How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone
How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone
friend zone lol buzzfeed
Published on 10/16/2017
How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone


Anybody else noticed the price changes 😭😂😂
Digging that circa 1983 vibe.
Dying of laughter at how much awkwardness Quinta put into this video X'D
I've just started dating someone I initially friendzoned. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE.
This totally confused me when it showed up on my newsfeed
"Wow! What a reasonable price!"
Me when online shopping every day
This is honestly just like every other 80's commercial.
I didn't even watch the video and I know the answer: you don't.
Quinta is so wittttle 💗
The acting is amazing
There is no such thing as a friendzone, you are not entitled to anything just because you've been a "nice guy".
Lol I married my best friend...who's also my wife
If you're watching this then you're so deep in friend zone my friends 😂😂
What a joke! These guys are ridiculous! If you really want the help from a professional inbox me your payment info and for ONE very easy payment of $69 I will get you out of the zone TONIGHT!
Lmfao this is like one of those old Mr. T Public service announcements they use to play all the time😂
What number do i call damn it
Tbt taken to the fullest extent lol
Funniest BuzzFeed Video ever!!!!!😂😂😂😂
I like how the dude on the left is looking at a different camera. It's the little things you know?! ...
this video was on point
U mean all I have to do is climb a ladder to get out of the friend zone lol
Lmao they owned that whole training video from the 90s thing
what if I told you...there is no friend zone.
Aight, okay buzzfeed , you finally stepping up . I see youuuu.
What did I just watch
Escape friend zone? Ha good luck
Before I watched the video I was outraged.
But this is satire at its greatest
So I'm climbing the ladder..
I Unfriended my friend zone and I didn't use those steps 😂😂
This video is creepy.
12.99 to 24.99
Awkward videos got a lot more awkward! Made my day! 😄
What's Yao Ming doing in the video.
Just do what Peta did in the hunger games...
This video is awkward I'm dying of laughter
"i married my best friend... who is also my wife"
My boyfriend of 1 year was in the friend zone ...he jumped out and lured me into his zone . Lol
Wtf did I just watch 😳
At least Buzzfeed did something funny for once
There is no such thing as the fucking friend zone.
WARNING: This video is painfully over-hipster!! The excessive and unfunny "irony" may cause you to vomit...
I hated this video when it was initially over, now I realize it was perfection!
This actually makes me want to go back to the 80s-90s TV commercials
Love how this video reminded me of old orientation videos of the 80's lol
Akki Cranige "autistic" fuck off, don't use a condition as an insult... gosh.
Kinda reminds me of those sexual harassment videos they show at every job...
This is freaking hilarious
hahahahaha man <3 buzzfeed wins the day

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