How latins unite

How latins unite Vine by: Lele Pons
How latins unite
Published on 10/19/2017
How latins unite
Vine by: Lele Pons


She's not even Latina
I hate this girl :/
This is racist
I'm a latino and I'm not even offended lmao
It is a shame for us Latinos see this
This shit ain't even funny (-_-)
That was fucking stupid
I'm latina but... I don't like gasoline! :( :((((((
It was funny people. You all dont piss and moan when its a black person or white person getting made fun of. It was meant in pure humor, harmed no one, and if you dont like her stuff then dont click play. Plain and simple.
Omg people this is not offensive. Get over yourselves. Like why do hispanic people lack humor
Latinas don't twerk😂 we have class and we hip roll✋ and definitely don't listen to "gasolina"
This pisses me off on so many levels. Its stereotypical and degrading towards Latinos
Why are white people making a video about mexicans??
Half of them aint even latin Sky Cruz Imani Alvarado Yanelys Gonzalez Boly Daboss Ashley Veronica Lopez Adolfo Salazar Jose Alvarado
Simply stupid..
This reminds me of Spring '07 David Estrada Jr., Dianey Villarreal, Lola Mimi Ledezma and Vanessa Tirado 😂
yo if you dont like it why u comment stop being haters drank some haterae juce laytly
Yami Smith Daniella Brazil Naomi Cx Gillie Manriquez Julian Orozco Rios
Nosotras Liliana Rdz Pau Herrera Sofi Arroyo Fernanda Contreras Reyes
Kristil Correa I feel so related. But they look and dance like Americans
that song is fucking old and thas racist (i'm latin)
Elizabeth Solorio Casey Vela Kayla Gonzalez
Bruh 😂 Pamela Cortes Yanii Martinezz Yvette Marie Torres Camila Calero Deedee Reese Nashaly Martinez Aalahya Gonzalez Sam Soto
A lot of Latinos are mad about this video saying is racist but really the true is that you can be at your room school church wherever and you here a Spanish song you going to look who it is and if it's your friend you guys do a stupid dance we all done it she not racist cause she is Latina she stereotyping and we all do it so stop hatting
Briana Contreras Vivica Quintana Citlalin Sanoteli Jazlin Castaneda us sisters! 😂😂 and Jonathan Ortiz
Abby Rose Holmes Tamara Ebbs Jordyn Borg Larah Thors
Karolina Quintana Montelongo Karla Lopez Araly Landin Mariana Rivas Adriana Perez Mtz
Assis Filho Rhuana Dourado Amaral Ellen Thácylla Julia Barzotto Wegener Bruna Correia de Carvalho nós
Alex Villa Chilaka Pompon Pasota Martinez Nancy Dena Gabby Juarez Graciela Burrola Dena
Kathii Rodriguez Leily Daniela Lagosla Lagos Iveth Alejandre-rosas Brendaliz Chavez Loany Alonzo
Tasnim Uddin maths last year
like if u dont get it ...bc i dont
Yoselin Amaya
Ro Ma Haha
Vanessa Gutierrez pounders
Olá minhas cara Cíntia
Eric Andrade My Puerto rican ass
Juan LopezJaydon Eli Maldonado
Liliana Rubio da fuqqq
Bruna Alessa é exatamente isso HAUAHAUAAHAJAHAI
Caroline Clímaco quando o toque de celular constrange... mas as amigas entendem ahahahahhaa
Angie Guerrero
Leonisia Domacasse Latisha B Peters
Marcelo Mora GASOLINA
YUSS!!!! Aisha Ramirez
I'm so done but you dam know that's us too SheilaMari Alvarez
Precious Badilla
Asslye Rodriguez Diana Carolina Albarracin Luisa Giraldo
Beronica Abreu that be us
Stacy Arana the fucking song 😂😂

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