How To Make Vegan Junk Food

How To Make Vegan Junk Food
How To Make Vegan Junk Food
Published on 12/10/2017
How To Make Vegan Junk Food


Make a video with non vegans eating it for the first time.
Why do people bash veganism so much? Do you feel angry with vegans because they've had enough courage to make the change to a cruelty free lifestyle and you haven't? Are you mad because they try to show you the truth of where your food comes from but you know you'll feel bad about it so you try to stop the photos and try to shut them up because it's easier to do that than simply not comply with the cruelty? Please people give it up. Veganism is growing and it's good for our health and the health of our world. You'd know that if any of you actually did research before bashing us. But if you did research you would be out of the blissful state of ignorance so of course you can't do that. Get a grip. Thanks buzzfeed I'll try all of these :)!
Isn't all Vegan food junk?
All of those things look delicious. I'd like to try and make them myself, and I'm not vegan.
I'm disappointed in the snobby, stuck up comments from some vegan people on here, though. I know plenty of vegans/vegetarians, and not once have they talked to me like that. Rude.
Edit: I'm actually disappointed in both sides. It's none of your business what somebody decides to eat or not eat. You're not any better, whatever side you're on.
Coconut bacon? I'm pretty sure that's a punishable sin.
I think i rather just eat the extra calories .
Dont hate on vegan food... We do it so we aren't a part of the harm of animals in these slaughter houses that is so inhumane just so we can eat their meat and have milk and eggs. Just because it doesn't have familiar items like milk butter and eggs, doesn't mean it is bad and tastes bad. Most vegan food tastes way better than meat and crap too. Don't knock it till you try it
Looks nasty!!! Mac and Chz vegan sounds horrible!!
Vegan food is actually quite yummy and very flavorful (:
You can't call anything but cheese cheese. Cashews cannot become cheese. Coconuts cannot become bacon. My brain refuses to accept it.
And the chocolate chips looked like milk chocolate.
YUMMMM...can you post the cashew nacho cheese recipe pls?!?? And the walnut chorizo? I need to try!
Most people haven't given it a try and are already complaining about how gross it is.
Wow, just because it's healthy, doesn't mean it's bad. Damn.
Kellie FitzPatrick Guske yasssssssssss.......this looks SO good. I love how all these non-vegans watched the video and then felt the need to bash vegans. Why watch the video? Why hate people bc they think differently than you? Welcome to America.
how bout we see the difference in the price..?
What is with all of the hate here?! From both sides! Vegans and non vegan alike, you're all being such vicious, ignorant assholes.
Who cares what you decide to eat and not to eat?
That's your personal choice, just like it's everyone else's choice. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean you have the right to verbally tear them apart because of it.
I personally love meat and I eat dairy, animal byproducts are part of my food. That's my choice. Just like it's this woman's choice to have a vegan diet. I would never want to eat strictly vegan but that doesn't mean her diet is any lesser than my own. Some of these actually sounded pretty good!!
Also, being vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore does not determine your health. You can still consume unhealthy portions of vegan food just like any animal byproducts.
I had my vegan cousin tell me me eating a piece of cake was unhealthy unless it was vegan like hers. I looked at her slice, it was 3 times the size of my tiny sliver. She consumed more calories with portion size alone than I did with mine not being vegan.
It's how you eat, not what you eat.
Don't knock vegan food. Ive been vegan for about 3 years and completely meatless for 6. i dont miss the meat. The stuff is delicious. expand your horizons!
vegan food looks like dirt
Good thing we have all these useless canine teeth..
So. Many. Haters.
Ignorant comments raining down in this mofo; to be expected.
I only know one vegan who actually follows a healthy vegan lifestyle and uses as little processed food as possible.......the majority of vegan food, unless you make a lot from scratch, is processed junk, and loaded with soy.
Oh my... I think I might try and go vegan.
what the hell is coconut bacon
Cashew nacho cheese? That makes no sense! And don't you dare call it a bacon cheese burger and its coconut! God help my soul....
Didn't your teeth feel like death when you bit through that??😖😖😖
these comments -.- at the end of the day we are still a part of the animal wold ..we dont criticise the lion for eating the deer....nor do we criticise the deer for eating the plants.... so why are ppl mad that ppl eat meat....just saying. animals kill animals everyday. once you turn a lion into a pure plant eater ill change my ways...*waits*....vegan or not who cares lol....though i will never understand how vegetarians etc eat fake meat but are against meat....why would u wanna eat a representation of something u despise? whatev lol Go humans!
I love seeing stuff like this! I have to eat more vegan options because of a dairy and egg allergy. So thank you for embracing the people who are a little different in the world!
This video was in no way appeasing to my taste buds...
Yeah but how we could actually make all those things? Stupid video there's no recipes on it! lol
the question is.... is it as good as it looks?
I could never show my face in my Mexican mother's kitchen
In my whole experience as a vegan, I have never just gone up to someone and yelled at them for eating meat. Let alone bothered anyone for it?? My roomate isn't vegan at all, yet he will sit with me at dinner and we cook together and have vegan meals just fine. It's not a big deal.But when people ask me what the point of veganism is and tell me I'm an idiot for it, of course I'm going to tell you what it's about and what the point of it is. I want to help people understand why I choose this lifestyle. It's not just a diet. It's not all sickly skinny white people. If you associate veganism with just middle class white people, you're erasing thousands of other people around the world who live a cruelty free lifestyle. Not just american white people.
Veganism is about being as CRUELTY FREE AS POSSIBLE. Sometimes there are things we cannot avoid, such as animal testing on vital medications we need. It's awful, but it's also about being healthy and protecting animals. This includes the people who are making our food or growing the crops. I don't want people harmed either.
But people are just making the most ridiculous points against veganism, when this wasnt even supposed to be about people hating people who eat meat. I don't hate you. You are doing what you want with your body, so don't tell me that I'm an idiot for doing what I am happy to be doing with mine.
Real bacon or nothing bitch
I'm willing to try the burger. As long as everything tastes good I'm happy.
Joshua Johnstone Babes, we should prob go vegan. 😜
Yes! I can slang some less healthy vegan food!
at least show us how to actually make these damn things...
Emi Euridice the ignorance is strong with the necrovores.
Btw the food looks freaking amazing!
Jessica Wilkans well said! I don't understand why others want to continue to hurt all animals including humans and the planet. This food looks delicious. By making simple changes we can help starving children, help save the planet, save animals, and attain better health. Sounds like a winner to me! 😃
Yes yay vegan I'm 15 and vegan I'm proud I'm doing it for the earth and me thank you buzz feed:-) btw people don't give a bad comment about it unless you have taste it, oh yeah looks aren't everything ^_^
Vegan ...and junk food should not be in the same sentence lol
yeah you lost me with the coconut bacon
Vegan food is insanely good & better for your health, the environment & the innocent animals!
Is it just me or is this girl really annoying when she names the food she's gonna make..
Where is the recipe link??? I feel like it's lost in the comments! Maybe next time buzzfeed should put it in the title
I think I'd risk being fat :3
Hmmm - well there's 2:57 minutes I'll never get back... ahhh well... :(
Great video! Yum! Would be better if there was a way to click on the link to get the recipes!
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