"Hi I'm Trevor Phillips and welcome to Jackass!!"

"Hi I'm Trevor Phillips and welcome to Jackass!!"
"Hi I'm Trevor Phillips and welcome to Jackass!!"
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Published on 11/24/2017
"Hi I'm Trevor Phillips and welcome to Jackass!!"


thats about the most accurate way to explain GTA 5 ive seen yet
Oh man, that was perfect 👌 xD
Just showed my mum this... She thought it was a real person...
GTA V memes page strikes again
Trevor reminds me of steve-o lol
Haha this is awesome.
This brought so many smiles to me
i swear this is what your brother does on your online account Luke Barry
Already seen this on Youtube :P
Trevor-O ?
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOl it was hilarious
idjit! :-)
that was really well done.
Claudio questo direi che è girato su ps3 dalla grafica, eppure è qui ed ha migliaia di visualizzazioni XD
This is so fucking awesome
Htate Terry Thant fking trevor
Hannes Nilsson Bästa jackass ever :D
Ben Murphy Ryan Edmondson Mark Gribben Matty Wiltshire
Brian Troch Ruben Bruggeman
It's like something we would have done, Jordan
Pete Buntmann David Warnke Tyler Goutermout Tyler Wheeler
If Steve-O was a Gta character. XD
Steven Van Strijbos dit deden wij al voor het cool was op RDR xD
Daniel BurgessTom Collins
Ben Wockner this is all i imagine playing gta is like
Tyrone Miller Mitch Rath Liam Harte Michael Newland Matthew Taverniti
Statten Hayhurst
Mubashar Khan Mudassir Khan only possible on PC
Piyush Tejwani i laughed way to hard at this :P
Natalie :D ab 40 sekunden das wärst du
Marko Kotnik Matjaž Hodnik Mitja Pungartnik
Adam Barker Chris King
Lars Per aehheahae XD Kojar Stanley
Christian jajajajaja
Blerim Egzon Almir
Freddy Hallquist! hahah! ska me laga ein Jackass video? :P
Ryan Regulator Black Stevin Stinson Fuck thats good
Owen Forsey !! hahah
Olli Kist hahahaha
Matthewzz Raphael Cheong hahaha
Rey x'DDDD
Adam Mclean
Jeremy Darkstar Hunt Cameron Winter Jared Meyers Jared Sasso
Yannik Collin
Cai Jones Max Howell
Joey Roth
Leanne Marie Sharkey
Zack Lusk
Riley Keck

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