I'm Off Laughing

I'm Off Laughing
I'm Off Laughing
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Published on 12/10/2017
I'm Off Laughing


Nothing is for free in this world 😂😂
it was not funny at all :(
I remember how u told me how u when in ah date and u didn't have enough money lol :) :*
I loved the woman who spat it back on the plate so she could say she didn't have any
Eso me gustaria jajajaja por que Jay cada persona que va come y come y ni compra el producto ha pero eso si traga que u fffff jajajajaja
Hahahaha so funny
I didn't find it funny!! If anything kind of stupid!! :(
Free things kill lol
Jajajajjaja jajajajjaja por tragones
Viele möchten nix bezahlen, typisch. Umsonst gibt es nix.
I loved this show but I haven't seen it in a good while! :-D
Infarct de plata!!! Hahahaaa!!!
Shty balash xosha bas ka bw ba para baqwrgyana nacheta xwarawa
Hahaha. ..
lol 😄
so lovely
Notice no black peep
Ask what's under the box first before you get served.
Nothings for free
free meal
Crazy wogs!
cool :) :) :)
If she got a chance she would charged for the glass of wine before telling them but is funny
Free food smile
Ask money fights n quarrels
Humans r humans
La noi nici casa de marcat nu exista!!!!
Hahaha mira babe
Smile your on Tv show called , cheap bastards !!
Jennifer Novack
Lol 😀😀😀
What happens when we rush into action just upon wishful thinking, without checking the facts... :)
That's hilarious
Denn nichts ist selbstverständlich im Leben 😁
Zo gaat het ook bij oxxio energie leveringen
just goes to show how many cheap skates there are on this planet
Need a good laugh.
hahaha....za darmo smakuje lepiej
Alaà Kun loukan idirou comme ca l'wahed siyed Kifah !????? Hhhhh
She got pranked
HEHEHE svi bi djabe
Goes to show everyone is a tight arse lol
احرااااج صراحه
Haaaa kiakiakia

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