How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You
How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You
Published on 11/24/2017
How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You


I do some of those things when i'm nervous, or just in general. But i never lie, sooo.....i don't necessarily agree with this.
I'm calling bullshit on this one. These are signs of people nervously speaking but not in depth proof they are lying. People do these gestures when they are nervous to tell the truth as well. Ask a cop.
these are things that people might do when they're lying, but it's also all the same things people do when they're nervous or anxious. So if your topic of conversation is already uncomfortable for you & the other person to talk about, you both are probably doing most of these things.
These are horrible generalizations! Higher pitches in women show interest in the person they are talking to and some people look away to visualize what they saw or recollect past events. Blinking too much is a sign of dry or watery eyes. Nice try!
Abhisheak Bansal i do all of this when telling the truth too.. how fucked am I? :P
Ila Mifta
Siti Zubaidah
Joseph Pham
Julia Croney
The actual looking up to the right or left I have to disagree with, this just means they are recalling a memory. Not necessarily a lie.
Also the hand over the mouth, also means like "oh I shouldn't say this".
The touching of the face such their earlobe suggest that they are reassuring themselves of what they are saying.
If they do a one side shoulder shrug this usually indicates a lie. Both shoulders is just a I don't know response.
Danya Rasheed Zoya Altaf Amna Tanveer Khan Sara Owais Marium Imran Quratulain Ayaz Lubna Abid
This is not even truth. I always do the most of the sign opinion video when i talking truth.
I avoid eye contact because it makes me feel uncomfortable.. Not because I'm lying.
I must lie a lot even when I think I'm not lying! Oh no! I have been lying my whole entire life every single day that I talk to people mostly of family members and friends. I hate eye contact is I happen to look away quite often.
this is literally just a list of things people do when they are talking
Ramsha Kamran
I knew,,,I ever have read a book about this before!!!! Thanks for sharing to make me see the real situation for 3 persons in the VDO.
So this really means that you can't tell if someone's lying EVER!!
Isly Low
i played LA noire
Not even close, Lie To Me is the closest thing to science I've seen.
Mifrah Khan
Shabnam Reissi
So, does this mean all the "valley girls," who make everything sound like a question by raising the pitch of their voices, are continuously lying? :-p
the breaking eye contact one is a myth, people actually tend to give more eye-contact if they are lying to you.
Total bullshit! People don't have to give subtle cues to telegraph lying. The common liars won't break eye contact, look left/right, sweat....they'll look you in the eye and lie their ass off.
I have tourette syndrome, I must be lying all day long~lol
These are all insecurity things I do
I do this all the time anytime I talk to someone. all the time. could be socially akward to do those things? LOL.
Minji Kim
.i don't necessarily agree with this.
shits got nothing on the The Mentalist
Michael Jon Kinsey AHEM
Fernando Huaracha
Marissa Ryanne Rivera
Megi Giorgobiani
full of crap! theses are normal things people do
Umar Tariq
Jahaad Richardson
Alex Conser Matt Stevens don't fall for peoples bullshit!
This is not accurate ... not enough :3
Dalia Sriwi
Ayham ZM
3 out of 3.
What if u are a nerves person

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