How To Be A Dog According To Pigs

How To Be A Dog According To Pigs via America's Funniest Home Videos
How To Be A Dog According To Pigs
Published on 10/22/2017
How To Be A Dog According To Pigs
via America's Funniest Home Videos


A pigs behaviour is so much like a dogs! This is just one of many reasons why they should be our friends, not food
UGH. I didn't know I could want a pig even MORE than I already do.
This is why I don't eat bacon anymore.
pigs are cute
I love pigs... specially when they evolve into bacon :D
Pigs Are Friends Not Food!
Now I feel bad for all the pig I've ate in my lifee
That's hilarious. Our pig was more dog than pig too. You'd be surprised how smart they are.
This video made me want a pig lol
Pigs are smarter than dogs. Everyone knows that.
They are to cute when they are that small
I've always wanted a pig! Is this video cute, or what?!!!
Buzzfeed lol really...
Pigs are so adorable and delicious :)
Aww bacon you're so cute
This is really Funny.
Literally watching this as a tractor trailer full of pigs passes me on its way to a slaughterhouse.
That'll do, pig...that'll do.
I am watching this and thinking, how could anyone eat the pigs !!
I really want a pig 😭💕
omg i think i want a pig<3
Gross. Get real friends.
And people eat these innocent little creatures 😪 smh
Soooooo, our property covenants say we're not allowed to have farm animals. I wonder if a pet pig falls under that category?
Awww so cute. And tasty
Pigs are cute but...bacon..
Aw so cute !! 😍 Now i want bacon .
Adrian Hicks I think we should add 'pig' to our list of animals we'll have as pets
Tyler, I'm not kidding when I say I want a mini pig!
*Grabs Bacon
I wish my pig would act like my dog!
Ppl are feeling bad about eating pig meat.. Well guess what.. Pigs eat JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING! That is why they call there food SLOP! They will eat human parts.. If you feed them it, they won't be Sorry.. Just saying.. Don't get me wrong.. Love pigs, but this is facts..
This makes bacon so much sadder.
It's like eating a unicorn, because they produce BACON.
Sorry piggies... I am so sorry.
Pigs and dogs together again
hell I still would eat the pig.. I love me some ham and bacon
Pigs and dogs are usually not a good match. And they are not really like dogs. They are prey animals and behave very different. They actually get along well with cats though.
Dogs are food too.
I had show pigs that thought they were horses.
Why these days pigs become pets
Jair pigs yay
I love bacon but I love pigs too
Pigs are so cool 🐷
carnitas 🐖🐷
++ pico de gallo 😈😈
Please sign this petition to hopefully end pig wrestling. No animal should endure this type of emotional and physical abuse for only entertainment purposes.
Well. Now I can't eat ham ever again
Just like there are dogs and wolves, there are pigs as pets and the pigs we use for food.
Those pigs are massive, and wouldn't think twice about eating you.
I love my Piggeh!
LMAO <3 I love animals <3 <3

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