Humans Learn To Catch Food In Their Mouth All In The Name Of Fritz The Dog

Humans Learn To Catch Food In Their Mouth All In The Name Of Fritz The Dog
Humans Learn To Catch Food In Their Mouth All In The Name Of Fritz The Dog
Published on 10/19/2017
Humans Learn To Catch Food In Their Mouth All In The Name Of Fritz The Dog


All the people saying what a waste of food... go feed the poor. Like right now. Go buy food and give it to the poor youre such a philanthropist that way. Hurry. Go. Or shut the fuck up.
What a waste of food...
Mouthes are useless when acting as hands.
He actually caught the burrito?!
Dude, let me work at Buzzfeed. 😍
How many takes did it take to catch that fry?
Also people my two year old wastes more food than that on a daily basis
What a waste....people in Africa could have eaten that Frisbee
How are you supposed to catch salad? lol
Not even a dog can do that. Please tell me that they can't do that
For everyone saying it was a waste of food, they were reenacting the video of the dog failing to catch. Thats why it says inspired by fritz 😂😂😂
Why are people bitching about wasting Food? Restaurants throw away tons of food every night and I don't see you bitching to them?
Buzzfeed: "here's a hilarious video nod to the funny dog video we posted!"
Yeah that one burrito, taco, pizza, salad...Whyyyyyyy...
Now that's what I call tossing a salad!
All that wasted food and the kids in Africa would still be starving if they didn't do this video.
All that wasted food.
I would have gone with the 5 second drop rule for that burrito lolol
"I've been shot!" Hahahah reminds me of Fat Amy
Best video ever!! Ashley and the donut! #perffff
Sad about the taco being thrown but also I laughed so much that I cried when they thre the salad...its a true tossed salad haha :D
You guys do know it was a copy from the dog that couldn't catch food lol
"what a waste of food" oh boo fucking hoo everyone wastes food get over it 😂😂😂
The salad toss haha
What a waste of food. At least the dog probably ate the food after.
This is nothing but a waste of food thrown on the ground.....stupid
What giant fucking waste of food!!!! Fuckin stupid. Could of fed some very hungry people.
All you grouchy negative people please go eat a snickers. Be thankful for the life you have instead of complaining for everything!
Oh gawd, why the frisbee? You're going to knock that poor guy's teeth out:(
You best believe I'll be catching that burrito. The fatness is strong within me.
LOL at throwing salad at Quinta... Just lost it at my desk... *Claps***
Humans are to slooooooooooowwwww ....... they would have died if they had to catch their whole food like animals .... LoL :-)
Wasteful Americans...sad to b part of this culture...
Ya its meant to b funny but cant we laugh about something else?
They gave her a salad 😂😂😂😂
There's always that one person.
They don't care the fact that hundreds of childs die every DAY starving
Ashley almost caught the doughnut. Good for you!!!! The salad was a complete fail. How did you not catch even a garbanzo bean? Should have had dressing on it.
Just because people arent wasteful or don't condone wasteful behavior doesn't mean a person has to go out and feed the poor asap to prove they r greatful for what they is possible just to be mindful that we r privileged enough to be able to find humor in something that is a necessity to survive and that many people find as a day to day struggle to obtain...
#firstwoldproblems -.-"" "yeah we are no hungry or poor so fuck it" #buzzfeed disapoint me so much here!
Haha haha poor Quinta!
Omg!!! I am dying lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
Lol. I died at the taco, woke up, died again with the pie, woke up and died again with the salad!!! Thank you BF
Are they just running out of ideas for new videos?
I shouldn't have watched this in Forever 21 waiting for my daughter to shop!!!! Laughing so hard every one was staring at me!!!! I think I peed a little!!!!! HILARIOUS!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hahaha! A pie?! That's awesome!
Can we talk about the guy who caught the burrito?
Thing is, with this, they bought food with the intention of wasting it. Well wasting it for entertainment purposes. Anyway, it doesn't make us people that are saying its a waste "patriots " when you realize that.
Could have done this with homeless people, minus the camera, minus the throwing. :) thats entertainment for ya though.
Goddamnit, these people have the best job.
One doesn't simply catch food with mouth. *meme*
All I keep thinking is "wow, that was a waste of a perfectly good BETTER not have been Chipotle or I'm gonna be super pissed." lol
There's people who slave away ten hours a day to barely feed their family...and here we have people stand around and do nothing but make videos on how to catch food in their mouths (which they probably threw away). Yet they make butt loads of cash. Gotta love it.

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