How Much Gamer Slang Do You Know?

How Much Gamer Slang Do You Know?
How Much Gamer Slang Do You Know?
Published on 12/10/2017
How Much Gamer Slang Do You Know?


Like if you play video games and didn't get any of these.
How could they miss noob... Noobs
I've been gaming since I was five, that's 17 years, and I've heard like two of these terms.
You guys missed tea bagging
Having a teenage daughter who is very into gaming and Asian culture and online culture, I feel like I need a dictionary to translate 90% of our conversations. Add in J - pop, vocaloid and whatever else kind of music is coming from her room, I've determined that she is simply an alien overlord and I am her unpaid minion.
"Someone really old and white and does white magic" 😂
" what you call your mom when you want more Mountain Dew or Cheetos." lol
How about the fact that the cake is a lie actually goes back to Mario 64 when peach invites you over for cake but actually it's bowser bitches!
(To) Rush
White mages are just like regular mages, but they can't dance, hold a rythm, or play basketball.
Buzzfeed videos are for Noobs...
The Asian <3
But you guys should've done the term "feeding"
LEEEEERRROOOOOYYYYY MMMMJJJHENNNKKINNNNNNSS! PvE, PvP, QQ, Hax! LFG, Camping, ZERG Rush, Buff, Debuff, OP. Ahh, reminds me of my WoW days! Lol
PC Master Race.. The comments saying you've been gaming for whatever years and never heard these terms is just showing you never branched out of fps games. While all the Pc gamers know all the terms because we're well diverse in video gaming. Branch out a little.. Live a little!
Noob,tea bag,Walmart connection,barrel stuff,camper,qs,wall bang,no scope,op,halo jump,drop shot,head glitching,try hard,spawn trap,clutching,
This video should be called MMORPG slang and a portal joke
My husband plays games a lot. I hear him say, "These MF keep 'Feeding'!"
I'm a gamer and i haven't heard half this stupid ass lingo.
farming.. applies to all game from MMORPG to farmville gamers
BuzzFeed clearly needs to L2P. Noobs.
op, pvp, 1v1 me, noob, scrub, pls, orz, qq, pewpew, Leroy Jenkins, rekt, shrekt, the cake is a lie, pwned, buffs, gg, gj, kek.
Twink, dots, hots, DPS, crits, procs, rotation, trolling, camping, corpse camping, flag, pulling , pulling aggro, dumping aggro, 1 shot
"Experienced gamers" *playing 3DS and WiiU*
Eugene's mom... Thumb cancer. Lol. Poor, gullible Eugene.
Camping. Tubing. Hardscope.
easter egg?
the 'gamers' don't even know what tanking is...
Frag, Respawn, IRL, Noob, Camper
I feel like these terms were from 1 computer game. My husband plays xbox everyday and he doesn't say any of this dumb shit
BuzzFeed Video You guys got kiting's definition wrong by the way. Kiting is where someone off tanks a mob or a boss by running around in a circle so you don't get hit as often while keeping aggro. Pulling is the definition you used for kiting.
Pulling is a term used for grabbing the aggro of a mob or "gettinig their attention" from one area, to another. Such as pulling monsters away from a boss so the defender can tank the boss.
Also you basicly got stamina wrong as well, tanks depend on high defense and high hp not just "stamina" which in some games, stamina is just a non magic class's "mp".
I've never heard anyone say glass cannon or white mage.. There's many other more popular slang terms that could've been used.
Gank, cc, buff up, feeding, farming, etc. so many
bwahahahaaa!! What about Buffs or Deeps?
But the cake isn't a lie....
Trash, rekt, brektfast, gg, glhf, big plays, anyone in cherno, rando, mlg, smurf, kid, noob, pls, OH BABY A TRIPLE.
Been gaming since like 5yrs old,not only do I not know a lot of these terms,I also don't know a lot of people that use them.....outside the internet....Oh and being casual about something is in regards to how much time you invest into a game.....has nothing to do with how good or bad someone is at a game....smh...internet.
GG, Gank, feeding, noob, farming, pvp.. GGWP
I was so very surprised that people actually didn't know all of these terms hahaha >,.,<
Just had to remind myself that not everyone speaks gamer 😝
This is for fucking RPG games like skyrim and D&D, etc. Not all gamer slang is based off just RPG's...I game and have never heard of the majority of these words tbh lol.
GG , noob , wp , surrender , feed , snipper . Etc...
Did they confine the whole gaming genre to fucking LoL and DOTA? Only one slang from outside of those two games. I mean, what the fuck.
A PK, a farmer, reroll,...
Most, if not all of these terms are used in MMORPG's..... That's not the only type of gamers out there. I've been gaming for over 20 years and only heard about half of these terms.
all league of legends shit and then portal lol
they need to be clear about what type of gamer they're talking about because this mostly online gamers
Noob, camping, that's what she said jokes, trolling, modders, npc, fps.....
"Gib" woulda been nice to see
When you hide from your co-workers that you play WoW due to shame and then some one brings it up.. I come out of the closet every time.

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