How latins unite :D #regaetton #oops

How latins unite :D #regaetton #oops Vine by: Lele Pons LIKE - Best Instagram & Vine Videos
How latins unite :D #regaetton #oops
Published on 11/23/2017
How latins unite :D #regaetton #oops
Vine by: Lele Pons
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None of these bitches even look latina
does this blonde chick have anything to do besides these stupid vines? i've seen her for the last month in these vids and they're not funny.
not even close
Her vines are annoying
They are latinas, you dumb asses. Latin does not mean dark skinned "india maria" you dumb ass fools....They could be Argentinean, Uruguayan, Cuban, Colombian or even Mexican..Stfu!
How's this white chick know??
First a white chick and her white friends probably made this before getting Starbucks. The only chicks on these comments are white chicks tagging they're white chick friends.
I don't think any culture unites like that to be honest....I could be wrong but I have never seen it like this....ever....and I'm a part of the Latin culture, living in a place with people also a part of the Latin culture... :T
It's a JOKE people! I'm a latina and it made me laugh.
No words to that video seriously this girl just dumb
whats the song called??😊
She tries too hard to be funny. -.-
This girls vines are so fuckin stupid and annoying.
It should have said white girls trying to be cool be like..
Kristal Flores Kiara Orellana Erika Banuelos Jasmin Joselyn Zendejas Jonathan Asencio Angel Mariscal Lexii Jade 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Like if You saw This more than one time
All I see is "white girls trying to be latinas" here
Where the Latinas at tho?
Uhm....No white people no
None of them are latin wtf
Stupid , you all don't even know how Latinas act so don't be doing stupid Vines about it , and that song is like from 6 years ago or so
You're not even Latinas wtf😂😂😂 just shut tf up and go drink your Starbucks
Robin Lathouwers Merel de Koning Esmée van Gerven
Zeynep Nur Ouiam Lovee Nihad Nali Souhaila Kallouchi
Fatima HD Nikita Vithlani Saiba Nanji Cami Simon
Ischa Konings Fleur Frenken Tahnee Kleuters Anke Ramaekers Claire Hermsen Josephine Dunselman 😂
Maria Flores Sydney Stamatovich Bella Chavez Minerva Trujillo Lizama Areli Flores hahaha
Dilay Bozdemir Görkem Güngör Cey Dosch 😏😂
Vanessa Tavera Medina April McBride Lupe Medina Alex Rodarte
this chicks videos are not funny
Rosa Ricalday Bricia Ramirez Jaricsa Madera
Evelyn Morales Erica Quichimbo Karla M Gómez Ruth Quichimbo Kimberly Pillco Tania Palacios lol this could be us 😆
Gilda Soltero Tere Diaz Mariaa Pulido Cristal Hernandez u guys would Cx
She's such a cunt
Hilma Ivonne Merida Iris Jaimes Constantino
Ifigenia Georgiou Ιωάννα Παπαδοπούλου Γιασεμή Παπακωνσταντίνου
Stefanie, Paulo hahha ååhh <3
Minty, Felicia
Sonia Marie Gomez Francesca Drew Gomez non h ocapito però sembriamo noi quando esce un prof ahahha :'D
Kovács Eszti Regi Balogh :'D
Julio Tatyana
Gladys Alcantar Patricia Palestino Adanary Soriano Gaytan
Yuval Milana :')
Sofia Alvarado Michelle Mendoza😂😂😂😂
Mukaddes Celik Seyma Oe 😂 👌
Wajajajaja uyyy esa latinaaa seguro soy yooo!🙋
Neishalie Acevedo López, Kathy Arroyo, Adriana Rivera
What's this song called 😊
What's the song called
Magda Glimos Ania Węclewska Michalina Retman XDDDDDDDD

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