How to pick up girls

How to pick up girls
How to pick up girls
joke gun idiot
Published on 11/24/2017
How to pick up girls


Just stupid to post something like this.
Dick head
that is so wrong shit like that is why we have amber alerts . not a good post jokeing or not
That guy should be arrested!
Stupid, not funny
Haterz gonna hate ..
Who thinks that is funny?? We have too many stupid people in the world! God help them!!
Horrible not funny
So scary!!!!!!
no respect at all , just stupid ..really whats funny about this ? i dont see it maybe beacuse im swedish idk
Preferia levar o tiro!Estupida brincadeira!Morrer por morrer,seja com dignidade!
idiotyczne !!! MIERNE , DO DUPY ,
co to je za magora
je ne vois rien de drôle
Not nice
Is that a real gun
Rok pls tell me u didnt do that😂
not funny at all
hbk nn uohb nn nnbbbcvnmb
How Scotty P picks up his women. Lubo Lukanov Asim Rai Tommy Lewis Lee 😂😂 had to be done.
dick head
bull shit
Haha hovajbe
yep this is really dumb and the hammer is pointing at a loser
i hope he got arrested
that not funny
Voll dene oder was amys halt wider ajaka😁👋😋👋✋👋✋
not funny
This is just disgusting and so wrong.why would any sane person put this on a site where children can see and think this is exceptable.This is not at all funny.Some people need serious help.
Bull mshit!
As usual fucked up interbred Americans
I would love to introduce them my husband! He had his shooting training in Israel! He is not playing with toys and believe me he is a damn accurate and fast shooter! In world sharpshooter competition he was the 12th best from 100, and his cousin won the competition! I'm pretty proud of him and I also tried shooting and I know how serious it is so I really can't appreciate idiots playing around with guns, even with toy guns and making or trying to make joke out of it!
its a joke..
Not funny
Oft wat a wanker 😖
Your a very SICK what ever you are
SomeBody"., plz shoot him cause wit that kind of Stupidty"... A real "Victim" will be "SHOT"..🙀 ArrrrreseWipe"...
I hope she kicked is ass
even if it is a joke he needs a kick on his back side some crazy people unimagineable
look all those peeps crying -.-

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