I Can't Stop Laughing

I Can't Stop Laughing
I Can't Stop Laughing
Published on 11/19/2017
I Can't Stop Laughing


I can't start laughing
You always can't stop laughing -_-
The new Ishoe 👟
The guys that were cracking up made me lose it!
People are so kind to no English speaking Japanese guy. Seeing this,I really feel warm inside .
U made my day! Lol
Does he not realize that the phone is the wrong way..
For the cell phone user on the go and doesn't want the phone take up any room on the belt!
This was hilarious
Hahaha aupito mole pa'anga to e 'ai cover ma'u mai pe ha fu'u puti vai ia cover aki hhh
so funny hahahaha
good one
Love it !!!!!😂
hehaahahaaah so funny
The new technology shoe cellphone 😆😆😆😆
Whahaha 😂👊
So gross lol lol
εγω το εκανα πριν απο αυτην αρχαρια
Not funny 😓
Hahaha this is so funny lol
Get Smart.
Van wie is dat liedje ?
reminds me of the movie Agent X44
this is too funny,must watch
日本人!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
ahahaha tis made my day!!!!!!
at the last i'm like nnNNhahah !
It's not that funny
I Shoe :)
iphone 10:))))
Hahaha very nice
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Isn't he Japanese? New product on the market soon .😍haaa Good on you
This is the best one
sorry not laughing, don adams did this years ago as maxwell smart in the get smart tv show
So funny. NOT!!
I didn't laugh at all..
Wasn't that funny
very nice
its good opt for Karachi peoples.......
Este es el tipo de teléfono para usar en Latinoamérica
I'm Off Laughing
The new i phon 👟
Goes he da Amani
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Manu Él ich muss dich später unbedingt anrufen 😂

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