I'm Off Laughing

I'm Off Laughing
I'm Off Laughing
baby car laughing lol
Published on 11/23/2017
I'm Off Laughing


I'm a Mom and i thought this was hilarious. Get a sense of humor.
All the mothers that accidentally had a child are saying "not funny"
Y'all need to get off of your high horse, this is funny. Sometimes I cry at night cuz people are to easily offended, and that offends me. 😉
Its all funny, chill out people
Not funny!!!
Not funny
Not funny at all
Not funny
It's just a prank people, Jesus 😂
Not funny.
All of the "just for laugh Gags" videos aren't funny at all! Especially this one!
Not funny :(
Seriously?WTF is this?
How is this funny??? The things people are coming up with now are so stupid!!!!!!
Who puts their babies in the top of the car!? Lol
Plz get a sense of humor
Not funny. Someone could have a heart attack
Not funny you morons!!!
Not funny
Emotions are priceless,don't make fun of them 😠
Im a mum myself. Its just a prank get a sence of humour, if it were a real baby in that captule yeah i wouldnt be laughing but no one would be that stupid. HAHA CANT STOP LAUGHING
Not funny at all.
not funny at all
Not funny
Most terrible joke ever
That's not funny. People really are stupid enough that this happens. There was a baby who died the other month because his mom forgot him on the room of the car and she took off.
so not funny!
Cute. ;)
Why am offended by those who are offended 😒 laugh for once in your lame boring ass life!! Sheesh. xD!
There are stupid fucks like that!
först blir man rädd sedan blir man glad
that's funny
Hahaha mad
Have you guys never seen Jackass before?
😂 they play to much
I actually stopped someone from driving away with a baby carrier on top of the car. Scary.
👎not funny. Not good 👎
Anisa Farrah
not funny
Giving me heart attack😜
Stupid....not funny
hahhahahahah sooo funny
Not offended by it or anything just thought it was kinda dumb not funny. Meh. Lol.
Not funny at all👎👎👎👎
Lol So Funny ;)
This is not funny
Not funny

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