How To Properly Pet Animals

How To Properly Pet Animals
How To Properly Pet Animals
wolverine pet lol animal
Published on 11/19/2017
How To Properly Pet Animals


I wanna pet you, buzzfeed.
This went from "awwww" to "what a waste of my life" in 3.7 seconds.
So, you are saying, Maybe I can give the wolverine a hand job?
My cat loves it when I pet his stomach, he'll just lay there and stretch
This video was stupid... Just made a video of stuff that has been on the internet forever and made it look like they were creative
...maybe :^)
I used to take my pet fish out of the bowl to pet them when I was a kid. o.o They didn't last long. > . <"
I would totally pet Wolverine. 😩😍
Did not know wolverine was a real animal
Wat about the bird 😢?
Wolverine's crotch: "maybe"
Running out of ideas eh?
Was good at first. Then... You lost it. First dumb video I've seen yall post
Wolverine's "maybe" oh my god, best part😂
Did no one realize on the last one it says maybe on wolverines dick area hahahaahhahaha
This was really cute until they repeated the same joke 10 times...
Well that escalated quickly... 👏
My cat loves to be pet on the belly
the wolverine "..maybe"
Ellen Taylor Katie Harrower Hannah Watson Charlotte Hayes Sophie Crossfield Sarah Storrs Emily Mills
I think buzz feed is running low on new ideas
Clara Batres Idowu Abaku Kimchi, 😂😂😂 he hates when I touch his tail, he curls it up.
The Wolverine... Maybe haha yes x3
there goes 2 minutes I'll never get back
It was good...then it turned stupid
The Wolverine '"sack" said Uh.. Maybe xD I'm dieng
This is copied directly from the old Internet. No creativity. Once again, you disappoint me, Buzzfeed.
Carlos De La Torre
Shannon Miriam Ceccarini the last couple are kind of stupid lol
Jasslyne Jana chinchilla for the win
Karen Quintana Lopez lol
Frances Feng
Arlene Aileen Beltran
Chris Parberry Niki Shankar
Lol Alex Touchstone
Han Ah
Sara Hobbs
Madelyn Holmes
Sonja Cecilia
Heulwen'Ed PughRachel Williams
Sophie Bok-Choy Hipson
Cinthia Reyes
Emily Traynor
Rob Bakker haha :D
Megan Rader
BinNa Lee ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ate Kheny i heard you love pets 😤✌
Pilar Gonzalez this was so normal and then it got so funny
那俐思 Dr-Najwa Al Asbahi
Kyle Gonzalez

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