I’m Muslim, But I’m Not…

I’m Muslim, But I’m Not…
I’m Muslim, But I’m Not…
Published on 11/24/2017
I’m Muslim, But I’m Not…


I'm not Muslim, but I will defend Muslim people who are mistreated because of an event from people that weren't
I'm Muslim and I don't sugar coat my religion to fit into society. I do admit I am an extremist....I like to be extremely kind sometimes 😂.
I'm muslim, but i'm not racist.
OMG what the hell is this video? :D People, go and read the Koran and make your own mind up about what Islam actually teaches. Go and read about the hijab, niqab and burka, and whether or not they are compulsory and in what countries. Do not think that feel-good videos like this in which all actors have American accents are comprehensive and end-all sources of information! :D
I am Muslim but I have got "English German FreNch Christian Turkish Kurdish white black brown Pakistani Indian " basically friends from all over the world and I am so proud to be Muslim and don't forget we all are human ...:
I'm Muslim and I appreciate you walking in a bikini without judgement so please appreciate me being covered.
I'm a muslim, so don't judge me unless you know the real me , and if I make mistakes don't blame Islam, but blame me. Thanks BuzzFeed
The people in this video are just a minority in a modern/western society, as soon as they (the muslims) get the majority things start to get ugly. Just ask them if you are so proud of being muslim why don't you live in muslim country and experience it first hand.
These people are about as Muslim as the Pope is Christian. As in not at all. They break all the Muslim rules therefore they aren't really Muslim. It's easy. Buzzfeed just trying to change a perspective of a religion that can't coincide with a Christian nation. Buzzfeed, your favorite liberal social media news agenda, is trying to ease this evil religion onto America. How can you say you are Muslim and also say you enjoy the freedoms of America, how can you be Muslim and be friends with non Muslims? Have these Muslims ever read a Koran? Wow, these people are more likely actors than Muslim, they aren't Muslim at all.
Many right and wrong messages about Islam were mixed altogether and delivered in this video!! For example: No dating in Islam but marriage so how is that lady proud of saying that?! although we all know that Allah our Creator allowed us to marry the one we love not dating him/her!! Also what is the aim of saying bacon was good!? although we know that it is prohibited in our religion. Is it permitted to work as an actress in Islam?……etc. The way we wanna prove to the world that we are "cool" Muslims is totally wrong like this video. I am very proud of being Muslim lady and successful immigrant physician living in America and I know that I am human and not perfect and am still learning about my beautiful religion and what Allah wants me to be, but please PLEASE do not link our own thoughts and desires to Islam and let people think that Allah wants us to be like what was shown in the video because this is not Islam and if you really READ and understand the Quraan you will know exactly what I mean :) I am not saying that those people are not Muslims but at the same time this is NOT Islam. Go read about true Islam and you will enjoy the beauty of it like what ALLAH clearly says in the Quraan not like what we want according to our desires " i.e, hawa nafs". May Allah guide us ALL to the right path that pleases Him not others…… :)
Will you disavow and work to reform islam from the radical Hadith? Can you with good conscience reject Sharia? Are you muslim because your parents are muslim?, or have you really studied the Koran as well as other religions to understand the backwardness of Islam? , ie, women as property or a third class citizen, rejection of all other religions but islam? rejection of gay and lesbian life stiles? Because if you reject all the above, you yourselves have become a nonbeliever of islam. So much for your testimonies about the fact you are muslim. I say this with no malice intended.
Islam teaches us Muslims to love and respect all people around the around equally. ❤ So everybody I love you. Lol 💖
Even Muslims can be fun and exciting people ofc.
Cool, a bunch of people claiming to be Muslim but who apparently don't read and obey the Koran. Thanks, BuzzFeed.
I'm not Muslim but I know lots of Muslims and they're the best people! I will always defend Muslims against bigots! You're beautiful.
I'm Muslim and I am proud .. And I love buzzfeed ;)
I'm not a Muslim!!..but I love every Muslim!!!... This is a brilliant video.. People need to see this!!... :)
this is your own understanding about Islam as you can say ISIS is not presenting Islam so by the same logic you are not presenting the Islam too
so actually the way we present ourselves as "Islam" is totally wrong
this is the American Islam not actually the Islam
I'm muslim and i'm living and enjoying my life .
I'm a muslim , i love to hang out and chill with friends, crack jokes , and shop just like u do.
Am a muslim and i love to dance and listen to music just like u do.
I'm a muslim i eat and drink (water) just like u do.
But what matters the most is that I am a muslim and am totally against violence.
Islam is perfect, but those who pretend to follow it are not. So don't judge an entire religion or nation by some "pretenders" irrational actions and search for facts.
I am a muslim, i am a normal human , just like u. 💖🌸
Im muslim.. And my girl friend is colombian and she isnt muslim
I am Catholic and I dare you Muslims who say you're not terrorist to stand up as Muslims in protest against those Muslims who are ,but I doubt you will it seems like you guys are all talk and no action so why don't you prove me wrong and the next time you post something post yourself protesting against Muslim terrorists and Muslim people who support terrorist
This is humiliating. The need to compromise values and believes to fit in is outrageous. You don't need to prove to anyone anything! "I'm Muslim but I'm not terrorist" really?! Do you hear anyone other than Muslims saying things like this?! Do you hear Christians saying "we are Christians but we do not want to kill all Jews?" This is wrong in so many levels, I can't even.
I'm muslim and I love everyone no matter what he is or how he looks like or what he believes
I think the purpose of this video is just to show us that a muslim is a normal person, that a muslim sometimes has some mistakes too because we're only human, and that muslim are also imperfect (because perfection belongs to Allah SWT only). And the important thing is, muslims are different from the terrorist. It's maybe terrorist is a muslim, but muslim is NOT always a terrorist. We don't terror you, so how can you say that we're a terrorist?
Peace for humanity :))
These are not Muslims. Take them to Saudi Arabia, the epicenter of true Islam, and they will be hanged or stoned. These Buzzfeed videos are stupid and shallow. They build their case on the mere opinions and testimonies of false adherents. Nevermind that Muhammed was a murderer, rapist, and pedophile. Nevermind that he boasted of beheading 800 Jews in one day. Nevermind that Islam grew by the sword. Nevermind that the Quran contradicts everything these people said in these videos.
This is so sad ..
I don't think we Muslims have to explain ourselves to anybody at all.
The truth of any relegion is so obvious to anyone who wants to open his eyes , read some books, get educated and think for himself.
We are not guilty of anything that we need to defend ourselves by trying hard to prove that we are normal human beings who eat, drink and practice the very simple daily life things.
I'm Muslim , I'm Arab , I'm a human being , and I'm very proud of myself. And if the society still insists to see us as terrorists or label us as the media wants unless we prove ourselves or give explanations, well , I think it's the peoples problem. :)
The hypocrisy and irony in this video is absolutely astounding. This is a total sugarcoating of Islam's real teachings. The title of the video should have been:
"I'm culturally a Muslim and marginally follow the teachings of my religion occasionally and am mostly ignorant of what Islam teaches, what my holy book contains, and who my prophet was".
These people aren't following what Islam truly is and what the Quran teaches. They are protected because they live in the West, but if they lived in a Muslim-majority country they would be hung and stoned for their version of "Islam". Homosexuality is clearly condemned in Islam, as are premartial relations, the eating of pork, etc. And it's funny also how the people in this video equate attacking an ideology to somehow being racist against others? What? These people people are a small majority of westernised, middle-class Muslims who have no idea what Islam really is like. The obsession the liberal media has with Muslims and catering towards them is reaching critical proportions.
Just wanna point out that these "muslims" are muslims as much as most of us christians are real christians, nowadays. Americanised people, who are muslims just because their parents are, but are not true believers. Yes they are harmless. But the REAL muslims don't roll that way, and miss " I'm muslim, but I'm dating..", would be killed with stones, long before she can show on the internet.
I'm muslim and I'm proud <3
your muslim and your religion believes in a lot of horrible things, and you think you follow the teachings of quran, hilarious, this is like saying you are mormon and actively gay, you can't be a mormon and actively gay, and be expected to go to the temple, hence why these people are full of it, they pick and choose which parts of the muslim religion to follow, which by definition means they are no longer muslim.
Pure propaganda from Muslims who reject and do nofollow in their prophet's footsteps. Nice work, but I am not convinced.
I'm a Muslim and I'm a convert but I didn't convert for a man I converted for the absolute dignity and honour Islam gives women.
I'm a Muslim and I'm a mother, friend hijabi (somebody who wears a head scarf) gamer (Zelda was the best game created) and secretary.
I'm a Muslim and I'm not limited to reading about Islam I read all kinds of books :)
I am Muslim and Only Muslim and don't give a monkeys about what white supremacist think of me, this video is a disgrace. Peak of mental colonialism and inferiority to the white Capitalist elite.
“Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.” How many times have you heard that one? nd that comment is often followed up by the question: Why don’t we see Christian, Buddhist, or Jewish terrorists?
Obviously, there are people who sincerely view themselves as Muslims who have committed horrible acts in the name of Islam. We Muslims can make the case that their actions are not based on any part of the faith but on their own political agenda. But they are Muslims, no denying that.
"I'm Muslim, and I'm going to cherry pick the nice verses out of the Quran and ignore the violent and homophobic ones, just like Christians."
All you idiots that say things to the effect of "these aren't real muslims because real muslims obey the Koran" need to fucking check yourselves.
When do Christians fully obey everything in the Bible? How many Christians have babies out of wedlock yet are devout believers? Does the existence of that bastard child suddenly take away their identity as a Christian? Of course not.
Your expectation of what a Muslim is or isn't , is completely invalid - as is your opinion on the matter. It'd be exactly the same trying to define a Christian, a Jew, a Taoist, anything.
People can be whatever they want to be and practice their religion in any way they see fit. The only thing that should be important is how they see themselves in relation to their religion, not what you dickheads think.
Alhumdullilah for this! I am a Muslim and I love everyone! I am a feminist, equality loving, pro choice Muslim who lives to make the world a better place! Thank you buzzfeed!!!
I'm muslim. And I respect others whether or not they're muslim. Just like Our beloved rasulallah (Muhammad)
I'm American, And many americans have been killed by Muslims. So fight your own battles so we don't HAVE to differentiate between you non-uniform wearing cowards.
you're Muslims, and according to Islam you'd go to hell for doing most of these stuff you say you did :v
We are Muslims but we forget how to be a true Muslims... Islam and Muslims are tow two different words to explore
Oh they mean non observant Muslims... Kind of like the Christians who just say they are but don't observe Christianity.
I am a Muslim.. but ...
I am not terorrist..
I am human
I understand humanity.
Same from video here.. my best frends are not muslims
They should have said:
''I am muslim and I was stupid enough to be a part of a buzzfeed video where I define my open contradictions of my faith to be acceptable within my faith''
I am a muslim and these guys in the video are only here to please the non believers. I don't do that. I love Islam and everything that it teaches and if u don't like it i don't care, I am in this world to please my lord not people afterall Allah is going to judge me. Allah o Akbar!!!
In simple they all are not even Muslim. Just some libral yenckeis with bluff statement abt Islam. They don't even know what is Islam so no its useless to even watch this and spread words abt them.
Islam is religion and terrorism, inhumanity, and unethical behaviours are acts it doesn't belong to religion but an individual can define his values according to there ways.
Please don't try to relate religious values to acts of humans.
I am Muslim and i am human too. So act accordingly. 😉
I was born a Muslim, but I grew up NOT!
We all born the same UNTILL your parents and the society "Label you"
Really!!!!! So it means they don't practice Islam as it is.
ANY WAR in the world there is sign of ISLAM and Muslims in it. Something or somehow related.
ALL things these people are saying are about humanity not ISLAM.
ISLAM does not believe in equality feminism, Women has to cover all hands and body and ..... So they don't fallow ISLAM %100
Im muslim and you muslims need to cranck up you imaan loool what the hell did i just watch?
All you did was openly convessing your sins. So the nun-muslims will accept you?
If you nun-muslims really want to know what islam teach us goooo and learnnn it.
Because they didnt repreasent islam at all nor the muslims they just repreasentend them self. Bakkaaaaayaroo!!
If they are being honest, they are most certainly NOT Muslim. I want to be be Muslim so I can legally kill Christians, beat my wives, and keep non-Muslim women as sex slaves. Oh, what a wonderful world that will be. You may disagree, but once Sharia law is accepted worldwide, you will have no choice - and you will have nowhere to run to! Praise be to Allah, bitches!
I m muslim and says kuddos to Buzzfeed :D

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