How Bars Were Invented

How Bars Were Invented
How Bars Were Invented
Published on 11/23/2017
How Bars Were Invented


"We'll call it Puzzles."
He summed up nightclubs more than bars/pubs. In a proper pib there are lights, theres pool tables maybe darts and there is music but its at a subtle volume so you can chat to friends or whoever while having music in the background for pauses in sentences. Nightclubs are dark places to get your eardrums blown off while doing shots. You can't see, you cant hear and you cant buy more drink because its more expensive than the pub.
Wine + Netflix > Bars + People
When I read the title I thought they were gonna talk about rap for some odd reason.... You know "BARS🔥🔥🔥"? Ok. That's probably just me 😅
This reminds me of how I meet your mother
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Totally worth it for the laugh at the end
Wait what bar charges a cover, I thought only clubs did...
Wrong! Club not bar.....I don't think I've ever paid a cover fee to get into a bar
I'm so glad I've never been to a bar. And I turned 22 yesterday.
The harsh truth! 😂
I called it Netflix+pizza+beer. Problem solved.
This is how I imagine all the other dumb ideas America has, come into being!
DAMN it BUZZFEED you've done it again #comedygold
Wtf the Bars are way better the Clubs!!!
Ay mendigos!!!😁👍
Seems more like nightclubs to me
Mm Justin looking mighty fine 😍
That evil laugh
This is hilarious but where and who in the world charges a $10 cover and a $16 pint? I understand $10 for a cover(ish) but who charges $16 for a pint?!
They got it on point! Hahaha
"Oh, it's gonna be filthy!" Hahaha
Am I the only on that calls "bars" saloons?
Seems pretty accurate.! 😂
Tell that to the people in New Orleans. Only difference is no cover charge in Bourbon.
Justin's face in the last few seconds though lmfao
Jesus Aguilar this is def something you would say
Was I the only one waiting for the pinky to come up to someone's mouth for the Dr Evil laugh?! lol
lmao haha
i love yall but i find this a lil offencive. due to where i come from, manly irish
Bwahaha! !!
People with money with no self respect. Sums it up for me! ;)
Sloppy alcoholics and accurate
the laughs at the end tho :D
Now that was funny.
iight lol
Pretty much!
Omg I thought I am missing a lot of things cause I have never been to a bar.. ummm.. looks like I am not missing much!
I dislike casual sex!
I am liking this video just because I simply love the top comment that much.
Every body viewing this video should read the ministry of healing by Ellen White online to really understand the dangers of alcohol. We are at the end of time. The increase of bars is a sign that the world is coming to an end soon.Bars give people false hope about their lives and goals. Everybody should read the flood chapter in patriarchs and prophets by Ellen White online to understand the serious danger of alcohol The Spirit of God is being withdrawn from this earth as I write. The Bible says it best: wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging and whosoever drinks is not wise. May God have mercy on all those who depend on bars for happiness. True happiness can only be found in God. We are in a spiritual warfare with demons. We must fight the demons of drinking with the spiritual weapons of prayer and fasting or else we will be destroyed.
The evil laugh at the end cracks me up.
"That laugh", "We're gonna be rich"
Sounds legit!
Hahaha that was great! So true!
aw but some bars are pretty cool

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