How Many Of These Awkward Moments Have You Experienced?

How Many Of These Awkward Moments Have You Experienced?
How Many Of These Awkward Moments Have You Experienced?
door girl lol laugh
Published on 10/21/2017
How Many Of These Awkward Moments Have You Experienced?


Pretty much all of them. Yep.
Just watching this made me uncomfortable or feel incredibly awkward...cause this is my life Hahahaha
The awkward goodbye is always the worst one. I like almost jog to get in front of them in those scenarios.🙈
The only one missing is when you are going to the movie and they say, "enjoy your movie" and you say, "you too.....I mean.... Have a nice night ? ". Or the same when you are at the air port and they say, "have a nice flight!" Happens every time.....
They shouldve put the one where youre waving back at someone but theyre actually waving to the person behind you xD
I am just here waiting for that guy who always comments about the recipe for a pancake.
there is not such thing as inappropriate laughter
Or when your gum falls out while you're talking to someone ^^
Selfie fail. Plenty of times lol and I hate the "Go Past Dance" at work 😂😂
Or when you make a comment and they don't hear you then someone else makes the same comment a little louder and they hear theirs and laugh..
She wasn't awkward enough to play the "awkward girl" in this video 😣
I went up behind someone at work and hugged them; I thought it was a co worker. It was a customer! And I bear hugged him from behind too! 😭😭 his face was priceless though😂
is it me or she's just soooo beautiful?
This was painfully relatable to watch...
All of them except where they use the other door. Who does that?! Lol, rude!
How about when you go to take a sip and miss the straw? Also, someone holding the door open for you...that's just rude to use the other door!
No the worst is waving at someone who you THOUGHT was waving at you......
All the time....
I once slapped the ass of a stranger because I thought it was my friend, guy turned around and I just ran. LOL
I once texted my boss 'gnight babe'
And didn't realize till the next morning.
oh plz... there is nothing awkward in these things.. we are humans.. Our life is not designed to be so perfect.. Its good this way. It makes me feel alive.. or atleast awakend.
One time I was walking around in Boy Scouts and these random parents came up and hugged me then realized I wasn't their kid
I do the stare one so much. I just zone out, especially when eating.
If you open the other door when someone opens a door for you, you're just being a dick.
Cute. I liked 'They don't take the door.' I once was going into Macy's behind a woman and expected her to turn and hold the door for me. She did not. If she had merely just gone in without looking behind I would have been okay with that. But what she did was, turn, and pull the door closed behind her. I guess she was having a bad hair or 'whatever' day.
Who is this girl!!! Super cute!
This is basically my entire life and I know how awful it can feel so not only do I always strive to just laugh it off, if I see someone having one of these moments I always try to go along with it and laugh it off with them so that they'll feel better. I wish there were more people like that.
Watching this made me feel extremely uncomfortable
am i thr only one who really doesnt relate to most of these?
All of them...
when someone says hi and you say hi im good thanks how are you....
I felt awkward watching these. That's how awkward they are.
lmao every one of these
Sad to say I've done all of these! O.o
Some of them are pretty familiar :D
She plays an awkward role perfectly
I know all these too well.. 😣
I hate when I get a takeaway delivered and after taking my money at they say to me "enjoy your food" and me being the idiot that I am says "you too" 😖
she was more like the dumbass who decided to be the akward girl knowing she isn't akward enough
I've done 1, 15, 17 and 18 ha ha ha
focus man.. focus!!! the girl is really cute..
what's her name? anybody, please
Every single one of them. Holy crap my life is just a giant awkward Buzzfeed Video.
Almost all.
Too many....
What a pretty lady and very funny video
Been there
This is a very well-done video. I won't even go in to how many times I've been part of scenarios like these.

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