Hilarious Moments After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Hilarious Moments After Wisdom Tooth Surgery via America's Funniest Home Videos
Hilarious Moments After Wisdom Tooth Surgery
Published on 12/11/2017
Hilarious Moments After Wisdom Tooth Surgery
via America's Funniest Home Videos


And my doctors wonder why I haven't removed my wisdom tooth..... ima ride them suckas out till it's an absolute need
Haha first thing I said when I came out of it was..."dude it is so unsanitary to let bunnies hop around while you surgery my face"...lmfao I thought there were rabbits hopping around the room while they removed my wisdom teeth. I actually remember seeing them and everything.
Do only a small percentage of people react like this? I had four wisdom teeth out and all I got was blood and pain. No trips 😁
my friend cried for his giraffe that supposedly flew in a plane to LA
Great. I'm 7 hrs away from having my wisdom teeth surgery.
"They call me desperado" 😂😂😂😂
"I just wanna take my pants off" sounds like me every damn day
I just kept telling my dad to take the marshmallows out of my mouth.
After I got my wisdom teeth pulled I was in the worst pain I've ever felt my entire life. I tried telling the nurses but they didn't believe me and told me I was being dramatic because of the medicine. Three years later, I've been in constant pain every single day since the surgery. Turns out they damaged a nerve and my jaw. Although most people are okay with this procedure, you should only have them removed if you absolutely have to. Just sayin...
I flipped off my mother in law AFTER I hugged all of my nurses. And apparently when my head was all bandaged I had blood all over my teeth, mouth, and face and I was just smiling... wtf?
I wish I was recorded. I remember telling the doctors about my grandparents death, I said I liked potato chips in spanish, and I told the doctors they had skills. I also remember being told to be quiet, because my mouth was healing.
I kinda wana take my pants off too...
Ahhhh my boyfriend is getting his wisdom teeth removed the 20th this should be fun
I think the side effects will be the only reason why I would look forward to getting my wisdom teeth pulled out haha
Mann. Where were my drugs when I got my wisdom teeth pulled? All I got was septocain in my gums and had to stay awake during the whole procedure... bull. Lol.
A glimpse of what their drunk demeanors/personas will be like. "I just want to be naked", the cryer, the "everyone is so beautiful", and the "look what I can do".
"They call me Desperado" 😂😂😂
You know why they act like that? Coz they've lost their WISDOM tooth. WISDOM guys. WISDOM.
"I just wanna take my pants off"
Me. So much me.
I remember once I was home from the surgery going straight to sleep for a few hours but randomly waking up and going downstairs to find my parents. Before I found them I dragged my mom's desk chair from the living room to the back room where they were sitting and sitting on the chair backwards. I can't remember exactly what I said but after a few minutes of talking I said I was sleepy so I got up and dragged the chair back through the kitchen & dining room to put it back and go to bed. xD They said I told them I could get hit by a bus and not give a fuck.
I told everyone I was a pretty dinosaur right after I took my wisdom teeth out lmao
Been there. Had mine done. It was terrible. All of the effects you are real. I thought i was a bunny and I hopped everywhere.
I was just fine when I woke up. The 1st thing I asked the Dentist was "Can you get my chap stick out my purse for me?" 😂😂😂 My lips were dry af
"Tell me about the streets", "they call me desperado." 😂 funniest part
I got mine out and as soon as I got on base proceeded to call one of the female military police officers "hot as fuck". That was cool.
Im a cow, moo. 🐮 HAHA
I wish I had laughing gas when my wisdom teeth were taken out :(
Is it necessary to take out the wisdom tooth ? Just wondering .
omg Brandi, hope this is not you, thursday after your wisdom teeth surgery, lol
So you agree... You think you're really pretty??? 💁 😂😂😂
Oink oink! Im a pig! Hahha. Oh God! He's so cute 😍😍😍
When I had mine removed I was a dick (as usual) coming out of the anaesthesia. I tried to take the car keys from my mom and make her walk because she was laughing at my sad attempt to walk myself out of the office.
Very cute all of them cool
And then there's me, who went back to sleep right after waking up. I was like 'nah bruh. Sleep though'
People simply comment with a quote from the video and get several hundred likes. What?
"They call me desperado" hahaha!
This is only if they used laughing gas. I just had general anesthesia and went under. About a minute after I woke up my mind was clear, face numb and swollen and my husband assuming that I was loopy because I was too swollen to speak. I had to write on my phone that my mind was clear and I was just in pain. But he took good care of me. The healing process sucks. The pain meds helped but I was so sore for like a week. Thank God for a great husband who took such great care of me! Even bringing me flowers. However it did take about a month to fully get the feeling back on my chin. But that's not a regular occurrence. Just if they hit a nerve. (They did). More likely if they are impacted (one of mine were). Just in case anyone was wanting to know about my experience! Probably not though. Okay bye!
When I got my wisdom teeth taken out I accused them of rape...I was so ashamed that i said that. Then I danced to spanish music (I don't know Spanish), danced to the car next to me, & kept asking why grass was growing out the sewer.
HAHAHAHA I just posted all of my wisdom teeth videos (got them out this morning). My friends on my feed are hysterical. Check them out. YouTube my name with wisdom teeth in the title 😂
They call me Desperado
Jr Wang did your wisdom tooth surgery went like this . Hahahahaha
"I kinda wanna take my pants off" this describes my stay at home life when the house is cold upstairs and warm downstairs👌
Nitrous oxide 👍
Marionne Valdez hahaha idk why this happens. i had a wisdom tooth surgery and this didn't happen to me hahaha
Celeste Penninger I seriously love wisdom tooth videos. Why couldn't you be this crazy lol
I told my mom I was gunna go swim with Nemo😂🐟
After getting mine cut out, I was listening to the nurse read the discharge after care instructions and she said "Do not SUCK on anything" and I went from crying to laughing hysterically and my gauze fell out. The next thing I remember was arguing with the person driving me home that it was MY truck and I should be driving, not him and I could drive better than him with my eyes closed. Good thing he didn't let me behind the wheel!
I woke up and thought I was in a room on a ship, dressed up in a fancy dress. The nurse, who I thought was a ship attendant in uniform and everything, came in and told me my mom was waiting for me. I said, "On the deck?" and reached my arm out toward her and dramatically said, "Bring me to her." She escorted me to the car and I remember telling my mom, "This was so much fun!" referring to my time on the cruise.
Damn. I don't know what the doctors gave them to be completely out of it but I didn't trip after getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Kind if bummed. I got all four pulled also. All I got was a numb tongue which is still 1/2 numb a year later. 😡

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