I can't even.. I'm dying!

I can't even.. I'm dying! Vine By: Cammie919
I can't even.. I'm dying!
Published on 10/19/2017
I can't even.. I'm dying!
Vine By: Cammie919


I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
poor child...
You people are all a bunch of uptight weirdos. She's saying YO MAMA not FUCK or SHIT or ASSHOLE. There's nothing wrong with this video.
this is why our generation is full of retards
She just a child, its not like she has the attitude of a teenage girl and like shes going to remember this anyway, next week shell be into something else that she can say! Everyone needs to stop criticising mothers who teach their kids this, and start on those who teach them worse things! Laugh a little in your life!
This wasn't funny...at all
Wow she's just saying "yo mama" and "duh" the mom probably isn't even the one teaching her. I hate how people always assume its the parents when in reality it is another family member younger like a sibling or a cousin. Everyone is to quick to judge. This lil girls mom could b the best mom to her but because she has a lil sass. (As girls typically do) her mom is a bad mom. All little girls have some sass its a girl thing. Get over it n move on.
People are saying its rachet and they are teaching her ''ghetto'' words. What are'' ghetto'' words?? And when has ''Yo mama'' and ''duh'' become something bad to say? Smh, acting like you grew up in picture perfect homes. I'm pretty sure your parents joked around with you when you were young
omg mellow out people,,,she isnt a bad parent,,you wanna see bad parents go to your local walmart...she is clean fed and loved ... and gets attention...so go sit down
uhm ok? there is nothing wrong with this video calm your tits! you guys act like shes twerking or some shit. seriously eat a tampon and stop complaining with this "i don't want to live on this planet anymore" bullshit.
She's just being cute . Shes what 4? "Don't wanna live on this planet anymore"? Bitch please Gtfo.
This is only for fun and i think its cute... For all you narrow-minded people... Fuck off its the 21st century not the 16th
Now say "yes ma'am" , "no ma'am", "yes sir", "no sir", "thank you", "your welcome", and "please". How about teaching respect and consideration and NOT attitude!
I clicked this video thinking I would be 'dying' of laughter after it, but actually it turned out to be the most non-funny, non-entertaining, time-wasting piece of shit I've ever seen
There is nothing wrong with this, its a little child saying yo mamma and duh, its funny.. lord.. people have a sense of humor. It not like they had her cussing... now that would be a different story.
This is cute! Manners and politeness will come along as she grows.. C'mon ppl, yal need to stop pretending.... this is simply cute!
Love the little attitude as she says those two phrases! :D
Yo mamma!
What's wrong? At least she isn't cussing like on most of the Vine videos with kids in them.
And then they. Complain when they talk back to them
+1 if you think she's cute and there is nothing wrong with this video
i dont want to live on this planet anymore
Ok, guys seriously. It's just a joke. It's not like she's swearing or saying something inappropriate. Gosh, I'm pretty sure it's just a relative that's taking the video and the little girl's mom is in the background laughing. Joking around with a bit of additude isn't going to make the kid grow up to be a failure! You people are so judgemental, I'm sure your parents got you to try and say some words too. It's what kids do, and I doubt she will remember it. So quit being stuck up snobs.
Only a immature parent would teach a child this!
Was I supposed to laugh or something?
another example of stupid mothers
I know this will probably get lost in the comments somewhere.. but sometimes when my mom leaves the house I like to dress up like a carrot and bury myself in her garden.
Parenting fail
Ah yes, early corruption of the younger generation, good job.
The sad thing is that the girl holding the camera has about the same IQ as that child
That's my vine! 😮
I'm I the only one who doesn't think this is funny just becuz it's a lil girl being taught getto words
I fear for future generations.
Lets not teach are children disrespect, mom needs to be taught how to parent
It's a baby saying sassy phrases, you guys are a bunch of dramatic dick stains. oh my god.
What a twat of a mother
not funny at all
This is why kids are the way they are now....
she must be a child of a 16 and pregnant girl...
Great, you're teaching your toddler to be insolent and ignorant.... let me know how that's working for you when she's on probation during her film shoot of the new MTV series 14 and Pregnant. I hope you like the ambiance of strip clubs and jailhouse visitation rooms.
How about teaching her how to count or her ABC's now that would be impressive
No one has the right to say what this little girl will grow up to be or act like. I know many of people that grew up in good homes who turned out trashy and i know many of people that grew up in not so good homes who turned out amazing. Who are we to judge the parent of this child? "yo mamma" was or maybe still is a tv show anyhow. It was a phrase used as a JOKE. To make people laugh, and that is exactly what this little girl is doing. And "duh" Are you Kidding me? The mother isn't telling her to cuss or say anything bad about anyones mamma. It's simply a phrase and word. And it seems to me that this little girl will grow up to be strong minded with the attitude she has. And probably smarter than any of you fucks that are over reacting about a few innocent words.
As a 38 year old mother of a now 14 year old daughter we used to have her do silly stuff like this when she was little. She is a straight A honors student, A very well rounded young lady, has responsibilities and knows right from wrong. She is respectful to adults and is a leader. So whats wrong with a toddler doing this? Nothing. Shes cute.
LIKE if you repeated this 1000 times :(
My two and a half year old granddaughter has learned the old joke, 'Pull my finger." She LOVES the joke.. falls into a fit of giggles every single time. I'm pretty sure she won't be doing that when she's 12.. and I'm pretty sure this little girl won't be saying "Yo mama" and "duh" to just anyone when she's 12 either. No worries.. she's just an adorable little girl ... :)
How can anyone hate this video just a cute little kid, fuck off ya trolls
Stop assuming this little girl is going to grow up disrespecting everyone.
This video shows why most of you dipshits can't even fucking spell. Yo mamas don't beez teechen yos azzes how to bez ejukated. Fuck every moron that thought that shit was cute.
Teaching young girls to be stupid hoes good job!
this 7 second clip of a toddler repeating some words has this many people certain of the impending doom of the upcoming generation.... kill yourselves.
Wow! Really? I like how when someone sees a video like this they automatically jump to "it must be a teen mom". Seriously people ? Grow up big deal not all teen mothers are this way. Just pointing that out because it pisses me off that people like to run their mouths and make it sound like all teen mothers are bad mothers.
If you think about it, she's going through the early stages of slut training.

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