnier place.
Dusdaaaat Karine Lauw Yuk Ling Chung TC Firuze Ilayda Kuru
I think all races would benefit from looking at themselves with a bit of humor. We do all have tendencies and are ignorant of what each other goes through. Why not just admit it and learn about each other with some humor!
an american that looks like Asian trying to be asian making fake jokes like americans - I don't understand how it can be funny...
Bruhhhh Now you feel our struggle... );
Angelica Fernando HAHAHAHA do you watch how I met your mother I'm really into white culture
now people know how we asians feel
So only white people ask these questions?
Shirley Bradshaw
Lynn Nguyen Stephanie Nhatu Che Jessica Phan Bao Chau Huynh
Trieu Dinh Ashley Rainer Becca Kuhn
Haha awesome! Mickey Mew Sine Sang Sine Kp C Wilairak Wutthiudomlert Sydney LoveKing Betty Pasurawatkul
HAHAHHAA Dylan Caires Aaron De Oliveira

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