How guys play basketball vs. How girls play basketball

How guys play basketball vs. How girls play basketball Vine By: Nash Grier
How guys play basketball vs. How girls play basketball
Published on 10/18/2017
How guys play basketball vs. How girls play basketball
Vine By: Nash Grier


No. Some girls like me can ball. Some stereotypical boys. Smh 馃様. By the way I know it's a joke so before you tell me I'm "butthurt" look in the mirror, because guess who's getting butthurt.
How ""instagramers" play
So not true. A lot of girls can play basketball BETTER than guys.
Just ma谋谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈台de you wipe your screen!:p 9Vines
Before i saw this video i thought to myself 'i think this may be slightly sexist'. I was right
''How people comment so fast'' Coming
fuck your stereotype.
so not true! maybe to some girls but shiiii, we can ball! :b lol
Nailed IT :D
Ummmm you should rename it to "how guys play BB vs how HOBAGS play BB"
Most female athletes are actually dedicated players!
Women tend to play harder than guys do.. might want to watch some college and WNBA games.. they have some serious ballers on the court
Lol some girls be doin that but most girls who actually play basketball dont do that
Not true stupid video
name of the song?
hmm the girls were wearing the same clothes as the boys very suspicious lol XD
Funny, but not true for everyone
Matsubara Anna , Guilherme Inacio, La铆s Petrocelli Cal莽a, Jo茫o Victor, Felipe Nassif Vivas
ummmmm nno girls are so much better
song?! :O
Shepard Dustin Fleming
Chelsey Conohan Jessica Sherwood OceanMarie Oickle WAS THAT MR MORRIS!! :O
Aylem Juarez, Anna Michell Mart铆nez, Amor Goetz Esparza, Glvn Liizbeth, Damaris Brambila, Yosselin Mu帽oz Galvan Erika Arellano, Andrea Ruiz Wong
That is not true
That is bs if you've ever seen a real girls basketball game you know that's it's about 10x more intense than boys basketball game and we aren't running around showing off to boost our egos I get that it's meant as a joke but sorry I'm not amused by sexism I think other female basketball players would agree
then I am not girl '-'
Shannon Megan Jay Tia Emmy Alisha Jade
insulting ta be..dani rel bois hahha! Zoe Elizabeth Edwards Amy Louise Pritchard Lois Jones Rhodd-Alaw Parry
Josh FloresMary GonzalezAnthony GonzalezSydney RossTanis Contreras
Whaa Jeimi Ventura Taylor Benjamin
Bia Caio B谩rbara haeuhaueha
Roxx Foxx Vulpi牛a Alexa AlexisMihaela AmxStoica AlexandraCristina Costache noi la sport :))))))
Yael Mann Martha Mukungurutse Ellie Butler Simmi Ryatt Amarah Arshad
Youna Manongo L茅a Bourrienne
Niall Bennett Ashleigh Mason x
Edgar Alejandro
Dominique Nikki Cynthia Rodriguez xD Yall Doee xD
Deja Renae Denaja Copes Alexus Popillion
Kane Challis!!! Melissa Bryar much??
Nous et #32 #33 #3 mdrrrr Sarah Segala Laura Yel'pa
Lamiaa Chamoumi hahahah 鈥︹hierry Monfette le cout de ballon a lam ds sa face hahahahahahhahaha
Monique Young u playing basketball
Heum ou pas Ma毛l Dorval....
Nope Jayde Doucette Felicia Paul Kayla Nenoff
Shwetha Benny Brian Jimenez
Jacob Cox Taray Farnsworth Bennie Lewis IV
Katie Brewer, Summer Norgate
Mariana Teixeira Francisca Galv茫o Telles Margarida Mugeiro
Shania Clarke Demi Pearse Ryan Major

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