How to say frog? LMAOOO

How to say frog? LMAOOO
How to say frog? LMAOOO
Published on 11/24/2017
How to say frog? LMAOOO


she said FACK?
I was about 4 years old. There was a family reunion. My Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, were getting all the little ones their plates of food to get them settled to eat before they sat down to eat themselves. Then there is ME. I got my plate, I was one of the last little ones. By now all the adults are lined up to make their plates of food to be seated next. My Grandfather, My Great Grand Parents , Aunts and Uncles, Great Aunt and Uncles, all the kids...etc...Well, Grandma made my plate of food and I went to sit down below the tree and I saw that she had forgotten something. I jumped up and ran back to Grandma yelling " Gamma Gamma, You Fu got my Fock an Poon" !
Bless her....see her look across as if to say "what u laffin at??"
What the frog!?
With me son he couldn't make the "tr" sound and hearing him say fire truck was hysterical!
Not fun
Is that funny 😧
Lmao. My baby has a tough time with stick....
😂😂😭The laugh in the background gets me
Friends little girl (2yrs) ..we're sitting in restaurant waitress comes to table for our order, little one says "wait, my daddy's coming too" waitress says where is your daddy " he fixes cars and fucks" he was a mechanic.."oh, honey...he fixes trucks" "that's what I said,mommy" A jaw dropper!!!
My brother did this saying truck! So did his son! So cute!!!
Tell her she's not a single lady
No, Thats how you say Fork !!!
Who to taught you to say Frog? 911!
America got's talent baby season she's so intelligent & cute.
Soo cute...
Oh my
You daughter alex Rodriguez
Fack hahaha!!!!!
Thug Life 😂
Sofija Varlamova
:) awwwwwww jejejeje
xD 😂😂😂
Lol cute
so cute😘😜😢
if the baby mistakes dont laugh cuz they think it was right.
Nice job , girl.
Awa 😂
Hahahahhaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂
To cute!
Kenan Lejla Mujezinovic
q bella
our granddaughter used to say flog, i kept asking her what it was and she got fed up and said it's a bider ( SPIDER )
It's definitely the ladies laugh in the background & the fact the kid really try's on the final 'FACK' that makes this funny!! 😂😂
Oh NY lanta. Lmao
So cute xD !
Please don't say "frog you", dear..
Awwwww xD

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