How Many People Is An NBA Player Worth?

How Many People Is An NBA Player Worth?
How Many People Is An NBA Player Worth?
Published on 12/11/2017
How Many People Is An NBA Player Worth?


These facts are total bullshit!!! Nobody should make that much money to play a sport when the rest of the people are struggling to get by day-to-day. If I were the leader of this Country, I would change a lot of disparities that exists in pay...from the top to the bottom.
That's fucked up. For real.
Firefighters, doctors, nurses, and teachers are all far more important, which is exactly why I don't go to professional sporting events or buy team or player apparel.
At least buzz feed was smart enough not to compare soldiers
Well professional sports are businesses, this isn't news. If you don't like how much professional athletes are paid, don't buy merchandise, pay for sports cable channels, attend events, etc. Where do you think that money comes from? FANS! This isn't rocket science people.
"How many people are they worth" is a really unfortunate way to phrase that, Buzzfeed. I can't imagine you meant it that way?? Cause if so, that's really messed up.
A better way to phrase it would be, "How many people could you hire for what an NBA player gets paid?"
Please understand my logic...yeah they're talented, but I've seen & heard of others just as good who never make it to the NBA for many reasons. But, we're talking economics here and parity. It's like the Lottery when one person can win $50 million....why not have 50 people win $1 million apiece?! NOBODY needs that much money to live comfortably. If this is the Land of Opportunity, spread the wealth.
Cher Vang
well anybody can be a nurse or a teacher IF WE WANT TO...but it's really a shoot to the moon to be a basketball star EVEN IF WE TRY OUR VERY BEST.....thats the simple logic with this video.
Chok Arreygue Alan Vazquez Nuñez
Nice illuminati triangle of presidents at the end.
Vinny Cuevas
Gurpreet Harpreet Harvinder
Jack Mancuso
Alex Karalekas
Ali Mrab
Yahseen Nelson
Mario Moreno
Damn Alex Cocoba Janet Galindo
If everyone got paid the same, doctors, ditch diggers, lawyers, secretaries...what would be my incentive to get an education and make my life better for me and my family? What would be your incentive?
Nanda S. Roziqin
Preston Defosses
Visal Irtiza
pure envy.... :)
Bonnie Nguyen holy
Stephen Leung
Ivano Mijnals
Not from my pockets....never been to a sports event...don't follow on tv and only played in school/recreationally!
nothing amazes me, its only about supply and demand, is pure economy just think for fucks sake's .... why would they give them such large amounts, try to see economy and understand it.....
Nathaniel Espidol
Bobby Johnson Connor Wolkomir
Delmundo Rex Joseph Austin Sebastian Amores Torres ChrisTopher Mendoza Jayjay Aguilar
the OWNERS and coaches get paid much much much more - sooooooooooooooo?????
Sam Hayward
Unfortunately they are supported by their fans. Those of you that watch and spend your money on sports. You allow it.
It's all about priorities. Americans think that entertainment is more important than the the public's well-being.
Derek Suarez
I wonder, how much do they actually get to keep n how much has to go to taxes????
Анхбаяр Анхаа Munkhbatiin AmRaa
Sick society!!!!! ~☆~
Ej Delfin
I don't think the majority understand what athletes put their bodies through in their relatively short careers... They like everyone else work for their pay in all areas not just playing the sport. I AM AN ATHLETE!
Brooke Hightower
Edward Alingco Estrada Romeo Alingco Estrada Jr. PAKITINGIN NALANG YUNG KAY KING
Chetan Thapar

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