How Well Can You Remember Christmas Lyrics?

How Well Can You Remember Christmas Lyrics?
How Well Can You Remember Christmas Lyrics?
Published on 10/19/2017
How Well Can You Remember Christmas Lyrics?


"You're a two decker two double decker cheese something or salami sandwich.." Nailed it. 😭
Twelve twelves a twelving :) my mouth does not remember what my heart does...<3
Why do I feel like Eugene is actually really good at singing... 😏
You're a tiny spotted leopard and you don't give a fuuuuuuck lol 😂
My heart hurts after hearing these songs being demolished like this. Sigh...
Keith Habersberger... the award for best musical instrument impersonator goes to you
"You're a tiny spotted leopard and you do not give a fuck" oh my god
Twelve twelvers twelving are what the 12th man does when the seahawks win :)
Hannah Maloney i am pretty sure that i am the same with rap songs too
I'm sure we'd all ace this now thanks to t-hawk haha. this is much funnier tho! Kira Nordhøj Marisa Arnold Heather Freeman Nevada Pearce Leona Tamara Cristina Botteselle Maggie MacKay-Dunn
Jennifer Berry this will make ur day 😂👌
Dyann Obtinalla Nhu Nguyen found you Allan Truong
Iulia Mihaela, "jingle bell....Oh fuck!"
And jingle bell-- Oh fuck. x'D
Kamm Mangun Emily Davon Harding this is about how I sounded in the bus that one night ha
Antwanette Agnew
Marche Reed
Cynthia Roman You're a cheese double decker salami sandwich!!! 😭😭😭😂😂😂
Naomi Todd Melissa Mackintosh
Aha 😂I'm sound amazing 😭💥 Seyi Osi Maya Lewis Louisa Carron
Louisa Alice Leadleythis is what you sound like 😂😂 Maya Lewis
Shanae Rawlings Sarah Gooding me
Rafaelle Dion-Truax hahaha
Michael Mitchell Marina Jo Nielson
Hilary Denowh. Christa Stephens
Chelsea Chantel Denowh
Brian Michael Srock I do this all the time....I suck at c he istmas songs
Santhush SeneviratneJordan AshbyNithya Patimedi Desiree Kewe Tala Zamara
Demi Pissanos, Erika Brubaker, Vikki Tague, Evangelia Pissanos
Anne Zhang Süper GLu LOL
Sergius Chavez the Asian guy in the grinch song is hilarious I watched it like 20 times. Just that part lol
Ryan Van Pelt 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that's us bruh
ned ur singing face speaks to me on a spiritual level
Renée Kosonen 1:23 sounds like me
Kirby Jean Trautwein I feel like you'd enjoy a lot of these videos.
Jeremy Kincheloe
You're a two decker two double decker cheese something or salami sandwich
Jingle...oh fuck
how do they not know the words to any of these songs lol?
Brenda Dominguez Norma Hernandez
I was able to finish them all Mariah haha
Lexi Cooper
Kimberly Salyer
Caitlin Borras
Мария Георгиева тоя дори пее добре дафуяяяяяяяя *-*
Emely Nino
Jasmine Marie lmfaooo
Laura Acsadi Peter F Acsadi this is mom all the way. Erin Gilley
Hahaha Michael Esterberg I
Can't stop laughing!!
"Its on Mean Girls, right?"

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