Humblebrags That Aren’t Even Humble, Part 1

Humblebrags That Aren’t Even Humble, Part 1
Humblebrags That Aren’t Even Humble, Part 1
Published on 12/11/2017
Humblebrags That Aren’t Even Humble, Part 1


/Whispers "in the frontal area" 😂👏
I have people like this that i have to work with. Omg so annoying
Its not a brag not to be able gain weight..I eat heaps for my size and I have weighed exactly the same for 5 years...and on numerous occasions been told Im too skinny or look anorexic :/
You guys know who else I don't like. One uppers. Trying to give a better story similar to yours. Ugh
That, "I wish I could gain weight!" I hate that one! I'm bigger and I hate that one! I hate it! That one, I don't know this actress but she and I are mortal enemies for generations now!
I see more humblebrags on my newsfeed than anywhere else. They're everywhere.
That metabolism thing is a real problem
Hate it when people brag that they can't gain weight...It's so annoying :p
I had a big problem with not being able to gain weight years ago. People used to call me anorexic because of it. This is not something anyone brags about. If anyone thinks it's a "humblebrag", it's probably them projecting their insecurity onto the other person.
Ugh.. That last one..
Oh come on people. Please quit getting butt hurt about this video. Nothing was meant to personally attack you or your family or your friends! They were meant to be genuinely awful things to say!
The weight thing is a real problem not really bragging, I have had my thyroid tested twice this year by doctors because of how thin I am and because I can't gain weight
... It's not really bragging, some people can't lose weight some people can't gain it.
Trust me. It sucks eating so much food and wishing you could have just a little more to show for it.
Cortney Rosales "the boss likes me so much he took me out to lunch and to get drinks and now I can't even do any work cause I'm drunk" 😂
Who wants to see T-swift over Louie CK?? how is that a brag?
Also well known as 1st world problems.
"Humblebrag!!!" Now I know what kind of coworker I have. I just used to caller her "dumb bitch!!!"
I can't stand people like this.. i know of a few people that HAVE to tell you and brag about this that and every other. Kinda like the people that always try to "top" a story you're telling by telling their own twisted version of an exaggerated story that was probably made up to begin with.. people...
HAHA! oh my gosh
my boss took me to lunch because im doing "such a great job" he bought me drinks and now im drunk i cant even do any WORK.
Are any of the people who "can't gain weight" over 30? Cause.....isn't that (rare diseases aside) called "youth"?
why would you brag about having a fast metabolism? nobody wants to hear about it.
I went to school with this girl that talked constantly about how she just couldn't gain weight until one day she decided she was going to try really hard for a few months. She gained 20lbs and then talked non-stop how funny it is to poke at her rolls and now that she has had her fun is going to go back to her "underweight" figure because it was more comfortable. Must be nice to have so much self control over your bmi..
OK buzzfeed now you're just trolling us.
I work with people like this. "Like omg I wish people would stop complimenting me so much on how pretty I am.. Its just so annoying how many compliments I get.."
Not even exaggerating. And you aint that pretty.
I feel like I know her...and want to slap her.
Crap. Self realization moment- I do this. Guess I'm going to be more conscious about it from now on! How annoying!
I want to choke her and her metabolism! Lol...
I would honestly smack the soul out of someone who'd talk to me like that. Hahahaha :)
No one wants to hear about your white privileged life it's very tacky.
I just met someone like that. .... I just stop paying attention and excused myself
Just watching this makes me want to punch the screen!
I had to stop the second that that man said he had to give up meeting Louis C.K for Taylor Swift. That obviously should NEVER happen
This is so me.
UHG!! I can't watch this video. My internet is way too fast that I rather watch something else!!!!
Omg I hate when people are like this. Like you poor ugly thing you just have it so hard in life.😑
Actually the last one is so true though.
That last one isn't a brag, ok? I have that issue and I hate it
I didn’t even know that people like this existed let alone had a label lol.
That last one though -_-
I'm so sick of having to eat everything just to keep my weight the same
You do know that eating and not being able to gain weight is an actual health problem... Just saying
We've all been guilty
I'm the last one , I really have a fantastic metabolism 😊
Having a fast metabolism like her example is real bad
Having a rocket metabolism is uncomfortable and painful a lot of the time, there are maybe three 20 minute periods a day that I'm not hungry!
I know way too many assholes like these 😒
Harris wittles creator of the humblebrag declared them dead...
yeah, I got several guys I work with that are exactly like this...all day long. smh
Didn't see one whale - omg
humble and brag dont work well together

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