Homeland - Tonight 8.30 on TEN

The world's most wanted man... will be found. #Homeland. 8.30 tonight, only on TEN.
Homeland - Tonight 8.30 on TEN
Published on 11/24/2017
The world's most wanted man... will be found.
#Homeland. 8.30 tonight, only on TEN.


it would be great if it was watchable on this new 'improved' tenplay, i dont know what kinda moron designed it, but its useless. without fail, week after week i have to restart the episode a minimum of two times because the piece of crap has frozen. please bring back the old format of delivery, which never had any of these problems. i dont know why it was changed in the first place. maybe get someone with some actual skills to fix it.
glad homeland isn't filmed by ch10 news - the footage on essendons new home was filmed with a filthy lens and that poor girl that you gave the microphone to was bumbling her words. I reckon community tv would do a better job!
Like everyone else in this thread and several others I am SO disappointed with the new TenPlay website. Yes I will admit that there have been intermittent internet issues with my server and connection over the past week which have been resolved so it shouldn't take me 3hrs to watch a 45min show. The ads are RIDICULOUS! Whats the matter? You couldn't afford this new website without selling ad space every 30 seconds per show streamed? It is such a shame considering you have a great market share of some fabulous programs. Give back to the TV lovers and lift your game Channel 10.
To add to the myriad of complaints. Have you hired a 5 year old to cut the ads into tenplay? I am sure there are many viewers that rely on tenplay to watch this show, why not put in a little effort? And you wonder why people are leaving the few free channels we have for other services.
i have done as requested, but noticed a lot of complaints way down the page that still dont seemed to have affected any change to the system as yet.
Homeland?????? Who cares......really

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