Huge Brawl at Tallahassee Apartment Complex

Huge Brawl at Tallahassee Apartment Complex
Huge Brawl at Tallahassee Apartment Complex
Published on 10/21/2017
Huge Brawl at Tallahassee Apartment Complex


In memory of all the hair that was pulled out and left to die. May you rest in peace.
Exactly what it look like. Fighting gorillas
that is some really decent camera work for all the action that was going on. well done.
Not one word of English was spoken in this entire video.
Smh. This is ridiculous. What an embarassment.
Not 1 person in that whole video knew how to fight
smh this is straight up awful. they sis around fighting each other. black folks we gota do better
The rachetry😭 I feel so sorry for the kids witnessing all this. Smfh.
Its not just black ppl every race does it whats even more a disgrace is blacks talking about their own race ur just as bad as this fight like frfr
Let them all fight to the death, problem solved!
Looks like the special Olympics
Them dude hitting them girls need to be shot, like a bitch.
Where do I begin well first all the race baiters on here are trying to get a rise out of you all just ignore them they are meaningless people who want to be heard and have complex issues, however this black on black violence is ridiculous and embarrassing we are our own worst enemy then you have some blacks who get mad when white folks point this truth out, the KKK type of groups don't have to lynch or kill us they don't have to they can just sit back eat pop corn and watch blacks kill each other at a record pace and the truth is y'all know this is happening this video is just plain ignorant fighting for the enjoyment of racist who troll these pages with fake profile to make a point and we are proving them right I'm going to end with this " Back in the 60's our brother and sisters were hanged how can you gang bang I never ever ran from the Klu Klux Klan and I shouldn't have to run from a black man because that's Self Destruction "
This is so damn stupid
This is terrible and I feel bad for people who have to live like that.I wish people would stop fighting so much!!!
" It's time to stand together in a unity
Cause if not then we're soon to be
Self-destroyed, unemployed
The black race will be lost without a trace
Or a clue but what to do
"I heard a brother shot another. It broke my heart
I don't understand the difficulty, people
Love your brother, treat him as an equal
They call us animals mmm mmm I don't agree with them
I'll prove them wrong, but right is what your proving them
Take heed before I lead to what I'm sayin
Or we'll all be on our knees prayin "
Government funded housing equals this. Haha. Does anybody have a job or school to go to?!?! But you can tell me this entire community is off all at one time.
Feel sorry for kids that have to live in places like this and have to witness this ignorant shit
one bomb please :)
Hahaha dreamworks should make Kung fu gorilla! A true story based on hood rat style
When roaches attack..
Raining weaves
Where the fuck are the parents of these little dumb bitches!?!?
You need to learn how to spell Peter Dickensheets..What is a crackwhore? Oh, is that what you call your momma???? LMAO
What do u know how to speak Big face ass Brett Hayden? You know how to kill your family for some insurance too?
They lost their hair wtf
Pure foolishness!!!!!!
A bunch of pissed off black human beings will there ever b peace or all just headed for doom still consumed by the beast !
Bangin in the pjs.
Respect to red shirts chik
Its kinda funny when every one thinks there fighting but everyone else knows there just slap boxing
Fucking disgusting waste of lives,
Worst the a danm zoo
Wish they rip each others throats out
RIP to all the weaves and slides left on the battle field. #nerverforget
This is how I now picture hell. Except for the guy in an apron holding a tall boy breaking up the fight. That guy was cool.
U see all that hair on the grass hahahaha holy shit that was good
Only if that much effort was put toward finding a job!!!
Fight the system not each other....the fuck is wrong with you....
So many people 'choose' to become products of their own environment.
Fuck ninjas jumping in girl fights
They was goin in
Swear not all black people act like this this gives us black people a bad name
There's no animals they only act like it with their behavior. They're human beings created by God.

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