How To Leave A Street Race

How To Leave A Street Race
Published on 11/17/2017


So much better than pussyass rollin coal
Where the cars go?
And that's how clouds are made
Izzy Performance ;-). I had to google the crap out of it the first time I saw this video to see who owned that slverado.
Has no one noticed that this is an 07+ Silverado? Not the c10
Lol to everyone thinkin it's chiefs truck obviously izzy with the 20" black rims and the body style
The truck that left the smoke trail is Izzy performance truck i believe.
Same truck that raced on street outlaws
Correction how to leave a streetrace and have the cops chase you
That bitch runs goooood
Smoke screen deployed.
If u remember right this truck was on an episode of street outlaws
Gab berg trouve moi un Chevy de même
Pop smoke and I'm out
That's a bad beast
Is this not Chief's truck? Sounds like him.
I wanna know more about this truck
Bad ass truck
Damn what the hell is done to that thing, sounds sick
Dalton thompson
Damn the noise!! What are they people running from??
All right!!
I think its supercharged
Deploy smoke!
Julio Najera Silverado!!
#izzyperformance ftmfw!
Is that big chief??
bad ass truck
Haha 😂 sounds like someone was running out of gear! Bad freaking ass Tho!!!
Haha, this is way I would do it too
seee yaaaa bitchessss!!!!!
That's a crazy chev
Now that's a truck!!
Saindo de leve !
Que motor seraaaaa
beautiful Cheyanne chevy
Mexican and black people always do that....dump ass....that not what you call street
That Silverado seemed nastier than the C10 that raced the crapstang!

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