I’m Latino, But I’m Not…

I’m Latino, But I’m Not…
I’m Latino, But I’m Not…
Published on 11/23/2017
I’m Latino, But I’m Not…


I'm Latino but I have an American first name and a German Last Name...But Viva Mexico cabrones!
I'm Black and I like this. LOL :)
Everyone tag @DonaldTrump
I'm Arab and I'm not a terrorist or Muslim
Yes I'm black and I'm Latina and Hispana ☺️ and yes of course I speak Spanish
Should do " im black but im not .."
I'm a Latina but I don't speak Spanish. 😱😆
I'm Mexican and I like to listen to Korean hip hop
I'm Latino but black. Contrary to popular belief we all come in many beautiful shades.
I'm NOT Latina, Latino/Latina means from Europe, nor am I Hispanic which indicated from Spain. I am an indigenous Mexican woman. #proud
Am Latina but not Mexican, love it,
when am in the states people ask why I have good Spanish. ... I answer because am Panamanian
They respond, but your black
My rebuttal, so? ! Panama is a CRISOL DE RAZAS
Everyone forgets that Brazilians are Latinos too...
I'm Latino y no le voy a las Chivas. ¡Viva México!
I'm Latina and I'm not a Llama.. Oh yes buzzfeed I saw your video about Peruvian food! ARRIBA PERÚ CARAJO!
I'm Latino and want to be Nuestra Bellasa Latina!
Jeez! People chill!!! Let Buzzfeed and the Latino community have their time... As a viewer just enjoy it and stop being so selfish as to think... "Buzzfeed needs to do one for me" (you're time will come)
you're not latino, you are latin americans
And you're all very attractive...that's what I think about when I hear "Latina/Latino"
Im Latina and i love BuzzFeed!!!
Stèphanie Bugosen "i'm latina but i'm not mexican." EVERYDAY.
also we dont ride llamas to school.
Not sure why Americans like to label themselves as Latinos , White , Africans Americans, Native Americans , Asians . They should be just called Americans! :)
The I'm latina and not mexican.. omfg yaaaaaaas. I'M FREAKING CUBAN!!!
Legal que "latino" pros americanos é só o povo de língua hispânica, parabéns BuzzFeed, ta serto. (y) (y) (y)
That one guy nailed it, saying its complicated, we're both latino american, not just latino and not just american but both
I'm latina but I don't speak spanish. I'm latina and I speak portuguese.
I'm Latina and I have a Peruvian/Puertorican/black baby girl!!! I'm Latina and I make adorable babies ☺️
Thank you for the relatable videos BuzzFeed Video!~ <3
I'm Latina and can't speak proper Spanish OTL
it's a beautiful thing being part of such lively cultures, diverse and similar in the like under the Latino umbrella. I only wish they had afro-latinos represented as well. Being Latino/a doesn't mean you're simply brown and you get down :p. I'm Dominican, my people's complexion ranges from very fair skinned to very dark skinned, my family can attest to that. Also ... Platanos ... I'm just sayin!
Every person that speaks a language that comes from Latin is considered to be a Latino. That includes Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and Catalan.
I’m Latino i like to much crime
I appreciate the video as a Latina but I feel like they should of showed all versions and shades of Latinos including ones of darker skin because we come in all shades. Also Brazilians are Latinos too so they should of thrown them in there as well. Still love the video though, proud to be Latina!
I'm Latina and I'm going to show this to the students in my Spanish classes.
How about Latin American that are not Spanish Speaking? Brazilians are Latinos
Im latina but i don't speak spanish haha hello from Brazil 😁🇧🇷
"I'm latino and I'm a femenist" Who gives a fuck please
Hermoso video, un saludos desde Monterrey a todos los latinos en USA. Greetings from Monterrey MX to all latinos in the USA.
I'm Latina (Afro Latina) and I look like NO ONE in this video.
Being Latino is also being black, asian, and so much more!!! You forgot about us in this video Buzzfeed!!!!
"I'm a Latina and I'm not Mexican, we are not all Mexican" round of applause 👏👏👏👏👏 THANK YOU! There are so MANY Latino countries out there, proud to be Guatemalan! 😄🙌
Latin pride 🇨🇴
Why do Latinos think its an insult to be mistakenly called Mexican? me thinks ye doth protest too much. Proud to be Chicano...Tejana.....y Mexican American and whatever else I want to call myself. yeah baby!
I'm Mexican and I am here to take your job.
Buzzfeed, you always forget about the Lusitanic Latinos (Portuguese, and Brazilian.), everybody does :(
So...only mexicans represents all Latino people?
Let's send this to good 'Ol Trump
I'm a Latino mutt and I'm honestly tired of buzzfeed's shit. Nobody gives a fuck about your political and social views buzzfeed. Show me videos on how to make cake in a cup and funny dogs who thinks they're people. "We are buzzfeed and we are in touch with the community and are accepting of everybody within that community". We get it, you have a very diverse staff working in your building.......pretentious assholes.
Proud to be Latino. We're very diverse 😊
If you're Cuban (like me) you're not Latino/Latina. That's not Latin America. You're Hispanic. So one of the girls in this video wasn't Latina...
They say not all Latinos are Mexican, but in the video, most are. People should know that Latinos are from central america and Hispanics are the rest.. And if you disagree, watch the video again...

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