How To Flirt Properly

How To Flirt Properly
How To Flirt Properly
hahaha lol guy
Published on 10/18/2017
How To Flirt Properly


ahhaha "You dumb baby!"
"I'm gonna put all my eggs in your basket" 😂😂
How to lose a guy in 2
Make a video about how guys should flirt. Then we can talk.
"Acceptable Stalking" lol
Hey Vito Delmedico, i think your girlfriend is flirting with other people.
Basia Fourie Marta Ortega VegaElizabeth Wareham I need to have this narrator in my life. Maybe I may get a guy that way.
- Hello Quinta
- I have a boyfriend
- well f#@%
I died
well fuck.. lol Alex Scholz Michelle Hunter Amy Powell Rebekah Elizabeth Sellers Amy Tetzlaff Vince Gomis Kelly Frances Garrett Cara Levitt Anja Marie Fortune Kiera Fortune Mayra Caceres Benjamin Sharpe Ashley Cerquozzi
Lisa Landgren now you know where to draw the line
Vanessa Torres Tiara White Mireya Tarin Valdez Alexandra Ventura Alyssa Rodriguez Jessica Lopez Stephanie Tarin Armendariz Tyler Salerno here's some tips for us
Kristina Sabrina hahaha maybe you need some pointers 😜
Katrina Sarah Tracy i need this HAHAHAHAH
Jelena Wong Melissa Bui Elsie Tang
Birdie Jooyx, lets get you game on!!! lol
Ryan ey bby
Jacob this is so me
Matthew Louis
Alyssa Chan
Jessi Suarez PPP
Really Nicole Findlay
Gabby Feliciano
Lmfaooooo Erica Cierra Hernandez Emily Catherine Rubyella LaBarbie
Malissa A Schreiber
Emma Lawlor
Are you saying I'm creepy :L or flirting with the wrong person? ;) Zoe Reynolds
Corey Hight
Christine Zhu
Ahahahhaha Emma Rose Lea Wehrli Faiha Ferjani Chloe Gs
Elizabeth Vargo
Anela Ćoralić 😂
vamo aprender Lucas Figueiredo
Vanessa Lacy hahaha. I've seen that cheesy smile on our faces 😂
Brooke Shapland lolol
Rebecca Sadek
Hahaha Betsy, I wouldn't call you that either ;)
Francesca James
Yari Nieves-Rivera we need to learn
Catie Montgomery hahaha
Amandalynn Peralta
TahyaBugBart Ashten Perkins
Mike Higley haha!! Not saying you're a stalker by any means ;)
Kathryn Wright
GabbySianilee Colon
Shelley Mc Nally 😂
Blayne K Pidherny I could see you doing this for FNL
Aseyana Shumlai
Jess Lynch I'm pretty sure us running away and facing a wall is not on the list..

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