How It Feels When You Have To Split The Bill

How It Feels When You Have To Split The Bill
How It Feels When You Have To Split The Bill
Published on 10/17/2017
How It Feels When You Have To Split The Bill


Or you can just tell your server to split the tabs....
We all had soda... But Chloe you had 3 refills πŸ˜‚
Yes sometimes the server will split for you, but this is a comical skit of what happens when friends decide to split it on their own. Stop complaining and enjoy the funny video. Geeze!
Damn..the waiter threw the bill like it was a piece of crap XD
I usually just pay for my friends. So that way they pay for me next time.
Um, don't most places split the check for you if u ask? =\ the answer is Yes.
I'm dutch, I don't understand
Or you can just PAY THE bill for all of your friends!!
Plus, they can only take two cards... but she only has a $50... there goes that problem
In Texas who ever ask the person out pays for the bill. Are is that just me ?
Not with your foreign friends. We take turns paying. 😁😁😁
I hate when people do this. I just cover the bill for my friends. They do the same for me. I know not everyone has enough sometimes, but I feel like it's a bit rude to split the bill. I don't know just my opinion. No offense to anyone.
Sandra L-j remember this? It was so annoying in NY when we tried to explain that in Canada we can pretty much split the bill any way we want. Still wondering why it was so hard to get it done lol.
I always split the bill because my maths is great :) whether in a big group or small group. always work out those who have cash and then those with cards...waiters do not help you split the bill ever! because they just dont and some of them their maths aint that great
Or you could just ask for separate bills
if the bill is $58 split equally in half or three ways
Lol its just a funny video people..... life is stressful enough. Why argue about a video that's supposed to be fun? :)
A lot of the times me and my friends do this because we are all servers and know how annoying it is to have to split checks.
Yeah thankfully the only person I go out with is my boyfriend, and he usually pays for the whole thing. Or occasionally I do. But other than that I never worry about "splitting" the bill πŸ˜…
I always tell the server that my order is separate. That way, I only have to pay what I ate and drank.
We just put credit cards in and split evenly.
I'd be like β€œreally...really? pass me the bill, fuck sakes” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ive always just done it where i ask the server to split the tab... its pretty easy really lol everyone just pays equal parts
My sister and I usually just split it half and half or sometimes one of us pays for it. If its group thing just ask to split the check. If its a date the one that is asking should pay.
some times its good to pay for others too , karma is a good thing
Brittani Stevenson this is what it felt to split the bill with all the volunteers in Vietnam
We use to go out with my wife's best friend and her husband. When we invited them out, we would pick up the tab. When they invited us out, they would split everything, parking, meals, tax and tip. I finally told her, if she wanted to go out with them, she was on her own! I never met anybody so cheap!!!!!
We usually split it by having one person just pay for dinner this time, and then the next person pays for dinner the next time. So on and so forth. Not a big deal.
I do not like paying for someone who picks the most expensive items on the menu, while if I am on a budget, I pick the cheapest.
as a server.. if I see you struggling and trying to figure out who had what.. and you're a smaller table.. like 6 or less.. ill just split it for you... I know what each of you had usually...
I hate splitting the bill up. I just ask for see separate checks
Why only two cards, what shit
Lmao the waiter just threw it
Why does everyone have such a hard time splitting bills? Honestly, just look at each individual item's cost, then determine who had that item.... Am I missing some part of the process that makes it super complicated?
thats why i ask for separate bills, i ain't got that time for that
You could just ask for separate checks ...
ummm doesn't make sense because she even said she only had a $50 so that isn't a card lol
But Chloe you had 3 refillllllls hahahaha !!! Carla Margo Nelson
But then you picked on my food so... that is $2 extra for you ok
Just give it to the Asian nearby ... They will calculate for you in a second
who does this? is this even real? i have never been in this position the waiter always gives us separate checks
Most places have smart registers now it's a great thing called
Lol they'll split it for you.....he came prepared calculator, board, everything
no place would say they can only take 2 cards..
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ exactly what I always say just spilt the darn total!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«
Errr... Venmo. Problem solved.
Or you can get venmo
Either ask to have separate checks, or have someone use their smart phone if it's that bad. Lol. Yes some people don't have smart phones, but odds are decent someone in the group has one.

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