Hollywood Facts That Will Make You Cringe

Hollywood Facts That Will Make You Cringe
Hollywood Facts That Will Make You Cringe
Published on 10/21/2017
Hollywood Facts That Will Make You Cringe


Basically if you're not a caucasian male you're treated as less deserving of representation, money, opportunities.... for all those who are saying 'it's not a probem' well it is for those who are not passive, for those who are educated about it, for anyone who wants to be treated with as much respect as anyone else, and believes in a fair playing field. Buzzfeed are not trying to 'instigate a sex/race war', if you want to blame anyone for this blame Hollywood. The stats are what they are because Hollywood made it that way, and passive people just went along with it because god forbid someone might shake up the system.
So Buzzfeed is now TRYING to instigate a race/sex war that doesn't need to be started because...? We are all god damn humans!
Stupid. And I'm not offended by ANY of these facts. Especially the ones that were supposed to make me angry, as a woman. If you are a female in the movie industry and they want to cast you in a role with sexual revealing clothing, or nude, and you don't like it... I believe you have a choice to refuse such a "job" . If you're being marginalized it's because you are ALLOWING IT. Quit it already.
Is this supposed to show "inequality" in Hollywood? I don't see how anyone could be offended be these facts
Uhhhh white people never see any wrong as long as they're on top
Why does any of that make me want to cringe? It seems like people want males to feel bad for feeling male. Especially if you are, God forbid, a white male... Smh
How about we judge on the quality of work, rather than just the gender, race statistics. The industry will cast, promote, write stories that make money.
I swear y'all are crazy and missing the entire point of this video. You can't possibly think that more white men are vying to get into the entertainment industry than women or men of other races/ethnicities. Or that some of those said actors have millions of dollars worth of more talent than others. This industry is all about opportunity and perception. And if a majority of storytellers are one small demographic than there will never be any variety in the movies and television we watch. Buzzfeed was exposing a point and you all proved it
Buzzfeed, you forgot to list The Rock, who's not only Asian/Black but also one of the highest grossing action stars in film today...
and i guess its wrong to be white. Because everything we do is wrong. If a actors better and is chosen. Its not cause he is better oh no its because he is white. But if a black actor is better we just focus on his acting is better not because he is black. A white guy gets a job over a Hispanic because more qualified and has experience he got the job because he was white. But if the Hispanic is the better qualified he got it because he was qualified. And Of course im wrong in saying this because im white. But it would be more acceptable for me to say this if i was a different color. Everyone focuses on race when there is no need for it.
If you're angrier at Buzzfeed for making a video about facts than you are about the facts themselves... you are part of the problem.
Oh Jesus Christ buzzfeed you're so fucking pathetic. Stirring up shit that doesn't even exist. Go back to making videos that are actually funny that doesn't create controversy. You're contributing to the thousands of sensitive people around this world who are finding shit to bitch about. And thank you for holding their hands through it! You're the problem, stop pointing out things that no one else can control.
Where is the statistic that shows how many women or african american people actually go for these types of jobs and don't get them......... Then I'll decide if I want to cringe or not.
The fact that people DON'T find this disturbing, cringe worthy, sexist, racist, and just about anything related to revolting kind of pisses me off and really shows how ignorant A LOT of you are. Get off your fucking high horse and do some research on your own sex or even how non-binary/queer folk get rarely any representation. Not to mention how much shit people of color get or how low their representation is in holly wood too.
A war that "doesn't" need to be started? Sounds like you're obviously oblivious to the racism, sexism, and lgbt-phobic place you live in and are apparently treated very well in or were just brought up to think so.
If this isn't a problem you're obviously not educated or probably aren't even apart of the groups with the issues so naturally. If it's not you, shut the fuck up about the other group being perfectly fine and just wanting to start a "war"
Get your head out of your ass.
P.S. Stop being victim blaming trash and saying that women aren't getting paid as much because they don't want to reveal skin. Whether or not some one reveals skin and how much is their choice. I would be saying that but this is holly wood, tv, magazines, movies, big companies. Ya' know the ones where women are sexualized and stuff.
I wasted 2 minutes of my life on a video that wasn't really cringeworthy.
I'd like to see all types of different ethnicities in the big screen. I guess that's asking to much.
All these people who think it's "not a big deal" seem to be white. **rolls eyes** Pretty sure, none of you l, including myself, know how it feels to be black or Hispanic. Nor will you ever. But thinking that racial bias and discrimination doesn't happen anymore.. especially in Hollywood... Well that's just ignorance. As far as women only snagging roles that objectify them.. well yeah, they could take the moral ground and say no.. but maybe that extra money is going to rent or she is taking whatever jobs she can get bc most of the time that's what it takes to get noticed. It's a sad truth and until our generation pushes out the older people pulling the strings we can't do much about it.
This is the shittiest buzz feed video I have seen.
I'm more mad that they make that much money vs it being a gender issue...
all the videos on the internet these days are just telling white people how priveledged and racist they are.. well I'm not racist. and sure as hell not privileged.. in a roofer.. only person I'm oppressing is myself lol
I find the gross female earnings to be highly inaccurate. Specially since Jennifer Lawrence earned 87 million from movies in 2014. She isn't more then 1/4 of the total gross earnings. We had huge movies with Shailene Woodley, who did Fault in our Stars and Divergent. Which grossed her over 45million+. So that statistic is wrong and bhzzfeed needs help.
None of this made me cringe. It's truly not a big deal.
Not offended.
And when they said no stars of asian american. They could of ment none that they wanted. Its about finding the right actor not just oh i need a this color person. Just like nick fury in the marvel movies. His character has ALWAYS been white. Because thats his character. But the actor that fit the role they wanted was black so they got Samuel Jackson. Its about skill and what the actor can bring
But I thought Hollywood was über progressive?? Maybe all that liberal mantra they spew is about as real as the roles they play?
Watched the whole video. Ninety percent of the comments on it are what's cringe-worthy.
They forgot Jackie Chan 😭
Uhhhh white people never see any wrong as long as they're on top
Oooh look at all the angry privilege. It's probably easy to not give a shit when there are people that look like you in every film, commercial and sitcom.
Just because the truth hurts doesn't mean it's "liberal" and "stupid" and "useless". It doesn't apply to you? Cool. Guess what doesn't apply to me? Every fucking thing that I see in the media. Too bad I can't boycott that... Have fun distancing yourself from an entire aspect of this culture that benefits you. Oooh boo. Poor you.
I really do like BuzzFeed...but I'm starting to think they intentionally look for scorned, wannabe hipsters to write, create and produce some of their "informative" material.
And by "material", I mean bullshit.
And by "bullshit", I mean white-shaming.
This should offend you... What's wrong with all of you.
Okay, BuzzFeed, show us your own personal statistics; i.e., how diversified is your staff of writers, directors and screen talent!!
I find it cringeworthy that you would think I would cringe at this. I honestly don't care about any of these facts; specifically the ones about women.
Why would this make anyone cringe?
This is so so stupid. Just because more men than women decided to go into the movie industry doesn't mean that those hard working men should get flack, just because feminists aren't happy with the number of females in Hollywood. There are people starving all around the world and this is all society cares about? No! Society needs to get it together - not Hollywood.
Hmm. So the glitterati class that always feels superior to the average Joe and Jane six-pack is more discriminatory than the rest of the private sector... nice. Real nice.
I love John Cho. That is all. Carry on.
Buzzfeed loves to start shit.
So I guess being black I barely have a chance of becoming a successful actor.... fuck I guess it tym for me to flip burgers and live off the government or maybe become a thug, sale some drugs or something.
Anybody who thinks that that Hollywoods' liberalism isn't hypocritical should watch this.
Christ people...Hollywood isn't even run by white men...The 8 most powerful studios are run by Jewish men...shouldn't you be taking this up with them as they are the ones in charge? They boast about it all the time, so let's lay this at the correct set of feet.
Yes, white men have done and still do terrible things, but not every problem we face comes from the "evil white man". And if people of African/Asian/Hispanic decent or women are SO bent and beaten down over this why doesn't one of these people with money start their own studio. If change is to be made, whining about it won't help. Be proactive. Make change...just do it!
actor: man actress: woman
Get it together, Buzzfeed.
The comments made me cringe more than the video. Smh.
The only thing disappointing about this was how much woman make vs men make and the Asian american stars other then that none of it is surprising or pisses me off. You really should say come one buzzfeed get it together at the end of the video because lately you've been weak.
I think you need to reconsider your use of the word 'cringe' in this case.
Hollywood Facts That Will Make Feminists Cringe...makes sense.
Hollywood Facts That Will Make You (the generalized population)...a little disappointed but mostly unphased. Perfect.
"Yeah, well, that's just because you're a white male!" Don't change the subject, we're talking about 'cringe.'
Buzzfeed loves to antagonize shit, none of that was cringeworthy
but it's hollywood...they won't get it together.
It's also disturbing how casting notices describe all the male characters with interesting and helpful personality traits, but only describes the female role as "gorgeous."
I wonder what a buzzfeed world would look like....
You know....none of them made me cringe whatsoever...

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